By Sandra Rose  | 

Senegalese-American Hip Hop singer Akon struck back at reports that he attacked two female fans during a concert in Guyana last month.

Akon's management released a new video shot from a different angle than the one widely circulating the internet that appears to show Akon throwing an elbow at one female fan while shoving another fan off a stage.

A representative from the promoter said, "We are shocked to hear that there is a video clip circulating that suggests Akon treated a fan badly during his August 30th performance in Guyana. There were no incident reports stemming from the event. Despite a late start, the concert was a tremendous success and we hope that Akon will come back soon." (Source)

  • HunE916

    Hence, why I don't f*cks with Africans!

    [I kid! I kid!]

  • Peachiz

    I have yet to find one that I could stand sleeping with.

  • HunE916

    Cause it's hard to sleep with one eye open! ;) Them Africans need to be watched at all times!

  • 2thick4u

    Um...the girl was hit but not attacked.

    Hell I'll take a punch for Nelly anyday:)!!!

  • brownewoman

    dang as a Guyanese, I felt that lol.

    I thought I was the only one who felt that way about africans. I find them very pushy, I was stalked by one for about a year. I moved faaaaaaar a way, I stay away from them.

    lol @ HunE916 u ain' neva lied.

  • kitty4shigady

    damn 2thick4u girl where you been??? Godd to see you back in the house. I just asked about you the other day.

  • ELove

    Y'all ladies Not Fellin' the Dexter St. Jock's
    The "I'll make Love To You CONSTANTLY" ;-)

    I know plenty of females that feel the same way!!!

  • aprilshowers

    lol@ HunE....

    hahahahhahahahahaa!!! Errybody know 'bout dem Afrikkans! That's crazy...

    Yeah, that lady was PUNCHED around the mouf area! You need more people Akon. :-|

  • karaz

    I love my African men, they're not likely to do hoodrat stuff for/with their friends and they generally take care of all of their responsibilities.

  • brownewoman

    I hear ya karaz, but I can only speak from my own experience. How do u spot the good ones?

  • browni007

    dayum why it had to go down like that in the hometown. She definitely wasnt attacked, but that scene was chaotic. How do you say SECURITY.