I know nothing of gang affiliations. I still can't tell a gang sign from a Peace sign. So I rely on my readers to help me understand things that are not readily obvious to me. Such as why Li'l Wayne wears blue Chucks instead of red Chucks.


    Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2008 13:26
    From: srwilliamsnovanthealth.org@novanthealth.org
    To: sandra@sandrarose.com
    Subject: Lil Wayne

    I have to just point out in the picture that you posted of Lil Wayne today of him taking a bow, am I color blind or does he have on blue chucks? Isn't he supposed to be blood affiliated? Doesn't that go against the code or something? How contradicting is that. I'm just saying! Every time I look at the picture I think of how he always is saying something about bloods and then he throws on some blue chucks. It doesn't matter to me because I stay away from both colors, but don't claim you one thing but do another.


Another reader emailed me this morning to explain that most rappers have been incarcerated at some point in their lives. So showing their boxers is a form of advertising for male sex on the prison yard. It's interesting to note that Weezy pulls his pants all the way up when he's going to court. Which shows these rappers do have sense enough to respect others, but not us.

  • goat76

    He ain't in a gang.....

  • Charles

    Who cares about this ugly ass troll, drinking cough syrup and takin it in the ***

  • http://myspace.com/bettathaniwasb4 2bme

    Doesn't new orleans have their own gangs?Can't see him taking in L.A like that..Baby wouldn't hear of it..speaking of Baby..your reader is correct..sagging came from being in prison as an invite for sex..those idiots doing it in the streets are being followers of something they know nothing about..no wonder when they end up in prison they become easy targets..advertising and don't even know it(well some of them)

  • Charles

    And why would you want to be associated with a ganag, that is so 1989 no one does that anymore, gangs are for children without father sos they can rebel against the world nad fill graveyards and jails, he is too rich and too old to be messing around with gangs

  • mizzdallas

    He claims to be in a gang just because he hangs out with some of the losers, but he never has been initiated into a gang, he just a wanna be.

  • mizzdallas

    @2bme, weezy and baby tried to be down with the bloods in L.A. but they saw right through them just some FAKE AZZ DL WANNABE GANGSTERS

  • ReadTheBlog

    People still bang? I thought that was out of style...

  • http://myspace.com/bettathaniwasb4 2bme

    Charles is correct(did i just type that) however as long as there are no father's in the household giving direction there will always be gang members..it hasn't dried up and it's gotten worse..every kid out there is a MONSTA or OL DOG in training..they've evolved like a virus and their hopelessness is accepted..there's no community..no village and only a hndful of people trying to make a change in these kids lives..it's nothing to glorify but if it beats you living in the streets as opposed to having somewhere warm to lay your head..to have someone have your back regardless..you'll take it..especially when you see no other way

  • kwallace577

    so if he is not an official member and just shout them out he can wear blue chucks? or purple ones? or pink ones? or the ones like my baby got with little designs on them?

  • sali

    @ Charles, to your point unfortunately there are so many kids out here who don't have their father in their lives more so now then 1989. Essex County NJ in the past week is going crazy with people just randomly shooting and killing innocent bystanders (including kids) for initiation. Tonight is considered mischief night however to those who are around the urban areas, it is death night. BE SAFE!!!

  • avidreader

    Hate to say it, but sali is right!

  • avidreader

    sorry I wasn't finished, not initiation, gang related, innocent bystanders just got hit during the past week, but now tonight and tomorrow, that's a different story,wouldn't want to be out there after the sunset, sad but true

  • bloggergirlz

    lil wayne wishes he was in a gang, but he's really just a fake honorary member...he's in the troll gang, the me likey syrup gang, the i kissed another man gang...fake a$$ wanna be thugs need hugs gang...

  • shanie


    I agree with you 100%. Gang Bangin is still alive and well hear in LA and what's so sad is there is so much more that these young individuals could be doing with there lives. I often find myself asking "Who still gang bangs"? and I always get the reply of someone saying you would be surprised of all these little people out here trying to prove themselves to be someone that they're not. It's sad that gang bangin still exist when so many people have lost there loved ones behind the senseless shootings of gang violence. If half of the wanna be gangsta's would put the energy that they have into killing someone could put that same energy into helping a young man like themselves get the guidance that they didn't receive we would have a greater chance at having more succesful men in the world. That's just my thought.

