The first time I heard Maino’s “Hi Hater”, I thought it was a hot track, but I didn’t get my hopes up that Maino might be “The One” to bring Hip Hop back.

Maino’s “2009 Predictions” (Hustle Hard Entertainment) has me convinced. I love it! It’s been a long time since a Hip Hop track made me cheese this hard! :D

Here’s Maino’s predictions for ’09 (I’m sure I missed a few):

  • The Knicks will still suck
  • Angela Simmons will lose her virginity
  • Amy Winehouse will mess around and O.D.
  • Rappers will still get robbed
  • Real and Chance is coming out the closet
  • This year somebody’s going to get killed on World Star
  • Remmy Ma going to win her appeal
  • Lil Wayne is getting more weirder this year!
  • More girl on girl sex this year
  • Foxy Brown is finished, she’s coming out with a sex tape
  • Chris Brown and Rihanna will make it to September
  • Jay Z and Beyonce will have a baby
  • We’ll see more tighter clothes on Kanye
  • Cam is coming back
  • Yung Berg still won’t get his chain back
  • Cops will still shoot us and get away with it
  • Al Sharpton’s going to march and not do a thing again
  • Another book by Supahead is coming soon about how to suck d*ck using autotunes
  • 50 Cent will be the first real rapper on Oprah
  • And Maino will be the next to blow!
  • Props to loyal reader Preston for sending this!