Yesterday, I was out & about shopping, trying to find the sales when I received a text that golfing superstar Tiger Woods had been involved in a serious auto accident. The questions came quickly: was he alone in the car? Was alcohol involved?

My friend filled in the holes in the story: Yes he was alone in the car. He pulled out of his driveway and backed into a fire hydrant before plowing into a neighbor’s tree with his SUV. No, alcohol wasn’t involved. The accident occurred in his driveway. Right then we knew it had to be a domestic situation.

Earlier this week, the Huffington Post broke the story that Tiger Woods was sleeping around with an industry trollop — as all rich, powerful married men do.

When I got home and read the details online, it appears the media tried to cover for Tiger’s wife Elin by claiming that she broke out a window in his SUV with one of his golf clubs to get him out of the truck. The Florida highway patrol officer who arrived on the scene said Elin was “hovering over” Tiger with a golf club as he lay on the ground. Tiger was later treated for facial lacerations and released from a hospital.

Facial lacerations that were inflicted by Elin — not the collisions with the fire hydrant or tree.

Every sistah who has ever had their suspicions confirmed about their cheating men can identify with Elin. Tiger is lucky his wife reached for one of his golf clubs and not a knife or a gun.

But on the other hand, Elin should have known better. You don’t marry a rich and powerful man and not expect him to keep a mistress on the side. Keeping a mistress or two just goes with the territory when you’re rich and famous — and they all do it. Wives who think their husbands don’t cheat are delusional.

Now it remains to be seen if Elin will be charged with domestic battery or will the cover up continue.