By Sandra Rose  | 

Tongues are wagging that certain members of the International Olympic Committee lured Barack Obama to Copenhagen to publicly humiliate and embarrass him.

For months Obama planned not to go to Denmark to make a personal pitch for the Olympics. He said his priority was passing the lame duck healthcare reform bill. But he would send his wife Michelle Obama and senior advisor Valerie Jarrett in his stead. Historians pointed out that no other US president had ever made a personal pitch before the IOC members.

But according to the Drudgereport, White House aides were assured by IOC officials that Chicago would win the bid if Obama made a personal presentation in Denmark. The aides were told that if Obama didn't appear before the committee, the members would "notice" his absence.

The IOC played on Obama's weakness, realizing his narcissism would not allow him to say no.

So Obama made the overnight flight to Copenhagen believing the trip would cement his place in history as the first US president to help seal an Olympic bid.

Obama's narcissism is legendary and preceded him. But no one counted on Michelle Obama to display her arrogance when she told members of the Chicago delegation that her trip to Denmark was a 'sacrifice' for her.

The final straw was the fact that the other global leaders spent days schmoozing with the IOC members, but Obama flew in at the last minute spending a total of 4 hours on the ground in Copenhagen before flying back out.

When the voting was tallied, Chicago lost by a landslide in the first round, getting only 18 votes out of 94. It was the snub heard around the world.

And it must have been a crushing blow to both of the Obamas' egos.

  • whatdoesitmatter

    I would never pick Chicago over Rio. That's crazy to even expect such a thing.

  • shannon04

    I don't think that arrogance had anything to do with Chicago not getting the olympics. With all the things taking place in Chicago the recent weeks no wonder they weren't selected. It hurt a little I'm sure but I doubt that it was a crush to the ego because at the end of the day he is still the president and she is still the 1st lady.

  • Charles

    Yes who is trying to get robbed and beaten up while trying to enjoy the games no one is here for chicago one of the worst ghettos ever

  • free

    sandra hannity....

  • MrsHawthorne77

    Charles Says:

    Yes who is trying to get robbed and beaten up while trying to enjoy the games no one is here for chicago one of the worst ghettos ever
    :coffee: I agree

  • zidane

    Sandra, you can't be serious right? Chicago not getting the olympics had nothing to do with Obama. I think him going there to make the presentation was a mistake on his part and those of his advisers, but Rio had more going for it then Chicago did. Rio had a better presentation and a strong argument on its side. It's time that South America hosted the olympic. Furthemore, Rio would be better prepared to deal with large crowds and security issues by the time the olympic rolls around....Remember Brazil is hosting the 2014 World Cup, so, Rio would be better prepared for this.

  • Nina

    Why was Chicago even an option?

  • luvly1957

    Is this not OLD news, can we talk about something else it's over and they will b partying in Rio thank you very much.

  • katgirl33

    LOL Auntie,

    She did leave the kids/her DC obligations to go represent.....BTW, Chicago was alwaya a long shot...This is Rio's 3rd time going for the games....

    Hard work pays off...they deserve it....

  • katgirl33

    error correct: Chicago was always a long shot....

  • mizzdallas

    I agree with charles comment okaby back to my regular schedule

  • Shauny

    Firstly, while folks are talking about Chicago have ANY of you clowning my hometown bothered to check Rio's crime rate? They're more likely to be robbed and killed in Rio than in Chicago. Every major city INCLUDING YOUR OWN has a f!cking ghetto so and violence so that's a dead issue.

    What has went on in Chicago the last couple of weeks has been going on here and probably EVERY OTHER inner city for longer than a couple of weeks. The latest attack just happened to get caught on video and therefore it went national. Check your local news, that's if they even care to report it.

    The FACT is that this was Chicago's FIRST bid. First bidders NEVER get chosen. There was never a Olympics held in South America which is why Madrid and Rio had better shots than Chicago. As far as it being Obamas fault, if ANYONE watched the coverage you would've heard all of the media talking about the relationship between the US Olympic committee and the rest of the IOC. I didn't have chit to do with Obama, they snubbed the damn committe on purpose.

  • Kat

    lol @ charles picture! and :yawn: @ this topic! NEXT! ---->

  • licia

    crime is everywhere( even in rio) . the obamas had nothing to with why they didn't pick chicago.

  • Charles


    Yes every city does have a ghetto but CHICAGO IS A GHETTO!

  • kcicero

    17 years of marriage, how beautiful and rare these days!

    @ Charles here you go again with your bs, lol. Did you get a chance to look up that story, Mr. White people never stomp out their own like that?

  • MrsHawthorne77

    (in my Ms.Benita voice from "In Living Color")

    Don't you go talkin' bout Chicago! Nobody betta not eva say nuttin' 'bout Chicago!


