Yeah there missing something...MONEY!!! Kandi and Kim are the only one's that you haven't heard about having financial hardship. Wouldn't have a problem if they actually had it like that, but it sounds like some of them need a 9-5 just like me!

  • Daisy

    They had me laughing yesterday lol She called her a call girl lol

  • BayArea

    WOW! Grown A$$ women!?!?! SMH....

  • mizzdallas

    I dont watch them anymore so movin NEXT>>>>>>

  • http://notenoughrealmen.blogspot.com 2thick4u

    Damn...Sheree and Kim really went in with with each other but I feel like we missed the second half of the interview :( !!!

  • http://myspace.com/necee518 yvonne79

    I'd admit, I sat down and watched two episodes of this mess about a week ago. Drama, drama, drama :eyeroll: What a bunch of catty ass women! Really makes me glad I do NOT have a bunch of females around me. I would go INSANE dealing with this mess on a daily basis. All this drama, arguing and fighting is NOT good nor is it healthy. I will say this, at least Kim's wig is on point! :coffee:

  • Charles

    Love this show! Im addicted

  • Yanaja

    Sheree is better than me...Kim was clearly provoking her because she knew it would look some type of way if Sheree (a black woman) assaulted her, Kim (a white woman) on a daytime television show with a predominantly WHITE middle American viewing demographic. She knew Sheree wouldn't hit her. I hope Sheree took off her stiletto and dragged KIM and her DREADFUL (copyright Dwight :-) wig all up and thru the green room and parking lot...seriously.

    I seriously hate people who provoke others then call the cops when the situation turns violent...

  • KaraZ

    @yvonne I'm around women all the time, they're my closest friends, no drama, no cattiness, no fighting , no arguing. I don't know why women say comments like these, because most women I know and am friendly with do not bother themselves with trivial BS like catfights and gossip.

    RE: Kim, why is she getting mad when her truth gets spilled. She was a stripper cum prostitute/call girl before she hooked a semi-permanent john. I heard she's back to hooking again, since her big poppa put her out on the street. I mean Dolce & Gabanna isn't going to pay for itself & you don't have a job, nor are you educated enough to have a job that keeps you in the lifestyle you live in and you don't own a business. If you're going to be a ho, be a proud ho, don't get all sensitive when people call you out.

  • Daisy

    Yvonne you need glasses or a better tv lol Kims wig has never been on point and NOT all females behave like that. I have several female gfriends just went to the beach with 2 of them and had a ball we do not act a monkey like that lol

  • Daisy

    @Karaz Kim said she was an RN before the show :shrug:

  • Peachizz

    Im so sick of them beating up on Kim about the "married man" that's so old.. get over it!!

  • sdsthomas

    What a mess!

  • http://charactercorner.blogspot.com attorneymom

    I am so done with Bravo. I will not support this garbage any longer. It is degrading to women. I am disgusted to the highest degree.

    Lisa and Kandi are the only ones I can stomach. They both should exit with their dignity. They don't need this garbage. SMDH

    Sheri is more human this season and I can understand her ROOTS moment with Kim.

    Kim is the token white w**** that really should not be on the show.

    NeNe and her ego both need to take it down a thousand. For real.