    Now as for Lil Wayne wearing Blue Chucks why couldn't that just be his shoe preference for the night. I don't understand how a person could have the time to sit back and point that out. I guess for some of us its just a bad news day and all we have time to do is try and turn every news story into a negative.

  • http://www.myspace.com/lorettadivine DivineBrown

    I wear Red Chucks...does that mean I'm in a gang...

  • bloggergirlz

    the puerto ricans and mexicans still bang hard in Chicago...

  • shanie


    Nope I would call it wearing what you wanna wear how you wanna wear it when you wannna wear.

  • terika83

    I never heard that he was in a gang, but yeah to my knowledge you aren't supposed to wear other gang's colors. The only rapper I know that contradicts himself in this sort is the game. He is ALWAYS saying he's a blood this and he's a blood that, but then he raps about Crips and I even see him wear both colors in one of his videos I believe....Idk maybe he figured he could unify them (giving him the benefit of the doubt)

  • shanie


    To be honest here in LA the color thing doesn't matter anymore gangs are not identified by that here that no longer exists. Most of the gangs here are more worried about having nice cars, girls, and they are into selling drugs. Alot of the killings here do not revolve around the older generations of gang banging its the younger ones thats out here trying to prove themselves. That's why I always find myself asking "who still gang bangs"? But it's definitely alive and well but just from a different perspective. Hope that helps.

  • kwallace577


    hell not only do i wear chucks....i had mine on a few hours ago...b/c i had to walk clear across downtown to pick up a document. my low top cream colored ones live in my work closet.

  • terika83

    @shanie: oh ok well that's good to know that people are no longer getting shot for wearing colors. So how do they know who is in what gang? Or do they still go around asking random people and shooting them like Jamiel Shaw?

  • iscream

    Slow day? Its a pair of friggin sneakers. I thought they were going to point out a tatoo on his body... a pair of sneakers? Not a bandanna or a gang sign.... geesh.

  • shanie


    See that's what I mean. The Jamiel Shaw murder was an 18 yr old Hispanic Male gang banger who had just got out of jail 2wks to a month before he killed Jamiel and was out here trying to prove that he still had to his friends. He had no reason in particular to shoot Jamiel. Even when Jamiel was killed some of the older gang bangers stepped up and said that it was cowardless and senseless. Basically the younger gang bangers are out here trying to get street credibility and the sad part is while there out here trying to prove themselves right after they do it they get caught. Talk about smart thinking.

  • CaramelDrop

    Get off the damn gas! Wayne been a fake thug!
    I'm sure he doesnt give a crap about red or blue he doesnt live in the hood anymore - hell he can wear what ever color he likes. All the old negro's that still bang and claim that ish are in jail or with "tookie williams".

    Lil Wayne is affiliated with the gang called: Scrilla. Y'all know, their color is money green.

  • http://www.myspace.com/lorettadivine DivineBrown

    There is no gang affliation here!

    It's called grasping...reaching, what have you!

    Kdub...I love my chucks! I own black and red! I want more!

    Can't tell me shiaaaat with my chucks on!

    Is he bourgie/gay because he has on LV? Damn...can a nukka live?

  • http://www.myspace.com/lorettadivine DivineBrown

    LMAO @ scrilla!!!!!

  • pointhimout

    oh lord, yall gone get the dude shot over his sneakers....

  • Xsjado

    It's all about the image to make loot..

  • Sharonda

    Um forget if he blood,cripping or whatever these fools do now, look at old dude in the background!A little homo-ish..

  • http://myspace.com/iyonah iyonah

    @ sali your right, I have been getting the 31 woman are supposed to die as part of initiation text,but its a myth for the most part IMO ... police presence is increased near Halloween anyway.

    I took the PATH fromJC today to Penn Station and Penn Station was usual, in terms of volume but I did notice more police presence.

    Its rough out here ...

  • http://myspace.com/bwcoop Coop

    @and anyone else who repeats urban myths

    First off Lil Wayne is a fake thug so who cares

    AS far as the pants sagging that crap is a urban MYTH.
    Here is something you all should see.

    Killer Mike-That's Life


  • http://myspace.com/docjam1 Doc Jam

    bafoonery...must've been a slow day..

  • Kymystry

    I wear Orange Chucks .. does that put me in the Sunkist Gang ? .... White Chucks .. the Angel Soft gang ? .. black chucks .. the black as i wanna be gang ?

    GTFOH with this foolishness ...