There's another Obama email hoax making the rounds on the Internet. As you recall, last week I told you about an email instructing Obama supporters to wear blue on September 30 -- "Obama Blue Day".

Interestingly enough, Sen. Barack Obama's camp was totally unaware of "Obama Blue Day" when I contacted them.

Today, I received an email instructing the recipient to avoid wearing any campaign paraphernalia such as Obama t-shirts to the polls on Nov. 4 or they will be turned away. Here's an excerpt from the email:

Please, please, please advise everyone you know that they absolutely can NOT go to the polls wearing any Obama (or whoever you are voting for) shirts, pins, hats, etc. It is AGAINST THE LAW and will be grounds to have the polling officials to turn you away. This is considered campaigning and no one can campaign within X amount of feet of the polls. They are banking on us being overly excited and not being aware of this long standing law that you can bet will be ENFORCED THIS YEAR!!!!!

This is totally false and may even be a trick by McCain supporters.

There is no law that restricts voters from wearing a t-shirt bearing the likeness of their candidate at or near a polling office.

Individual states have different statutes governing polling place activities. But the restriction of campaign paraphernalia such as buttons, stickers and hats, etc. usually applies to poll workers and poll watchers -- not voters.

  • avidreader

    That's a darn shame!




  • stefany

    There will be more trickery and bullshyt at the polls than ever this year, believe those dirty ass republican will stop at nothing to win.


    I received an email today with this message. I felt like it wasn't true. Thanks Sandra for keeping us informed with the truth. I was beginning my own search within Georgia states laws to see if such a law existed!!

  • stefany

    C.H.A.N.G.E. = come help a nigga get elected

    well how about




  • Anna

    Where I live it's always been standard practice to not endorse/campaign with buttons, hats or t-shirts at the polls on election day.

  • HunE916

    I believe it IS true! It's a form of campaigning or electioneering. And you can't campaign within 100 feet of a polling place.

  • Kymystry

    This is an article concering Penna.

    check with your individual state. .. remember PA is considered a "battle ground" state :The issue of considering a dress code first came to light at last week’s Union County commissioners meeting, when it was mentioned that some county election officials around the state sought to ban voters from wearing campaign hats, T-shirts and buttons at polling sites, arguing that such attire was advertising.

    The state’s election code says, “There is to be no (campaigning) inside the voting area.”

    The Pennsylvania Department of State, however, recently sent a letter to county election officials, saying that “so long as the voter doesn’t try to campaign in the polling place, then his or her attire shouldn’t matter. And voters who show up at the polls wearing campaign buttons or T-shirts shouldn’t be kept from voting.”

    Showers thinks the state got it right.

    “I believe that people should be allowed to wear campaign gear,” he said. “That’s called passive electioneering, and as long as these voters are quietly going about the business of casting a vote they strongly believe in, I personally don’t have a problem with their entering a polling place with a button or a shirt or a cap. I also don’t think the board will have a problem with it.”

    Should the campaigner linger and become vocal about a candidate, or try to hand out information, “that would clearly be in violation of the state’s rules and regulations about electioneering in the polling place,” Showers said.

    There is no county policy on this issue, he said.

    “Up to now, individual local election boards, at the borough and municipal levels, have been making decisions on their own. But it shouldn’t be up to them,” Showers said.

    “As county commissioners, we should draw up a written policy, so that we’re consistent in how we enforce this in every precinct.”

  • kwallace577

    i don't believe you auntie... you are a republican. jk jk

    thanks for clearing this up. alot of us are under-informed. we need this kind of correct information.

  • prynsexxx

    How bout, I just wear a shirt like Jeezy had that states:

    My President is black.

  • Sharonda

    Heard about this on TJMS yesterday.I didn't think people really did that, but you know you got some fool who will.

  • stylerazzi

    i think this is really true. just like you can't campaign too close to the polls, you also can't wear shirts, pins, etc.... to the polls. i think whoever sent this email out is just trying to help folks out. because i know if folks stand in line for 2 hours wearing their obama shirts and then get turned away, they may not come back and wait another 2 hours. just to be safe- show your support on your shirt that day AFTER you cast your vote!!!!


    I dont know who to believe... I'll be on the safe side and I wont wear anything that says Obama to the polls.... I will write on my car "F*** Mccain/Palin" though

  • trina@atl

    This is true, Sandra. The secretary of state was on the radio this morning and she said that if you wear anything with a candidate name on it, you will be asked to take it off, or turn your shirt inside out. This is the law of not campaining within 150 feet of the polling place.

  • prynsexxx

    I'm also wearing my Obama flashing lights T-shirt to chu'uch. The shirt is HAWT! I looks like a TV billboard complete with a battery pack.

    ALTAS international products dot com / obama flashing T-shirts

    I think.

  • alexander

    damn halle. those tatas are sitting (on a pedestal).

    This is for Georgia Voters. I think Sandra may be misinformed. Please log onto your Secretary of state website to see if the same laws apply.I see that the email "hoax" is TRUE.

