Everyone in the blogosphere knows that Angel Laws and her Concrete Poop blog has been losing the ratings race to other blogs that came out after hers did and blew right past her.

So what does she do? She goes on the attack in a pathetic last ditch effort to gain back her readers.

Yawn, I really don't care enough about Hagatha to even muster up the effort to respond.

So I'll let Kid Fury do it for me. For those who don't know, check out Kid Fury's tweets here.

    Angels Tweets: www.twitter.com/angelonfire

    @ Stoosh22 no actually. i'm getting bored with blogging, since everyone bites our style. can't wait for the new layout. u'll be back.

    take ur lame ass to mediatakeout then! all they do is steal our photos anyway & yes I have to pay for those photos & they ain't cheap. usually i bite my tongue, but what for? the only real other celeb blogs out there is @ freshalina (C+D) the rest of them are biters.
    mediatakeout = steals our photos on a daily basis / ybf - steals our ideas (rock'd it better / guess who / spotted, should i go on?)
    sandra rose = crab in a barrel
    all these black blogs don't link to each other anymore.
    and it's because they have no ethics & are in it for the clicks and money now.
    i'm sure she'll be back out & about the next day. @ concreteloop has no competition in my opinion, so quit comparing.
    oh and i forgot bossip! one of the number one jackers in the game. how could i forget?
    but i keep my mouth shut, but these fools are using @ concreteloop for what we do & don't contribute to the up keep. kiss my ass.
    i'm 24, been "blogging" since i was 12. this ain't new. i am grateful for all my readers & still see this as fun. but when someone steals I'm going 2 continue to do me. Don't like it? Sounds like u have a personal problem 2 me.

    Kid Fury Responds www.twitter.com/kidfury

    @TroublemakerSup Bloggers are beefing again?! Bitch please! It's 2009! Grow the fuck up, people!
    It's just the Internet! Who still beefs? The world is broke!!! The time you spend worrying about another bitch, should really be used to get this fucking money! ...and miss @ angelonfire needs to calm down on this "all celeb blogs are biters except me and
    Fresh" stuff. That's disrespectful! A lot of bloggers work 10x harder than the populars one and get ZERO CREDIT! As a matter of fact big blogs often steal from smaller blogs!
    So, let's not act like Concrete Loop is the Holy Mecca of the urban Internet. You can get the fuck outta here with that. I already lost a follower and I don't give a shit. A shout out from Kanye West on a track does not make you the Negro CNN. Bitch boom. I call it fail. ..and how the hell are you make comments like that and then call Sandra Rose a crab in a barrel?

    Lmao! Sandra I was waitn 4 somebody 2 call that quarterback on CLIQUE concretebiasedloop

Thank God I have a well-paying day job to fall back on and I don't have to worry about some hits on a blog.

  • BayArea

    I lost interest in CL so long ago I can't remember. CL=BORING. I will always read SR. I LOVE crab:)

  • http://myspace.com/necee518 yvonne79


  • http://myspace.com/bettathaniwasb4 2bme

    I used to post on CL a few years ago but I stopped because of her readers not her content. I can understand how upset she is but putting people on blast like that just put her in the same tackyazz category as those she says steals from her. As for the comment to you Sandra, i've never heard of you going for the miss congeniality award for blogging so she can hang that up.

  • http://myspace.com/necee518 yvonne79

    Sandra, I thought you guys squashed beef?

  • kwallace577

    sandra mae rose you are on time out auntie for that pic up there again. no ma'am..... you owe me a cherry pepsi. from the laughter that erupted...

  • Kat

    yada yada yada....i like cl...that's a good blog site to me...one of the best in my opinion. i just hate all of those pop ups...that's annoying as hell. black folks always gotta tear each other down tho. don't nobody want to see the next person doing better than them. why can't we just all stick together and support each other like other races? the black race is the worst...smh

  • mizzdallas

    My sister blogs on CL me I couldnt even tell you the last time I been to her blog, but nevertheless she on some messy ish and then have the nerve to call you like you want to be the 2nd coming to the blogworld.. lol!! lmao @ miss congeniality award comment...

