In addition to working on her quiet-as-kept relationship with the Rev. Al Sharpton, actress and former First Lady of Turks & Caicos LisaRaye is also starring in her own reality TV show!

They say LisaRaye is P/O at her "friends" Vivica A. Fox and Star Jones for abandoning her in her time of need. But that's typical of how we turn on each other in the black community. Black men stick together, but black women are our own worst enemies. That's why I can count my female friends on three fingers.

From That B*tch:

Word around the Internet is LisaRaye will be using her new reality show to target her former best friends Star Jones and Vivica Fox. They say LisaRaye is angry because her pals didn't stick by her through her divorce. She claims to have hosted Star on the Turks and Caicos Islands for 3 months while she went through her divorce from Al Reynolds, only to have Star turn around and take Michael Misicks' side while LisaRaye was going through her own divorce. LisaRaye also accuses Vivica Fox of betraying her by telling Michael Misick her deepest darkest secrets and Duane Martin of providing Michael with a mistress. They say she'll have some words for Rocsi, too.

Thanks to loyal reader MrsHawthorne77 for the tip!

  • ELove

    First Off:
    Lisa Raye looks MORE THAN DO-ABLE in this pic ...
    (Must give KUDOS, Must give her HER PROPS !!!)

    NOW as far as this other mess:
    I GUESS I kinda agree with you Ms. Sandra but UNLIKE YOU I have ALOT of female friends BUT I'm a (Wait for it...)

    A MALE LESBIAN aka A Super-Hetero-Sexual MAN !!!!! :lol:

    BTW can you PLEASE clarify the Duane Martin exert ...
    DID He provide Mr. Misick with a MISTRESS or was he IN FACT the MISTRESS in question (Just Asking...) :lol:

  • Daisy

    I don't believe this story

    Need more people but I will be watching her reality show

  • LovelyLady

    :rofl: @ E Love *dead*

  • Daisy

    Oh and for the record I have a circle of gfriends from high school, college and my community here in the A GIRL POWER I am very LOYAL(the Leo in me) and so are they (that was for you Ice :wink: )

    I have a gfriend in Charlotte that met me ALL the way in Memphis to go to the Dr. with me so we do hold each other DOWN through thick n thin!

  • Charles

    Lol sandra u know damn well u got more than 3 female friends stop ur lies

    And I wanted to comment on flopica what the hell does she think that realiy show will do for her, no one is buying her album no one is going to hear her on the radio no one is checking for her she is UNKOWN she has no talent she sings the same way she did in 94 can't write or produce and she spent 2.2 mill buying bryan mychael cox tracks(I hearddddd) and her album won't make 1/4th of that END FUCKING OF

    And sandra what the hell is a lisa raye??

  • MrsHawthorne77

    Charles says:

    And sandra what the hell is a lisa raye??


  • Anna

    What's up with Rev's Chuck E Cheese smile? Lisa looks nice. I don't believe Lisa would slam anyone on her own show.

  • Daisy

    I bought Monicas last cd and will be buying this one.

    Charles did you see the utube video of your girl Brandy singing Somewhere over the rainbow?

  • bklynchick

    I love me some monica but that name u just give flopica is LOL :-D

    @daisy that is a blessing to have girlfriends like that in your life, my only true friend I have is my mom all the other chicks are associates I have major trust issues when it comes to females

    Anyways I am sick of lisa raye and that dam marriage thing she need to worry about getting her career back cause the last time she did a decent movie was ghetto azz players club cause if she don't its gonna be trouble, trouble (in Dolla bill voice from players club)

  • Shauny



    and akk that other who cares stuff

  • pinky2083

    Lisa Raye is no longer relevant.. she needs to sit down somewhere.

    I also only have a few close girlfriends that I've known for 10+ years. Chicks are too scandalous!!

  • Daisy

    Pinky are u not a chick or female?

  • Charles


    Me and brandy broke up and yes I did hear her puncture my ear drum trying to do a high register, she needs to stick to vocoders and autotune from now on and never try acapella so long as what's left of her career depends on it


    Yes we all loved flopica 12 years ago when she was relevant but what is she doing now? Singing how her man is like gucci shoes and fendi purses??? I can't wait for the latest hoodrat songs

    Crank that koolaid wig
    Don't spend it all feat rocko da don
    Atls classiest feat diamond, rasheeda

    Yesss poor monicaaa

    *im copy pasting this comment*


    i call bull shyt on this one too sandra

  • eastpointvet

    sandra and her 3 friends can be showcased on the sandra rose show airing on tvone this fall

  • Shauny

    Oh and I've had the same circle of friends all of my life. I do agree that girls are a handful sometmes.

