According to online reports, rapper Jay Z faces more damaging claims from current employees of his 40/40 nightclub. Employees say Jay Z’s manager, Desiree Gonzalez, is forcing them to sign a waiver releasing the club from damages in the ongoing class action lawsuit against Jay Z and the club.

Any employee who refuses to sign is threatened, according to documents filed in a Manhattan court today. Federal Judge Loretta Preska agreed that Jay Z violated his employees rights by denying them overtime wages, among other violations.

Meanwhile, Jay Z reportedly treated his entire entourage to a lavish $20,000 meal after he performed at a concert in Paris, France, last week. We wonder if Jigga ever took his employees out for a fancy meal – or does he consider their minimum wage salaries and meager tips to be all the compensation they need?

If that wasn’t wasteful enough, Jay paid a grip to have a watermelon (a watermelon!) carved in the likeness of Beyonce (or Rihanna’s) breasts this past weekend. The watermelon breasts were delivered to Jay’s $5,000-a-night hotel room after his concert at the 3rd Annual Thisday Africa Rising Music Festival.

Photo: Wireimage/Getty