  • goat76

    This site ain't jumpin like it used to be....RealTalk....

  • kwallace577

    thank you @goat. your comment makes this is a perfect time for me to AGAIN plead for sandra to bring back our banned'ed peoples to this site.


    and any others i overlooked but are still in our hearts and minds. RealTalk.

  • http://ardentphotog.blogspot.com ReadTheBlog

    She looks like 'Big Worm'with a wetnwavy wig on

    Rhymes With Snitch and The Life Files are two interesting blogs, as are the ones I follow...

    SR ain't what it used to be, probably because there is too much focus on politics, and less on what Sandra is known for 'good celebrity photog'.

    Oh well, we can't have it all!

  • Kat

    "SR ain’t what it used to be"

    u are right....

  • Shauny

    I use to be on CL err day like I am on SR now but she left the registration open too long and the comments went downhill. I do like their format and post and EVERYONE is biased towards some celebs (Angela is NOT the only one) BUT I haven't been on CL in almost a year.

  • Sharonda

    Wait why Sandra banned coaretained????Miss days, miss a lot!!

    But I use to visit CL when it first begin and like someone said the reason I stop visiting CL was because of the comments was ridiculous.I would thought black blogs would bonded together, but it seems like they just messy!Competition is one thing, but come on..this is just petty now.

  • Shauny

    @1RTB exactly
    The reason that I got hooked on SR in the first place was because of the celeb news and photos. Now that I've been posting, the comments are what keep me here. No one can make SR what is used to be but SR...period

  • flyqtnva

    I used to post on concreteloop to but the in the pocket for ...>>>BEYONCE>>>SOLANGE>>>JAYZ>>>AND KAYNE...thats y I stopped. They are the real kool aid drinkers!

  • http://myspace.com/necee518 yvonne79

    Big Worm!!! LMAO. That's hilarious

    I will sign the petition to bring our old peeps back.

  • iscream

    I never even heard of these people. I agree M.t.o are some jackers who are quick to throw a disclaimer up.

  • flyqtnva

    I hear people say "crabs in a barrel" or blacks dont wont each other to suceed...BUT you know what it is........PEOPLE ONLY CARE ABOUT THEMSELVES....on CNBC last night they had HEDGEFUND managers on,,,one dude made over a billion dollars last year alone..he is UBER RICH 4 ever...HOW CAN U BE WORTH 500 BILLION his net worth..and there still be poor people, people with out water.....PEOPLE ONLY CARE ABOUT THEMSELVES!!

  • teecee


  • flyqtnva

    CONCRETELOOP thinking about all that $$ out the window...she had niggas making donations and everything..then I dont like dude that look like the MILLI VANILLI reject...what's up wih him yo...he off

  • DivaMama

    Hey All!

    LOL @ "tweet fighting"

    I petition to bring them back, too!

  • Naima

    All this hate goin' on in the black blogsphere and y'all never met each other. Can't we all just get along? I think the personal attacks need to stop.

  • DivaMama

    Naima, I think that Auntie and Angela have met and know each other. As far as anyone else in this war, I'm not sure... they probably meet at the "Blooging While Black" or whatever the name of the conference is.

  • KaraZ

    Did Sandra Lee Rose call her HAGATHA???? LMAO *tears drop*

    prynsxx is banned too? WHY? OMG where am I when all these thing happen?

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    I haven't been to CL since they had that nasty newspaper layout lol. It's the same news about the same people over & over again. I replaced CL & and YBF with SR & NecoleBitchie's site a long time ago.

  • Krysi J

    I only have 5 words for this post.



    HUT, HUTT, HUTT!!!

  • Naima

    Some take the internets stuff way to personal. Did you hear about the poor girl that was killed by a Youtube wack job?

  • iscream

    Now since we post do we fall into the crab comment.

  • http://myspace.com/necee518 yvonne79

    Krysi------>>>>> to da kona!!!

