Remember John Holdren, the Harvard professor appointed by Barack Obama to be his "science adviser"? I told you earlier about his book Ecoscience that advocates population control and forced abortions. Well, it turns out Holdren has even more radical views on life than I originally thought.

In 1973, Holdren wrote another book called “Human Ecology: Problems and Solutions” in which he says newborn babies, if given the right "social experiences" after birth, "will ultimately develop into a human being." I had to stop typing long enough to laugh out loud! THIS is the guy that Obama wants advising him on science when he doesn't even know when human life begins?

Are all Harvard professors kooky like Holdren and Skip Gates? Unlike Skip Gates, Holdren is now in control of this country's science policies!

The more I read about this nut job Holdren, the more he begins to sound like Hitler, who also didn't think a segment of society was human and set about solving his "social problems" by building concentration camps.


  • PAHairston

    Sandra, did you see where a Boston cop called Professor Gates a "banana-eating jungle monkey" FOUR times in an email to fellow police officers yet he insist he's not a racist. (I think they're going to fire his dumb ass, good riddance!) I really don't think most white folks know what the word means or they claim they don't.

  • anti-PC

    That's the change they believed in....


  • Daisy

    @PA Sandra more than likely agrees with the cop that sent the email :coffee: I would be :shock: if she didn't.

  • SunnyPA

    What does "science czar" mean?!?! Didn't Obama have a "healthcare czar" too. We see how that's working.

    The fact that Obama labeled the positions "czars" should be a hint as to the direction we going.

  • Daisy

    Others believed in I can see Russia from my house :coffee:

  • SunnyPA

    I think the prez is going for an Obamian race of people ... bi-racial, superior intelligence, the gift of speech-making, physically fit. Oh, andy big ears.

  • Daisy

    @Sunny here is a list of Bush's czar I let google be my friend :wink:

    Cyber Security Czar
    Regulatory Czar
    AIDS Czar
    Bird Flu Czar
    Intelligence Czar
    Health IT Czar
    Katrina Czar
    Manufacturing Czar
    Drug Czar
    Domestic Policy Czar
    War Czar
    Copywright Czar
    Abstinence Czar
    Mine Safety Czar
    Latin American Czar
    WTO Health Czar
    Corruption Czar
    Privacy Czar
    Health Czar

  • Anna

    SunnyPA Says:

    What does “science czar” mean?!?! Didn’t Obama have a “healthcare czar” too. We see how that’s working.

    The fact that Obama labeled the positions “czars” should be a hint as to the direction we going.
    He has a "car" czar also.

  • SunnyPA

    OOOOOOh, so you admit that Obama is no different than Bush.

  • Daisy

    @Sunny Obama is very different from Bush IMO. I have said before and I will SAY it AGAIN I do NOT agree with everything that he does BUT I didn't agree with everything Clinton (he had czars as well) either. I dont think any President gets to do what they really want to do anyway. I like Obama as a MAN and a fellow Leo!

    I have no problems disagreeing with him when an issue comes up. He is NOT God and I did NOT look to him to save the world as soon as he took office although I must admit it would be nice if he had such powers but he doesn't.

  • SunnyPA

    I was kidding. You've never been a kool-aid kid and I've said before that I respect your objectivity.

  • Daisy

    @Sunny I missed the joke as you see my bad!