Songstress Kelly Rowland was out & about in L.A. yesterday looking lovely indeed. We can see why Beyonce ousted her from Destiny’s Child: she was the true beauty in that group.
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R&B crooner Ginuwine brought his fine self to The Velvet Room on Friday night. He must have an album about to drop? The ladies were BE-side themselves when Ginuwine walked in. But he behaved himself ’cause he knows he’s got a good woman at home.
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This is that good hair that the ladies swoon over but pretend not to notice. These are the same chicks who will say, “ALL hair is good hair.” Meanwhile, they wear weave down to their butts.
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This child hurt my feelings the other day at the mall. I spotted rap artist and TV personality Lil Mama at Lenox Square Mall two weekends ago. She was surrounded by fans so I waited my turn to introduce myself. As I approached her I thought I noted a gleam of recognition in her eye. But it must have been the overhead lighting, because when I told her who I was she responded, “WHO?” Then I mentioned and she replied, “What is that? A lifestyle blog?” Then to add insult to injury, she turned to her companions and said. “she runs a gossip blog like Concrete Poop and Y B Fake.”

OK, she didn’t describe those blogs in those exact words, but she did name them as if my blog wasn’t even in the same stratosphere. Feeling a little dejected, I walked back over to my good girlfriend (who couldn’t care less about meeting Lil Mama) and I told her what happened. “SO???”, she responded icily. “She doesn’t know your blog because she’s from New York! That shows how out of the loop she is!” Anyway, Lil Mama was in town to host a party at ESSO nightclub last week.
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Busta Rhymes (who usually gets no love on partied with his folk at Dreamz nightclub over the weekend. I’m told Busta is on high alert due to the fact that bodies are dropping all around him, and he sees the writing on the wall. Thanks to Prince Williams of for the hawt pics!