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I LOVE this style

Prince Williams of sent these images of R&B Diva Monica on the set of a commercial for her new reality TV show. Sorry, I don't know the title of the show. But thanks to RoJay of for always keeping us updated with the latest Monica news!

Monica is tended to by her stylist Shun Melson

And now she's ready for her close up!

Mo' and Rocko's children Lil Rocko and 'Melo, rockin' the new gear from Monica's clothing line for boys, Regions of Rock. That's Monica's brother Montez on the right.

Lil Rocko jokes around on the set with his uncle Montez

Monica reads to her her children Lil Rocko and 'Melo on the set of her new vid

Lil Rocko and Monica on the set of her new reality show

Photos by Prince Williams/

  • MrsHawthorne77

    nice sweater...cute kids

  • Shalala26

    lovin them boots hawt!!

  • pinky2083

    Not feeling the second pic.

    Her kids are too cute!!

    Bandana on the head.. NO. :(

  • Daisy

    She has 2 of the cutest lil boys

    Anybody see her on Moniques show?

    Can't wait for new music n I will be watchin her show as well as that FINE Vick when it starts next year! I am a reality tv junkie. Can't wait on celeb. Fit club to start as well lol

  • Krysi J

    Monica has always been so pretty to me, she has a beautiful family.

  • dallas214

    Im soo happy! Its finally here!!!! Monica is def doing big things and she really has God's favor over her! And before yall go askin where is Rocko....they keep there careers second. This reality show is about MONICA! He is trying to establish himself as his OWN aritst...Just an FYI upfront.

    And Charles (I think thats the mofo always talkin slick about) u cn keep the negative comments...cuz I know they are coming...

    Oh and I dont think Christian did her still looks good but I prefer him to beat her face

    Anyway, thanks Sandra!

  • Terry .W

    This chick is beautiful and those boyz of hers are going to be heart breakers when they grow up

  • lovejoy1

    Ms Mo stay fly with them hawt ass boots she wears.. I cannot wait for her album to drop..

    hurry up mo ur fans are waiting...

  • iyonah

    I heart MO!!! She looks so pretty and happy above. I am always rooting for her! I look forward to the show -- to be titled "Still Standing"!

  • Anna

    Krysi J Says:

    Monica has always been so pretty to me, she has a beautiful family.
    She does have a beautiful fam.
    The emotions are in the black barbie post w/Trey (comment 18).

  • starr

    LOVE mo!!!

    And gosh she makes some beautiful babies.

  • dallas214

    OOOHH! I need to proofread! I meant to say

    Monica and ROcko keep their careers SEPARATE!

  • dallas214

    Oh wats up Krysi!

  • Anna

    dallas214 Says:

    OOOHH! I need to proofread! I meant to say

    Monica and ROcko keep their careers SEPARATE!
    When you said second it meant to me that the kids always come first.

  • rhiannon

    I can't wait for Monica to come back! Unlike a lot of celebrities she just shows up and shuts everything down, without a huge entourage.

    I don't think she was reading to those cute little boys though. Unless she was reading the front of the DVD to them.

  • aqtpie

    She looks great as usual and has the cutest kids!!! I wonder what Charles is gonna say!!

  • intensemocha



  • ELove

    MINUS the ugly-azz tattoos ...
    IF Monica gained around 15 to 20 lbs SHE would be the perfect woman ALONG WITH that beautiful singing voice -- IMO :lol:



  • Kat

    add this to my reality show list of things to be watched! i've always been a monica fan. as a matter of fact, i think i'll go and listen to her cd now...i've been wearing trey, jay z, and raekwon out!

  • Daisy

    Kat I still need to get that Raekwon or at least hear it

    Monica has always worn way to much make up to me but I have gotten use to it ova the yrs

  • dallas214

    Ph Sandra I dont think thats Shun Melson...I think that Leondra Crew...Mo's hairstylist. Could be wrong tho...

  • Kat

    daisy, rae took it back to the wu tang's hot!

