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From ET Online:

RuPaul was so inspired by the theme of his Logo series, "RuPaul's Drag Race," that he just released Champion, his fifth album, which is now available for download on iTunes.

"It is about being a champion, overcoming obstacles, having courage and winning," RuPaul, who wrote the songs, tells ET. "Even if you don't win first place, you can win just by going for it."

"Listen, the whole world loves drag, whether they admit it or not," he says. "We live in this culture where we have this hypocritical thing. On one hand, people are ashamed of drag and they think it is misogynistic; on the other hand, we all love it because it's sparkly, it's shiny and it's gorgeous."

Speaking of sparkly drag queens, Tyler Perry has once again decided to kill off the only reason we know his name -- Madea.

Tyler, a classic narcissistic, can't tolerate the idea that the world loves him only for his alter ego in a dress. He wants to be loved for himself, which is laughable since he doesn't even love himself.

Anyway, Tyler should ask RuPaul what happened to his career when he dumped his Grand Diva persona, and opted for his own personality: his career tanked.

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  • Kymystry

    Wow ... Rupal looks ummmm ... wow ...

    HIV/AiDS is horrible ... lost an uncle to it over 14 yrs ago ....

  • carmelita79

    RuPaul is FIERCE and will always be fierce.

  • Dhoward1913

    RuPaul looks dreadful as a man.

    Tyler Perry did not say that he was going to kill Madea. He complained about how long it takes to get into that make-up and fat suit, but he said the people love Madea and as long as the people wanted to see her, he would keep doing it, but the minute people stop coming to see her he would kill her off.

  • masonmom

    U BETTA WORK BYTCH!! i loooove rupaul, bey n tyra better bow down to the REAL DIVA! wuts up wit the AIDS comment kymmestry? stereotyping are we???

  • Kymystry

    he admitted he had the virus years ago ... so take your pannies out of the bunch and get off the soapbox