T.I. speaks on Atlanta rap artist Dolla who appears with him in this video which was filmed earlier this year. Meanwhile, there are more questions than answers in the aftermath of the senseless murder of the young rapper whose life was cut short yesterday in Beverly Hills.

The following is mostly speculation, so please do not quote from this post.

[hidepost]Friends say Dolla “got into it” with his traveling companions who left Atlanta with him on board a flight to L.A. on Monday where he supposedly was working on his album.

Dolla’s traveling companions allegedly included Aubrey Berry, 23, of Snellville (who was later taken into custody at LAX), an unidentified female and Scrapp Deleon, who originally called himself Lil Scrappy but changed his nick after he was told another Atlanta rapper had the same name.

Scrapp, his little brother SAS and their cousin Dolla were members of the teen group Da Razkalz Cru based out of Atlanta in 2001. Dolla lived with Scrapp, SAS and their mother for a time in Stone Mountain, GA.

Friends say Dolla was a well-mannered boy growing up, but he couldn’t escape the lure of the streets. He became known as a young thug with a reputation for violence and starting fights in nightclubs from Atlanta to Chicago. Friends recall a recent altercation between Dolla, his crew and the management of a popular Atlanta nightspot. The brawl cleared out the nightspot after Dolla and his crew started throwing glass and bottles.

After arguing on board the flight, the travel companions allegedly split up upon landing. Friends say a male and female followed Dolla and a friend, DJ Shabazz, to the upscale Beverly Center mall where there was an altercation. Witnesses say the female produced a gun, and with deliberate malice shot Dolla once in the head in the valet area of the mall.

The police have not confirmed if a female was the shooter, but according to the LA Times, witnesses saw a female firing a handgun at Dolla.

All 3 travel companions were taken into custody at LAX. Police recovered a loaded 9mm handgun — of the type police carry — in Berry’s waistband. Berry is currently being held on $1 million. The male and female remain in custody but have not been charged.

Friends question how Berry came into possession of the 9mm handgun so soon after landing in L.A. and whether or not he passed through Atlanta Hartsfield security checkpoint with the gun undetected.

Again, most of this is speculation so please do not quote from this post.[/hidepost]

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