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The 27-year-old girlfriend of Michael Jackson's personal physician will testify before a California grand jury this week.

The LA County District Attorney's office have targeted Dr. Conrad Murray, 56, the last person to see Jackson alive before he suffered a cardiac arrest on June 25th.

Nicole Alvarez, who has a baby by Jackson's former cardiologist will be asked to give testimony, but the grand jury will not determined if Murray should be charged with a crime "at this time."

This Summer, prosecutors searched the apartment where Alvarez lives with the couple's infant son, but she was not forthcoming with detectives, according to the LA Times.

Dr. Murray is still married to his wife, Blanche, and has fathered six children with different women.

  • Charles

    Who cares

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    Sandra whyy don't you check your emails anymore?

  • Anna

    I see now why the doc took the $100k/month gig. I am sure it's the shortest lenght of time working at any job. Not sure what they want to put her on the stand for.

  • Nina

    So thats where the money went...6 kids.

  • iscream

    She looks to be a pretty girl and she is young. What da hell did she see in old ass Dr.... oh I guess she saw the MD after his name. Bet she feeling pretty stupid now.

    why is she testifying if no one has been offically charged yet. Isn't that putting the cart before the horse.

  • pinky2083

    And what does she have to do with this?

    What the hell is wrong with his wife? Why is she still wit this idiot?

  • miamore73

    Yuck it kills me how these old ass ugly men have so much game called $$$$. It just ain't worth it to me. This is the perfect example of why it isn't worth it too.

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    she is gorgeous.

  • Sandra Rose

    Charles Says:

    Sandra whyy don’t you check your emails anymore?


    I check my hate mail sporadically now. Did you email me? I must have deleted it along with my hate mail by mistake. :coffee:

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    FIGURES !!!!! :lol:

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    shes really pretty.

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    i can't do the sugar daddy thing. i am not turned on by old men.

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    pinky2083 Says:
    And what does she have to do with this?

    What the hell is wrong with his wife? Why is she still wit this idiot?

    Probably waiting for him to do the right thing and die so she can get the life insurance money.