Everyone in the blogosphere knows that Angel Laws and her Concrete Poop blog has been losing the ratings race to other blogs that came out after hers did and blew right past her.

So what does she do? She goes on the attack in a pathetic last ditch effort to gain back her readers.

Yawn, I really don’t care enough about Hagatha to even muster up the effort to respond.

So I’ll let Kid Fury do it for me. For those who don’t know, check out Kid Fury’s tweets here.

    Angels Tweets: www.twitter.com/angelonfire

    @ Stoosh22 no actually. i’m getting bored with blogging, since everyone bites our style. can’t wait for the new layout. u’ll be back.

    take ur lame ass to mediatakeout then! all they do is steal our photos anyway & yes I have to pay for those photos & they ain’t cheap. usually i bite my tongue, but what for? the only real other celeb blogs out there is @ freshalina (C+D) the rest of them are biters.
    mediatakeout = steals our photos on a daily basis / ybf – steals our ideas (rock’d it better / guess who / spotted, should i go on?)
    sandra rose = crab in a barrel
    all these black blogs don’t link to each other anymore.
    and it’s because they have no ethics & are in it for the clicks and money now.
    i’m sure she’ll be back out & about the next day. @ concreteloop has no competition in my opinion, so quit comparing.
    oh and i forgot bossip! one of the number one jackers in the game. how could i forget?
    but i keep my mouth shut, but these fools are using @ concreteloop for what we do & don’t contribute to the up keep. kiss my ass.
    i’m 24, been “blogging” since i was 12. this ain’t new. i am grateful for all my readers & still see this as fun. but when someone steals I’m going 2 continue to do me. Don’t like it? Sounds like u have a personal problem 2 me.

    Kid Fury Responds www.twitter.com/kidfury

    @TroublemakerSup Bloggers are beefing again?! Bitch please! It’s 2009! Grow the fuck up, people!
    It’s just the Internet! Who still beefs? The world is broke!!! The time you spend worrying about another bitch, should really be used to get this fucking money! …and miss @ angelonfire needs to calm down on this “all celeb blogs are biters except me and
    Fresh” stuff. That’s disrespectful! A lot of bloggers work 10x harder than the populars one and get ZERO CREDIT! As a matter of fact big blogs often steal from smaller blogs!
    So, let’s not act like Concrete Loop is the Holy Mecca of the urban Internet. You can get the fuck outta here with that. I already lost a follower and I don’t give a shit. A shout out from Kanye West on a track does not make you the Negro CNN. Bitch boom. I call it fail. ..and how the hell are you make comments like that and then call Sandra Rose a crab in a barrel?

    Lmao! Sandra I was waitn 4 somebody 2 call that quarterback on CLIQUE concretebiasedloop

Thank God I have a well-paying day job to fall back on and I don’t have to worry about some hits on a blog.