  • missy

    I believe that we all know by now that Chicago has already lost it's bid so let's just move on from it no need for theories and attacking peoples personality...............NEXT

  • Shauny

    Charles I'm sure you live in Mayberry where the nearest Black person is at least 5 miles away from you so of course Chicago is a ghetto for you.

  • mizzdallas

    whether chicago or rio the olympics should NOT be held in High Crime cities imo


    hey! did you get my tweet..?

  • SunnyPA

    It was an unfortunate set of circumstances that led to Obama going to Copehagen. I think he did it to support his wife.

    That was a slap none of us needed. No one is talking about Oprah's hurt ego.

  • Shauny

    missy I'm not going there today on here because it's really not worth it. Some people I don't even bother with... seriously.

  • Jessie

    Oh puh-leeze! Chicago probably never had a chance before President Obama agreed to go. Had he not gone, then your topic would have read, "Thank to Obama not going to bat for Chicago, they didn't get the 2016 Olympics". Whatever!! And, as far as crime in Chicago is concerned, CRIME IS EVERYWHERE, especially in Rio. So, the games went to the city that was ordanined by GOD to receive the top prize. Enough of this "blame Obama", "blame Chicago's crime". Grow the hell up. It is what it is. Move on to something that actually matters. Bump the Olympics!!

  • african_dude

    michelle obama`s speech was so embarrasing..i mean damn! how many times is that chick going to talk about ``my father died of multiple sclerosis..blah blah blah `` smdh

  • Daisy

    African dude u are embarrasing POW

    Mizz what city doesn't have crime that wld be BIG enough to host the Olympics? Police and security is boosted and the games are never in the "hood" of the host cities yall acting like u can't walk the streets of downtown chi w/o being killed n that's not true now the ghetto or hood is different but the games wld not have been there :shrug:

  • missy

    Anyway lets reduce the shade today no need for being negative about it I mean this situation is over lets keep it moving.


  • Shauny

    Daisy, girl I am DONE. Some people just believe what they believe and nothing said will change that.

    Have you been watching So You Think You Can Dance? I've been seeing some GOOD guys again this year.

    Also, I met my cousin from the ATL this weekend. We are having our family reunion there this summer and we'll be going out there in March or April so (if I'm not I'll be hitting all of you ATL folks up for pointers.

  • Charles


    Once in a blue moon does that happend and ud be foolish to think black on black crime is not more prevelant and more violent


    We were the first black family on our block ;)

  • Daisy

    Shauny yes I have been watching and I think this season will be better than last I have more fav guys as well vs girls

    Well let me know when u come to the A I am still w8n to hang with the ATL folks n I live here lol

  • african_dude

    25Daisy Says:

    African dude u are embarrasing POW

    i know but if i were to make a presentation for my city i wouldnt have pulled the ``my father died of multiple sclerosis``card because at the end it makes you look stupid... and boy did she look like an idiot over there! i guess the only thing chicago had to offer was orphans whose fathers died of multiple sclerosis..smh

  • Shauny

    I think it will too, did you see Mia's guy? The one from Georgia? He was good but Simon said he gets lost in his praise dancing. I wonder if he'll be another Will.

  • Daisy

    Shauny YES n as a praise dancer or former I shld say I wanted to grab a garment and dance n my living room with him he was FAB I was mad they sent him to choreo lol

  • missmiami

    michelle looks hawt!!!!! pres obama has so much swagger!!!!!!!!

  • Daisy

    @Miss I agree she is working that dress n he is ice cold as ever

  • Charles


    Ooo punch u neva lied

    Daisy can't take u! Though she never could take much

  • Daisy

    POW again some ppl are so simple and think they r way more important than they really are which is why they are IGNORED 99% of the time.

    I wouldn't take you or african dude to get a clue :coffee: that is all NEXT!

  • african_dude

    36Daisy Says:

    POW again some ppl are so simple and think they r way more important than they really are which is why they are IGNORED 99% of the time
    sounds like the olympic losers to me(oprah,obama and michelle)

  • Daisy

    Yep that's why Oprah is a BILLIONAIRE and Brack n Michelle are apart of the 1st fam yeah u need a clue n more ppl :coffee:

  • african_dude

    Daisy Says:

    Yep that’s why Oprah is a BILLIONAIRE and Brack n Michelle are apart of the 1st fam yeah u need a clue n more ppl
    nonetheless egos were bruised and shamefully they came back home....whoring himself to muslim countries didnt pay off, Telling folks that America is always wrong and they`re always right didnt pay off..first family? who cares! they eat with your/my taxes...sounds like you should take your own advice and get a clue....i`m taking courses in portuguese as we speak, gotta be ready for those games..u know!



    Who is that a pic of?? The same girl you had up before??