  • pointhimout

    funny. that site was boring. i couldn't believe ish mediatakout posted, so i never joined. you can't believe what you read all the time, but their stuff was always WAY OFF. I think most people started coming to SR because of the photos, so there was a following always there.

    As for biters and all that high school stuff, there's enough for everybody, believe me. people will find reasons to stick with CL, and not like SR or any other site. it's called choices. people kill me when someone else has the same idea, but rocks it differently. suddenly, i'm biting of you???? find ur niche and work the hell out of it--stop throwin salt.

  • intown51

    1. As a Raider fan I respectfully ask that you put her in a Bears uniform. It would be more fitting.

    2. What recently happened w/ SR and NecB? I couldn't catch it.

    3. Fresh, Byron Crawford and SR are my only "must-reads" 5 years into reading blogs. I also like Combat Jack (new), Dallas Penn, and NB.

    4. Take her out of that Raiders uniform!! It's hard enough being a fan through the lean years (no pun intended!)

  • http://myspace.com/rayne215 spongebobfan

    I personally dont like CL those pop up adds alone make me not want to log in its soooo annoying, CL is like SOHH to me outdated and boring, but at end of day its not that serious, MTO is my guilty pleasure and along with sandra i like C+D(but its a diff type of site, gossip yes but it shows more "fuckery" then anything) NBic is ok though its pretty equal to theybf and the whitest blog i go too is dlisted that gay man is funny.... but sandra is cool, CL sucks

  • Naima

    But how is she gonna claim someone is biting. There are 1001 blogs posting the same who wore what designer duds you know you can't afford. They fact they they cover Christina Milan and Cassie pretty much means they are lacking creativity. That's why folk like the blogs with the funny commentary.

  • http://myspace.com/rayne215 spongebobfan

    oh didnt know ill be censored out oh well

  • starr

    I use to go over there....but its just not interesting

    I go to 3 blogs regularly, and this is one of them.

  • KaraZ

    intown51 Says:

    1. As a Raider fan I respectfully ask that you put her in a Bears uniform. It would be more fitting.


    I cain't take it!!! OMG y'all are brutal.

  • shhhh

    I stopped visiting CL years ago. I stopped going, because they're some of the biggest a** biters I have ever seen. I have close contact with a semi-famous person that one of the bloggers on CL was riding the he|| out of. I guess he saw all the potential this person had and wanted to position himself to be her BFF before she blew up. So he would just go out of his way to offer himself to do things for her and would call her all the time like he had known her for years. It was just sickening.

    Also like some of the other comments, the pop-ups were ridiculous. It's funny she can say that some of the other bloggers are in it for money, but she is in it for the same reason, that's the reason for all the pop-ups.

  • shay1

    #24 - yes - Im dead! "Hagatha" CTFU....

    Krysi - LMAO......DEAD!

  • Zuley

    I hate concrete they are the worse IMO no gossip at all by the time you check out b ossip the ybf and sandra rose you got all you need. I also like worldstar and mto but thats about it for me as far as blogs go.

  • sanaas

    I like Concrete Loop better than this site.
    She doesn't close the comment section like you do.

  • terika83

    I used to go to CL loop all the time....but they lost me after they had that re-direct advertisements...I HATE those things. They are annoying and a pain. Now I only go there to see what new music Brian has put up. He's still on top of his game with that.

    But on another note CL is mature and not negatively biased....that's one good thing I can say about them. At least when I was on there things weren't heavily based on their opinions, but more so they just reported the news/word on the street.

  • http://happynappyhead.blogspot.com Seattle Slim

    I haven't been to that site in a minute and I don't plan on going. It's boring and too diddy bop for me. I do NB, SR, PH, Boss, Jezebel, a few political blogs and stuff, C&D. I don't see how gossip blogs have beef. What are you beefing about?

    I could see a political/ideological blog beef, but celeb ish? She better move on. IF she wants it to be better, she'd better become more innovative.

  • kwallace577

    i missed hagatha. i'ma really need for you to report to the kona auntie. lawd. i got tears TOO over hagatha. i already had some over the linebacker...who need to be in a bears uniform.

    yall just not RIGHT (in my martin payne voice.)

