Struggling R&B singer Trey Song was a guest on the Wendy Williams Show yesterday. He talked about his album, I guess. I didn't watch the show. I guess we won't be adding that 'Z' to Trey's name since he's looks destined to be a one-hit wonder for the rest of his career. What was that one hit he had anyway?

  • mizzdallas

    Trey Songz is NOT a one-hit wonder, you need to STOP!

    btw Trey was looking mighty sexy dang his swagger is on a trillion Mmmmmmm

  • LadyJustice

    sandra u are a hater!!!

    go ahead and give that man his Z

    why didnt u post his album sales? yuuuup cuz u were wrong he sold 135k.

    his album is the business :heart:

  • pointhimout

    i wont pull out the yawn, yet, i wont get too excited either. he's smelling himself, dissing r kelly and e'rything. r kelly will piss on you, i must admit, but he's still that dude in r/b who has nothing to prove.

    same question to mr songz: why do you continue to waste all that sexiness on fish? he poses for playgirl, im buying several copies.

  • iscream

    @ point


  • Daisy

    I dont think Trey dissed R kelly rather challenged him. Trey loves Kells(his new cd is very r kellyish on certain tracks) and has said so on many occassions he was just mad Kells used autotunes when he is the King and should be leading the way vs following. Even if it was a diss Kells is not God so Trey can call him out if he wants lol

    I record Wendy so I watched this last night! I need to see which day he will be performing at FSO next weekend!

  • Shauny

    Daisy - you and I got the same thing from the song and EVERYONE knows that Kelz doesn't make that fire like he used too. I haven't liked anything since Chocolate Factory and he was already slipping before that CD.

    Trey ain't NEVA struggling, and you continue to say he's a one hit wonder yet this CD gave him his highest debut. Get you facts together hater.

  • mizzdallas

    lmao @point you are a hot mess!

  • Daisy

    Shauny I heard Kells new cd is FIYAH lol I cant wait until he does another stepping cd lol

  • 2thick4u

    Beautiful voice and an even beautiful body :) !!!

    Trey has came a long way and I am looking for him to make bigger and better moves :) !!!

  • Charles

    Sandra trey has never had a hit his name should just be trey,

    Though I just got off the phone with drake and he just informed trey takes many of hits........

  • iscream

    Beef needs to stay btw rappers. Any up and coming artist should refrain from talking slick about someone who has been in the game so long. Making hit record after hit record after hit. I also haven't like ne thing after Chocolate factory but everybody hits a bump. R Kelly isn't the most moral MAN walking this earth. But he is a musical genius.

    Maybe you didn't see the comment he made about R Kelly but it sure wasn't a compliment. Challenge him :rofl: please.

    Who has Trey written for? This isn't even worth discussing. Trey needs to just enjoy his new found fame and tour with the other teenie boppers and leave grown men be.

  • toosexy

    I am not a teeny bopper and his last album was very nice... and the same for this one...

  • Daisy

    Ice I saw the comment and I understood what Trey was saying and that doesnt take away from who Kells is and I love me some R Kelly musically so I am not on anybodys side I never felt it was a diss when asked about it Trey made it clear Kells has always been one of his idols and he is indeed the KING of r&b :coffee:

    I dont think writing or not makes you a great artist if you are blessed with that gift then fine if not thats ok as well as long as your songs are HAWT I dont care if you wrote it or not lol