Unbelievable! Why does the president of the United States continue to ignore established military protocol and bow down to other world leaders? Doesn’t Barack Obama care that his genuflecting to other leaders makes the U.S. look weak to the world? Or is he such a full-blown narcissist that he doesn’t care?

I agree with the critics who say Obama couldn’t salute the flag on Veteran’s Day but he can bow down to royalty. He is proving himself to be the most anti-American president in history.


The video of the bow is below. Note that the emperor did not return the bow just like the Saudi King didn’t bow to Obama seven months ago. Somebody needs to tell him again: American presidents do not bow to royalty.

Seven months ago, the White House insisted that Obama didn’t bow to Saudi King Abdullah, understanding the terrible breach in presidential protocol that it represented. They tried to tell reporters that Obama was picking something up off the floor, which the video clearly shows was a lie (at the link). Take a look at the picture of Obama’s bow to the son of Hirohito. Do you see anything on that immaculate floor that requires retrieval? Read more…

Obama bowed down to Japanese Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, not pictured, as he arrived at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo this morning. The last time he committed a similar faux paux, the White House claimed he did not bow. What’s his excuse going to be this time? That he was looking for his contact lens?