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Why take pictures of sleeping babies? That makes no sense to me. Why noy wake the kid up so we can see which parent he looks the most like? At that age, all sleeping babies look alike.

Anyway, J-Hud tells OK! mag that little David Daniel Otunga Jr. is already singing at two months:

“Sometimes when he cries, I try and harmonize,” she said before she performed songs from the Wizard of Oz at a special Netflix concert in Central Park.

And Jennifer’s little boy is not just a precocious singer, either.

“He’s not even two months yet, and he tries a lot,” she told OK!. “He’s turning over; he’s lifting up his own head; he tries to hold his own bottles.

“Sometimes, I swear he’s talking to me, or at least trying to,” Jennifer revealed. “I think he’s a very rare newborn. He’s the cutest thing in the world. I promise you.” Source

Photo by Derek Blanks/Hilton Media Group

  • iscream

    Aw w w he is a cutie pie

    I love new parents. They are so clueless to what's in store. & always think their baby is doing something so different or advance than other babies.

    :crying: I want that feeling again.

  • intensemocha







  • Shauny

    J-Hud says

    "He’s not even two months yet, and he tries a lot,” she told OK!. “He’s turning over; he’s lifting up his own head; he tries to hold his own bottles."
    As my granny would say to the above statement. You better be on some kind of birth control Jenny.

    He's a cutie pie. Congrats to the new parents.

  • Charles

    I feeel so bad for jhud and babay when she fonds out punk has been and is still on the dl =(

  • mizzdallas


    Ooooh I read the samething, Mmmmmmm that girl is preggors again! :lolol:

    But Im sooo happy for them!

  • NichelleWalker/

    Be nice Charles and please why did you photo shop that pic of necole I wish those to the best..

  • pinky2083

    Oh how cute!!! I think he looks like Punk.

  • MrsHawthorne77

    iscream says:

    I love new parents. They are so clueless to what’s in store. & always think their baby is doing something so different or advance than other babies.

    Yes!!! I have to admit, I just had a baby back in April and I felt the same way. My little Munchkin was lifting her head and tryin to hold her own bottle at 2 months too. But the funny thing is she just turned 6 mos yesterday and now she acts like she doesn't want to hold her bottle. GO FIGURE :shrugs:

  • Kat

    congrats to them! :cheer:

  • 2bme

    a child is a gift regardless of who one or both parents are..let jennifer worry about her husband's (supposed)DL life

  • LilMissRed

    awwwww hes cute.. from what I can see :o)

  • ELove


    Excuse me THAT'S from a combination of @5 avi and @pinky comment about "he looks like Punk"

    WHY would a woman get pregnant & married to a VERY DL-Suspect Zesty-AZZ male who refers to himself as PUNK along with ALL of the other foolishness associated with this dude !!!

    Go Figure ???

  • attorneymom

    That is one beautiful baby. Go bless you, Jennifer.

  • Terry .W

    Cute baby - I love J-hud

  • attorneymom

    @Sandra, you need to have a baby to soften your heart. SMDH

  • buttercup24

    He is so adorable. Congrats to them.

  • LovelyLady

    the baby is sooooooo prescious. on another note, those edges those braids "how dreadful"

  • KayCeiSoul

    Congrats Jennifer & David!



  • aqtpie

    Awwww he's tooooo adorable!!!

  • miamore73

    I love new mommies too. It's such a nice place to be when your saying "oh I wonder what his voice will be like" vs. "Oh I wish he would just stop freakin azz talking".

    IMO a sleeping baby always takes the best pictures. Newborns make some of the craziest faces.

  • Krysi J

    Yea i agree with #1, thats pretty much how they are getting spit out now a days....21st babies is what we call baby was doing all that shyt too....only with this being my second time around I KNEW the shyt ment trouble, and boy was I right

    lil gurls are too much, and they have entirely too much sense to be called newborns or infants of any kind...SMDH

    "somebody help me baby sit deez MFs" -Bernie Mac R.I.P

  • jazi65

    Awww such an adorable baby!

    * made me wish for another...just for 10sec though..I'm ok now.

  • Peachizz

    “He’s not even two months yet, and he tries a lot,” she told OK!.
    Sounds to me that he's movig outta the way for the next one.. JHud please dont allow this man to keep you barefoot and pregant!!!! This would be career suicide..

