Ever since Keyshia Cole and rapper Young Jeezy parted ways early last year, the big question on everyone’s minds has been who is Keyshia dating now? Well, these pics snapped exclusively in Chicago by Prince Williams of ATLPICS.net has ended the speculation. Your boy Prince Williams gets ALL the exclusives because he’s always in the right place at the right time. Prince, who is based out of Atlanta, is everywhere!

Judging from these pics, it looks like Keyshia and Cleveland Cavaliers guard Daniel “Boobie” Gibson are an item and they are very much in love. The couple walked arm in arm, staring lovingly into each other’s eyes as they left Keyshia’s sold out concert at the Chicago Theater in Chicago, Illinois on May 15. The night before that, Prince snapped KeyCo and Boobie together backstage at Keyshia’s show in Wisconsin.

Boobie has plenty of time to hit the road with Keyshia now that his Cavs, led by Lebron James, breezed through the First round and the Eastern Conference semifinals 8-0, earning themselves a much deserved 8 days of rest and relaxation.

We don’t know how long Boobie has been romancing Keyshia, but hopefully he will put a ring on her finger soon — a NBA championship ring. The Cleveland Cavaliers will dispense of Orlando quickly to reach the Finals where they will hopefully play Kobe and the Lakers, who struggled against the Houston Rockets before taking game 7 to win the Western Conference semifinals on Sunday.

Keyshia is currently on the road touring with Keri Hilson, Bobby V and The Dream. The tour stops in Atlanta at the Fox Theater on Thursday, May 21 and will wind its way through another 12 states before wrapping up in Las Vegas on June 21.

Photos by Prince Williams ATLPics.net