  • iscream

    I guess this is the only way to get people to watch her show. :shrug:

    I don't have many girlfriends either. I can count them on one hand. But I'm older now and btw my son, work & s/o I really don't have time for girlfriends. I barely have time for me.

    @ Daisy, I laughed even before I read it was for me. I think one of my closet friends may be a Leo (sept 12?).

  • ELove

    WHY am I laughing at @13's

    Don’t spend it all feat rocko da don
    Atls classiest feat diamond, rasheeda

    Oh Yeah BECAUSE it's Very Funny !!! :lol:

  • Shauny

    Isc Sept 12 isn't a Leo, that's a Virgo. She may have some Leo

    I agree with Daisy that Leo's are loyal to a fault. I am SO loyal to my family and friends it's crazy.

  • 2bme

    Duane can't STAND Lisa Raye so it's very easy for me to believe he set up her ex with a mistress.He has stated she was the reason why their show was canceled due to her diva demands and attitude. As far as Star and Vivica..that's a know those cougars don't play

  • ggouch

    Cracking dey hell up at Charles!!!! to funny!!!! I'm a monica fan from way back...but Flopica will take it's place in the hall of classic!!!!! I thought you were referring to vivica.

  • Daisy

    That was tony rock not duane so I read he went in on Lisa

    Gfriends good ones ROCK love my crew even when they get on my nerves lol

  • The Divine Ms. K

    :lol: @ Sandra talking about black women being our own worst soon as somone doesn't know you or blows you off or doesn't give out a number, Sandra - they end up on your fecal roster.

    As for female friends - my BFF and I have known each other since the 5th grade and I still have a good circle of friends from elementary, hs AND college that I kick it with. All Black women are not trifling and bad friends.

  • Peachizz

    Lisa Raye.. and Al Sharpton.. I don't beleive this fro 1.2 secs..(she's probaly on damage control.. Rev. Al looks like an ole pimp..(but i love to listen to him) :-d

  • Krysi J

    OMD = Oh my damn :shock:

  • Anna

    Peachizz Says:

    Lisa Raye.. and Al Sharpton.. I don’t beleive this fro 1.2 secs..(she’s probaly on damage control.. Rev. Al looks like an ole pimp..(but i love to listen to him) :-d
    They have a foundation/charity that they are both apart of.

  • pinky2083

    @ Daisy, yes I am a female.

    I'll still say that chicks can be scandalous.

  • Daisy

    Pinky thanks for changing are to can cause people can be scandalous not just women. I never let that stop me from having gfriends n I love me some sex n the city n gfriends

  • 2bme

    No actually, it was both of them..Lisa Raye is alot to handle..ever since players Club you couldn't tell her anything

  • starr

    I sorta agree with sandra. There's more loyalty among men and than there is women.

  • Anna

    starr Says:

    I sorta agree with sandra. There’s more loyalty among men and than there is women.
    Bros before Ho*s and Negrows before bit*hes. Yep, there is a brotherhood among men. Women are not that forgiving.

  • aqtpie

    Wow I will definitely check out at least 1 episode. I love my female friends!!!

  • Bird

    My my my. I'm definately no LisaRaye fan, but that dirt has piqued my interest. There's no way she is going to say all that on a reality show. That would be waaaaay over the top.

  • Bird

    Charles Says:

    ...she spent 2.2 mill buying bryan mychael cox tracks(I hearddddd) and her album won’t make 1/4th of that END ****ING OF


    I hate Brian Michael Cox beats. That is one dude who I am just not feeling. I so want to like Monica's music but that is not a good sign for her future CD as far as I am concerned. He uses as many studio tricks on great singers as producers use on the likes of Cassie and Ciara. Oh well, I'm sure I'll like her reality show.

  • Daisy

    That's cause simple women blame each other vs the no good cheatin man cause God forbid they have to be single for a min.. Yes I said it :coffee:

  • tbrown
  • ontaya brooks

    Well Lisa Raye did try to play big when she got married and was like F**k the cast and she dipped on them. If Duane did that is was payback, karma is a mutha, that is why you do not burn bridges you cross because you may need to get back home.

  • pointhimout

    how did i miss this post? yall are crazy. dead dead dead at these comments.

    lisaraye did 'civil brand.' yall, that was a good movie. she did way better acting in this one. it won several awards on the film festival circuit. it was a str8 to dvd movie, but it was a great movie. seriously.

    lisaraye, clifton powell, mos def, lark voorhies. great movie so check it out.