  • kay kay

    I stopped reading that shit a long time ago like 3 years ago. I don't like the way she praises celebs like they would give her ugly/wack ass the time of day if she didn't have a blog.

  • kay kay

    I agree the pop ups were one of the main reasons i quit going to her site...money hungry bitch...I could not even view the gossip long enough to see anything before the ads showed up..lame...Also when she started putting pics of herself up like she was a celebrity..lmfao



    I'm getting a lot of request for more pics of Karma at Wannado city. I have SR to thank. Support her site also. [?]
    about 18 hours ago from Tweetie

  • masonmom

    i've NEVER done concrete loop, sorry never heard of em, only in passing. MTO is off the hook and they always have their shyt WRONG! where do they get their info from, the spanish channel? i LOOOOOOVE ybf too! however, my job blocked them though! i think its room for everyone to eat!


    LOL @ Krysi J.

    I only go on CL every blue moon wen the other blogs haven't updated anything on that day. :( Sorry.

  • lexdiamonz

    CL is boring blame kayne that girl too busy thinking she fly than to maintain a fly blog hell i was done with that ish when she banned ms b scott ole hater anyhoo SR is the ish baby baby dont hate and people talk ish but Sandra everyday and she keeps it popping hell i be checking this blog so much the IT department got hooked on it HOLLL AAAA MAN DOWN


    Lord have mercy.."Been blogging since i was 12"...wow...hoe sit down.CL is garbage.Egos are bruised.It is what it is.You can't tell Angel she ain't an A-lister.It's sad.


    i agree with Kay Kay#44.That 's one of the main reasons WHY i stopped going on CL.She kiss so much a** it ain't funny.Like it's gonna get her browniepoints.

  • BayArea

    Sandra, is thatthe real YOU on Twitter???????

  • http://myspace.com/thegameoncw Bird

    The same stories run all over the place so everyone is biting everyone. Who cares? I hate when blogging gets so serious that people start battling.

  • mimi08

    I'm really starting not to like CL because they kissing so much booty over there. They trying so hard to be a "reputable" site that they hardly post anything. I guess they just trying to post real stories, but it's all gossip, so just post it and let the people comment is my thing. They trying way to hard to control too much and they making it not a fun site at all. They delete comments cause they kissing celebs behinds too much, and they trying to control what's beind said on a blog, can you believe it. And they definitely have their favorite celebs that it seems like they get paid or something. CL is definitely fallen off in the last year. They dont post on time, and sometimes go days without posting anything new!

  • http://nwmasssmedia.com NichelleWalker/nwmasssmedia.com

    I wasn't gonna comment but that pic is so funny I can not stop laughing

  • tbrown

    Crabs in a Barrel?

    I hate it when folk are so quick to throw that out there as explanation. Maybe WE JUST DON"T LIKE YOU and it's got nothing to do with race or uplifting race or whatever. If I as a fan don't like a certain celebrity who happens to be black like me; ain't NO crabs in a barrel b.s. going on; it just means I DON"T LIKE THEM. She can seriously fall back with all of that. Stuntin' much? With Twitter? Yeah, she trying for hits. If I wanted to read the same gossip news I'd go to her site or YBF....they both used to be unique until they started 'limiting' what they're posters could and could not say. EXCLUSIONARY. I don't need it; they can keep it and their boring, arse-kissing news/gossip-reporting.

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  • http://thechoklitfactory.wordpress.com/ ChokLitFactory

    CL used to be the BEST. But I see I'm not the only one who sees it is falling off.

    I say it ALL the time, if you ain't providing a voice for the people, they will get bored of you! I can see pics anywhere, thats not why I come to this site!

    I like YBF, Sandra & Necole Bitchie and C&D, although Fresh does not post as often, her material is still GOLD!

    Also, Brian continues to irk me on CL, but I do like their Fashion posts, their Black History Posts and the music they post as well. Angel needs to sit down with her 'biting' comments - its the Internet honey, ain't nobody original!

    Except for The ChokLitFactory of course! :)