We shine because they hate us,
floss cause they degrade us,
we trying to buy back our 40 acres.
And for that paper look how low we’ll stoop,
even if you in a Benz you still a nigga in a coupe.

~ Kanye West “Self Conscious”

An explosive excerpt from a much-awaited book about U.S. president Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign threatens to jeopardize Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s political career.

In the book, which goes on sale Monday, the Senator from Nevada called Barack Obama a “light-skinned” African-American who lacked a “Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”

The book, “Game Change” was written by Time Magazine’s Mark Halperin and New York magazine’s John Heilemann

Excerpts from the book were posted on a right wing website Saturday morning, and all hail broke loose on the hill and in the White House.

In a controlled panic, Reid telephoned Obama on Saturday offering his apologies and also reached out to any high profile black politician he could find to defend him.

Obama accepted Reid’s apology and declared the case closed. But others expressed surprise and dismay that Reid could so foolishly utter his racist remarks in the presence of a Time magazine writer.

“This is definitely not a fight that we want to be having,” said a Reid backer. This source described himself as “stunned that [Reid] could have said something so stupid to a reporter. It’s just kind of mind-boggling.”