  • Charles

    I didn't photoshop anything I found the pic on the web and knew I had to have it =)

    And I agree with elove he is clearly

    Gay/bi/tri gay for pay etc........ and poor j hud when she finds out the man of her dreams is a nightmare

  • Peachizz

    ... :lol: @ Charles Pic...
    Let's look on the bright side of things. If Punk really is DL this is added aothe great chapter to JHud book entitled "Memiors of an Ideal"..

  • tintin

    what a beautiful photo. the baby looks like his daddy.

  • iscream


    What makes you think he's gay? Because he has curly hair, well mannered, dress his age, has a nice body, comes from a good family, educated (Yale Grad), I don't get it :shrug:

    His name is David. Not Punk. The name Punk was given to him by Ms. New York for her dating show. I watched the season he was on and while he did come across "sweeter" than the other guys... it was because the rest of them were assholes. He made it to the final two and only didn't get picked because Taylor Made had money.

    Now Pretty. He was gay. If Punk was gay Sister Patterson (who picked him herself) would've picked up on that with her third eye :rofl:


  • PAHairston

    Hello All, beautiful picture--beautiful Momma, beautiful baby. (I loves me some Jennifer Hudson) As for one not being about to see the baby, what else do you want to see? Whether he has good hair or not, if he's light-skinned-ed enough or if he has Negroid features? Sleeping or awake, babies are beautiful, especially the not-so-pretty ones who usually grow up to be beautiful. And if her hubby's indeed on the DL, like most of you think, she'll at least have gotten some joy and a blessing out this relationship: her son.

  • Bird

    Awwww! I think mommies and babies are so adorable. I'm still amazed by my babies. Jen is right Lil David is extra special. Mine are too. :)

  • browni007

    some people have babies and it dont soften their hearts
    that baby is beautiful who care who he looks like!

  • ELove

    @iscream... NEVER saw the VH1 reality show (Didn't interest me AT ALL) but I SAW plenty of pics of him on the blogs (Some were at red carpet type events) and HE LOOKED EXTREMELY ZESTY AS A PHUCK to me -- IMO

    And JUST HOW educated can you be IF YOU DON'T USE IT ...
    YOU'RE assuming he's intelligent by what school he went to

    WHAT BASIS do you have that HE IS IN FACT truly intelligent...
    I HOPE it's not because he was on that CRAPPY-AZZ reality show

  • lovejoy1

    im soo addicted to SR and blogging.. My ass is sick in bed with the Flu and im sitting here thinking about what Ms Rose has to say today..damn shame..

    anyways.. he is soo cute.. i use to take pics every minute of the day when my girls were babies.. now that they grown (11/17) i still find myself clickiing away.. SR you wouldnt understand because u dont have any children..

  • attorneymom

    It is a shame that the legal profession is so racist that a Black man with a Harvard Law Degree had to resort to being a Reality TV clown. SMDH You guys just don't know what we Black attorneys have to through to practice law in America.

  • iscream

    Wow so based off of pictures you saw you assume he's gay. Never heard him talk, never saw him walk....

    I don't know what he is doing with his law degree. But I would think its safe to assume that one has to be intelligent for them to not only attend but graduate from a prestigious Ivy League school.

    I'm not trying to debate with you. I'm just asking why you would assume he's gay. You have always come across a person who fairly judge people. Now Charles on the other hand I wouldn't expect anything less.

  • ELove

    I NEVER said he was straight-out GAY ...
    BUT I wouldn't be shocked in the LEAST if he was !!!

    What I said was he's "VERY DL-Suspect Zesty-AZZ male" :lol:

    If I WAS a woman that would be enough for me to NOT SERIOUSLY CONSIDER marrying him and/or getting pregnant be him :shrug:

    AND Ivy-league schools ONLY PRODUCE A & B level college graduates ... No one drops out of Ivy-League schools OR are very average college graduates !!!


    She has a beautiful baby, looks like his dad to me.

  • rochele08

    ..he's w w!

  • artistman999

    Cute Kid

  • Kat

    just to add my 2 cents...i thought "punk" came off as suspect too on i love new york. now i don't know if the man is gay or not, but i got those :gay: vibes. let's just hope that he's not for jennifer's sake. that chile has been thru enough!

  • iscream

    @ Kat I think most people did also. But is it because he was in a room full of a-holes. Had he been in the room full of people more along his circle I don't think he would've came across that way.

    Like you said for Jen's sake I hope he's not.

  • netta0281


  • bklynchick

    Cute baby...go J Hud

  • tbrown

    Precious :)

  • Divinebrown