By Sandra Rose  | 

They're saying the bidding war for exclusive rights to first photos of the Jolie-Pitt twins is raging on as I type this. The final price tag might come in right around $15 million. Just thought some of you might want to know what A-list celebrity babies are going for these days.

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    Will this make gas prices go down? How about they use that money to buy barrels of gas and help the needy fill up their tanks...

  • prynsexxx

    I hope it would be enough for Angelina to invest in a couple of tubes/jars of Carmex.

  • brwnsugga4you

    Sandra says: Just thought some of you might want to know what A-list celebrity babies are going for these days.

    ~~~you need to stop

  • prynsexxx

    Looks like she put the wrong end of the cigarette up to her lips. I mean damn. If she scrapes that crust off, she will come up with a new brand of cornflakes.

  • Kymystry

    You know .. something is wrong with Society/White America if they are actually Intrested THAT much in some babies that ain't theirs (out of wedlock babies at that).... The Magazine will PAY millions of dollars hoping that YT will snatch those mag's up ... when 16 million dollars could put food in food banks .. fund some after school programs ... be used for scholarships for students to attend college .....* puts soap box back under desk and sighs*

  • milly

    LOL prynsexx you on a roll boo
    To da Kona>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    But on a side not 15 mil is a lot of loot...maybe I should have a baby by Brad? Just a thought

  • ThatCarmen

    Its good that they will be giving the money to charity. They get a pass from me because I have family in Louisianna who have expressed to me the help they have received from these two so..... Congrats to them and since the money is going to a good cause, ...I hope the price keeps rising.

  • AKAtastrophy1908

    I bet Brad wants to run for the hills. He didn't start aging until all those kids started multiplying. I bet Tameka wishes she had trapped, I mean committed adultery with, I mean met and fell madly in love with Brad Pitt.

  • Kymystry

    AKA ... you Know Brad ain't checkin for a masculine lookin woman ... LOL

  • precious1

    People are starving and they are WASTING money on celebrity baby photos. Society is in a sad state! Who cares how many babies she has with the cheating Brad!!!!!!!

  • ELove

    These TWO have taken to term Baby-Making-FUNDS to a Whole-nother-Level... $15-20 mil for Baby-pictures ;-)

    They've made a Whole Money-Making industry after getting $7.5 million for their first born. I mean Nicole Richie who not-so-long ago WAS a heroin-addict... and she reportedly got over $1 million for her baby-pictures

    True Genius Indeed ;-)

  • mjoylaw

    um, at least Brangelina gives them money to charity? **SIGHS, SYMPATHIZES WITH CERTAIN CELEBS WHO'LL REMAIN NAMELESS**

  • mjoylaw

    "gives the money" sorry, long nails

  • miamore73

    A list celebrity babies??? do you mean white celebrity babies??? Has any black baby parents gotten paid a sum anywhere close to these amounts?

  • eastpointvet

    thats a lot of loot but that has to be the absolutely worse pic u could have found of her lol it looks like a wax figure

  • Xsjado

    I care about babies being healthy first and foremost, regardless of what color they are. Money may make they world go round, but the slightest anything can take a child away...

  • hellava10

    What is the world coming too that someone would pimp out their babies photos? Even for charity, it just seems unethical. Maybe that's not the word, but it really makes my ass twitch. It's great that they are giving to charity but why not be the ambassador and say HELL NO, if you can scrape up $15 mill, give it to charity without a picture of Knox and Vivienne. What's next??? Fertility doctors are the new Hollywood botox? So, the next A lister is going for 3 to beat her 2? Lord know twins ain't no joke, doesn't matter how much money you have. Your kids should never be used as pawns.
    Sorry, I just got a little riled up.

  • Anna

    @ eastpointvet Says:

    but that has to be the absolutely worse pic u could have found of her lol it looks like a wax figure.
    It looked waxed to me also. Don't worry I am sure they will make this pic into one. How many more babies is she going to carry. To adopt is different than being pregnant with your own children. Accessories in Hollywood is just a fad. Back in the day not many woman had a child in marriage or out of wedlock. They had abortions and no one knew the wiser. Why do you think so many women in the business are now older and going to fertility clinics. For some their incubators are not able to conceive natually. Too busy worried about a career. Make money first and have babies later in life by IVF.

  • Nina

    I don't keep up with these things, but I am pretty certain taht $15 million would be the highest paid right?

  • Nina

    oops...I meant "that"

  • cinnamonkisses97

    I love Angelina , she is amazing in all the work she does as far charity goes , CONGRATS !!!!