  • PAHairston

    Monica will be 29 on Oct 24. (She looks so much older.) Perhaps too much makeup? If she continues this makeup regime daily and if she lives to see my age, she'll look like she's 70 at 50. Not good in the entertainment world, not good at all. That is, if she wants to sustain like Madonna or Cher. Ya'll need to listen to Miss Pam. I knows what I'm talking bout and I have nothing but love for my people, nothing but love. After all, JESUS is love. Peace.

  • ggouch

    In the trailers I've seen thus far, I believe in the ending shot she is natural. Funny thing, Monica was the first child singer's album I bought. Meaning my grown azz was bumpin her when she was just 14 or 15. Wore it out. I am a fan!!! always.

  • pointhimout

    there's montez, still lookin like an alien.

  • mizzdallas

    The pics are nice!

  • coaretained


    that was all I logged in to say...they don't look SHAT alike.

    *logging off*

  • free

    she still trying to keep it hood (smh)....

  • eastpointvet

    coa who u talking bout tez and monica dont look alike? she got on makeup in these pics but other than his cheeks they look just alike

  • Dhoward1913

    I wish she would put out a CD. She takes beautiful pictures and her kids are cute. Everybody has a damn reality show.......I hate that shyt, most of them are niggativity. Can we get some quality shows? Oh and in that picture, Monica is not reading to her kids, that a CD or a DVD.

  • BayArea

    I guess because she "plays" herslf they call it "reality" t.v. This looks scripted. I still will be watching. I love Monica!

  • Daisy

    @Dhoward in this recession reality is all we will be getting. Since when has BET ever given us a GOOD DECENT scritped show?? Or TV1? I hope BET doesnt mess up the Game if they bring it back next season.

  • KayCeiSoul

    LMAO @ pointhimout.

  • netta0281


  • KayCeiSoul

    Everyone looks nice, and I'm happy for Monica! She's a true talent that I'm sure many will love to hear from.

  • Sandra Rose

    TV One asked me to do a reality tv show. Can you believe it? didn't even respond. :coffee:

  • luvly1957

    Sandra wat wld ur show b bout. like a gossip blog show? Monica is HAWT!!! wat i like about her is she is always real, even she fukks up she says it and she is always n everybody corner as far as lady singers i have never heard her say anything negative about BeYawnce, Rihash or nobody.

  • Shauny

    LOVE Monica! I hope her CD is fire. I've always loved fer makeup too.

    Dpoes anyone else thinks her boy and Tiny's older boy look alike?

  • bklynchick

    Monica looks good as always...I saw her on the monique show and she had her on for like e minutes but had tiny and toya on for like 30 talking about nothing

  • Charles

    Yes we all loved flopica 12 years ago when she was relevant but what is she doing now? Singing how her man is like gucci shoes and fendi purses??? I can't wait for the latest hoodrat songs

    Crank that koolaid wig
    Don't spend it all feat rocko da don
    Atls classiest feat diamond, rasheeda

    Yesss poor monicaaa

    *im copy pasting this comment*

    Sandra no one buys flopica clothing line but herself I can't believ u liked that style she looks like alipstick lesbian trying to be butch its not a good look

  • Krysi J

    What it do Dallas

  • ChokLitFactory

    Monica looks great! Beautiful family and the hair is on point!

  • iscream

    :rofl: @ Charles.

    You are a mess


  • 2bme

    Some of you (one in particular) are so transparent...Monica do you girl!The family is beautiful

  • Charles

    Sandra did u hear monicas new single

    "Can we conversate"

  • Dhoward1913

    :rofl: @ Charles as well iscream. Charles you say the darnest things.

  • tbrown

    Monica is gorgeous and her kids are adorable. :)

  • free

    sandra, i don't understand why you won't do a show. WE can be like TMZ except it would be here in atlanta.

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  • wiggy2272003

    Her makeup is done well but over. I agree she looks older than 29, has great skin and bone structure and is under 30 why so much? Even in the red outfit which I guess is the "chillin natural" look she has on more than 90% of us wear on any given day. I agree Miss Pam about too much makeup aging but we only see pics of her out or a photo shoot, maybe in her everyday life she doesn't wear it. Lawd knows she don't need it.

  • miamore73

    I don't like that picture in the red. She's way to old for this look. This would have been a good fit for one of those days.