  • prynsexxx

    Hell don't NOBODY dictate what I wear. I can still rock my Obama flashing lights t-shirt, complete with the battery pack and a hoodie (zipped up of course), cast my vote, put it in the ballot box, unzip the and walk out whistling the Old negro spiritual

    'Free At Last, Free At Last, thank God Almighty, we are free at last'

    Get your Obama flashing light T-shirt, people!

  • prynsexxx

    you can go to lighted t shirts dot com for the flashing obama shirts or call 305.333.5656 - I don't know where that area code is, but hey the shirts are hot!

  • ELove

    Now THAT is a Nice-PAIR There Partna ;-)

  • prynsexxx


    They're fake.

  • ladilovely

    This true. You can not be within 150 ft of a polling place with any campaign logos on any clothing. If you are, the poll officers will ask to remove the items or turn your shirt inside out. This is the law in Atlanta. I do not know about other cities."No person whose name appears as a candidate on the ballot being voted
    upon at a primary, election, special primary, or special election shall physically enter any polling place other than that at which such candidate is authorized to vote. After voting, such candidate shall not return to such polling place until after the poll has closed and voting as ceased. Any person who violates this code section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor." (O.C.G.A. § 21-2-414 (f))

  • Charles

    Im most likely voting for obama, but i highly doubt he will win America is not ready for a BLACK man to be president

  • Sharonda

    Mocha!!Where you been?

  • starr

    I don't know waht to believe, but this election, its go be alot of bullish.....ima vote as soon as it opens up, and thats 6am here

  • starr

    I don't know waht to believe, but this election, its go be alot of bullish.....ima vote as soon as it opens up, and thats 6am here

  • only1fe

    I JUST spoke with the SOS offfice for GA. to get clarification regarding my change of address and MISSPELLED last name... ( mmmhmm) and asked for clarity on this. and was told by an representative that you can NOT wear campaign buttons pins or t-shirts while casting your ballot and additionlly you cant not be with in 150ft with them on in anyw way shape of form..
    Secretary of State

    ***SO Sandra, my BFF (now where is my date with Kerry Rhodes and did you ever find out who designed that blue dress?)

  • missdisrection

    Yea it's true but so what. Get out and vote!!!!

    This was in the AJC yesterday......

    "What not to wear

    Campaigning is not allowed at polling places so poll workers will turn away anyone wearing a campaign T-shirt, button, cap or anything else advocating a candidate or a political party."

  • Candi Apple

    Wade in the Water, Wadeee in the Waateeer children, Wade in the water, The looords gonna trouble the water.

    I am going to play it straight and just show up to the polls with all neon lights attached to my clothing so I can be seen and heard

  • Coop


    Why are you putting out false info??
    Many states will not allow you to wear anything that promotes any candidate and in the state of Maryland there are signs outside of the polling station make that exact point at which promoting must stop.

    And what is wrong wearing blue to support Obama no matter who thought of it, because it's a good motivational tool.

    I understand that you are a blogger and people should not take what you say as gospel, but you Sandra should so some moral responsibility.

  • Coop


    You shouldn't buy any product that the proceeds will not help the campaign. If you want to help go to the sites below.

  • Coop


    You shouldn’t buy any product that the proceeds will not help the campaign. If you want to help go to the sites below.

  • krbinc


  • Coop


    You shouldn’t buy any product that the proceeds will not help the campaign. If you want to help go to the sites below.

  • Coop


    Sandra's info about the polls is false.

  • lovezoe

    Someone was speaking on the Tom Joyner Show and they said, although it is not written in stone, that this is true. Buttons, signs or any of the sort are not allowed by ANYONE entering the polls on election day. He said to be on the safe side, wear your Obama shirt under a sweater.

  • candycane

    I just heard this on the Michael Baisden radio show. He's telling people not to wear Obama items. There's some lady on there co-signing with him. He asked what if I did it anyway, the lady said that he would be asked to leave.

  • Bird

    Anyone who has ever voted before knows this is hogwash. While in line to vote you are bombarded with a slew of campaign flyers from candidates seeking various offices. I guess they are just mad Obama promotional items are flying off the shelves and bootleggers trunks while McCain can't give his stuff away.

  • Bird

    After reading some of the comments I will change my comment. I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT YOU CAN CAMPAIGN AT A POLLING SITE IN NORTH CAROLINA because I was bombarded with flyers from various candidates while in line at a polling place during the last presidential election.

  • jemalangel

    I dont know about North Carolina but in Ga this is true...please check your states Secretary of State website...You can not wear buttons etc in ga


    I know here in Baltimore!! YES YOU CAN!! my godfather is in the house of delegates and we wore shirts supporting him and his running mates at the poll. maybe this is just in the A.


    Good morning everyone!
    jemelangel you are correct. I stated in my post on yesterday that here in GEORGIA we CANNOT wear any buttons, hats, the polls. I'm glad you checked that out.

  • iyonah

    Good Morning SR fam!

    IN NJ you can wear anythigna s far as I know, and like you Bird- I ahev experienced peoepl ahnding out flyers as soon as you exit the polls outside, within 100 ft. TO eb on the safe side though, I know for sure that I will have my Barack tee covered until after my vote is cast.

  • coaretained

    I sent the email and I believed it. I don't think it's Obama specific either, but with the heavy campaigning and marketing going onwith this election, it's good someone uncovered this.