Earlier I posted a photo of R&B crooner Mario and “his significant other” out & about in NYC last night. A label rep emailed me expeditiously to identify the man in the photo with Mario as being his manager, J. Erving III, son of legendary NBA player Julius Erving.

Mr. Erving is quite legendary here in Atlanta (as Wendy Williams would say). But he isn’t known as a back packer. Let’s just say that “ladies man” would not be an inaccurate description of him.

But, Mario, on the other hand… uh, how U doin’ Mario? Awwriiight!

Hi Sandra,

I was viewing your site, and got the Mario story and noticed you pointed an arrow towards the guy that was standing behind Mario.. That is J. Erving, son of Dr. J the basketball player. He is Mario’s business manager, and handles a lot of his business dealings. I should know, as I have worked with Mario and his business manager in the past. He was actually on the cover of Black Enterprise Magazine a few issues back(as I have attached for you)..

Thank you.