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I didn't tell you guys about the evening I spent watching a rehearsal for Tiny and Shamra Rodriguez's girl group the OMG Girlz, which includes Tiny's daughter Zonnique. For those who don't know, Shamra is the mother of the sisters in the group, Bahja and Lourdez.

Last month I was invited to a studio on the west side to watch the OMG Girlz give a private audition for BET (I guess they're getting their own reality show). Tiny was there putting the girls through their paces as they warmed up before the show.

After the group warmed up, Lil Wayne's daughter Reginae, who is the most talkative in the group, entertained the adults with a story about how some boy pushed her down at school that week. I wasn't really paying attention until she mentioned that some guy wanted to smack the kid up for pushing her.

The dude actually ordered Reginae to point the little boy out to him. Naturally, it piqued my interest when she mentioned that the dude was "my mommy's boyfriend."

I had several questions -- all of which I kept to myself. The biggest question on my mind: what was a grown man doing at an elementary school picking on small kids? I just assumed that Toya's new beau would be a grown man considering that she just got out of a relationship with a grown man.

To me it just made sense that Toya would leave a grown man for another grown man. You know what I'm sayin'? I just can't see James Hardy on school grounds trying to push a little kid's face in.

This was before I knew that Toya's new man was Memphitz, aka "Sexi face", some unknown rapper who's probably only using her to get some shine. This is the boy who bought Toya that pink gun that was all over twitter last year.

I have to remember that Toya is kinda young in the mind herself. Peep the tattoo she got on her finger to remind herself that she's in love. You know how kids are. They aren't entirely convinced that they're in love unless they mutilate their bodies.

At least she's in love until she finds out that ol' boy is stepping out on her already. This, according to a loyal reader who knows Memphitz well.

  • Shauny

    Aww chit :popcorn:


    wow this is a bad pic of him ...cause actually he is a cutie pie...let me see if i can find a better pic ..cause thid oe does him no justice

  • yvonne79

    What in the hood hell? Maybe I am doing too many things at once...I just could not follow this story. Let me read one mo gin;maybe it'll make sense the second time around.

  • yvonne79

    What real ass dude calls himself "Sexi face"???

  • mirsmommy

    :blink: Damn Toya, are you really doin it like this????? You left that cutie James Hardy for this????? :blink:

  • MrzzSmitty

    Thank You Sandra, I was just asking myself "who was Toya dating now" because I knew James Hardy ain't him. LOL

  • LadyJustice *\o/*

    uh - oh :popcorn:

    sandra i thought u and toya were "friends"

  • Shauny

    @yvonne - don't it remind you of Delicious from the KANGS. (In the words of Ceddie Bear) I ain't calling no grown ass man Delicious......OR Sexi Face...WTF

  • nika405

    Looks like James got out just in time! You can take the girl out of the hood, but not the hood out of her! smh

  • CivilEngineer

    Ummmm she has a daughter for Lil Wayne (winner of the 2009 babymaker of the year) this dude seems right up her alley to me :shrug: She clearly likes them classy!!

  • attorneymom

    Why does anyone expect so much from Toya? She had the misfortune of having a crackhead mama. Her pseudo family Lil Wayne's mama, Cash Money Records and Clifford's baby mama aren't good examples of sound judgment and maturity. She looks lost. She is in my prayers.

  • EricaDenese

    Ummm... She married Lil Wayne. Why does this surprise you, Auntie?

    That is all... :coffee:

  • starr

    A mess!!

  • cheeks8683

    ooooohhh now y'all know we can't expect much from simple minded folk lol!


    You know how kids are. They aren’t entirely convinced that they’re in love unless they mutilate their bodies

    Sandra you don't think that's taking it a bit far

  • lexdiamonz

    what's up soror@attorneymom your comments always have me cracking up!!! but i digress,
    Toya needs Jesus and some ampro gel for that stray piece of hair that always seems to pop up however, i grew to like her and tiny on their show she did have a baby at 14 so she technically still has some growing up to do but can the chicks stop it with the tats, when am i going to see a clean-shaven, well-dressed, educated brother and sisters highlighted on this blog my hope is in 2010 can grown azz men stop dressing like pre-teens. HAPPY NEW YEAR YALL!!!

  • ggouch

    Is that a swastica? OMG! Sandra, tsk tsk tsk (and waggin my finger) Tiny is not going to "PRESHATE CHOO TAWKN BOUT HA GURL" You will not be invited to the wedding for sure!!!

  • iscream

    OMG girls getting a show? About what.

    OMG- Own More Garbabge?

    OMG- Over My Grave?

    Just because you had a career in music doesn't mean your children have talent... these girls DON'T HAVE IT! I wonder who Toya :hump: to get them a show.

    @Toya. Is that the finger she uses to finger fuck her man :shrug:

    Glad for 2010 Sandra is speaking the truth about these hoodrats. Lmao @ Toya daughter being the most talkative. Guess that means she's a grownie patronie.

  • BamaBeauty

    one word-- Unbeweavable :rofl:

  • attorneymom

    Skee Wee to my Soror Lexdiamonz!!

  • leapyearpisces

    I like Toya and all, but I have to agree with Civil. Is this really a suprise? After all, she is the leader of the Waynettes....

  • NichelleWalker/

    Umm Sandra let me tell you I am I don't play that shyt momma PERIOD I saw a boy push my son down to the ground after school. He didn;t see me there but I saw him, I ran other there like a bat out of hell to get him in check. He was much bigger than my baby I will not let anyone bully my kid. I check his ass and told him to show me his mother so I can let her know he got his warning. I told him "you got a problem with your hands?" he look at me and said what and repeated myself once again. "Do you have a problem with your hands" he looked at me and said no. I told him if he pushed my son down again he will have a problem with them....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don;t play that shyt people kids are bad as hell, Needless to say I got him and order and told his ghetto momma I told him not to hit my child. I gave her project azz that if you want to kick it off look. I don't play about my kids. Thats how kids get bullied and scared when parents do step up and see what the problem is. Now If a boy slapped my daughter I probably yank his collar to real talk if I saw it happen. But if it was after the fact I would get a parent teacher conf going on because I will not let anyone bully my kids...sorry I ain't the momma for that....

  • Kia512

    Come on Toya I just started liking you but this bull right here gonna get you kicked out the friend in my head club LOL!!

    I wish my husband would tell baby girl to point some kid out cause he pushed her down at school. I might just catch a case. This is how things get out of hand cause this little boy's mommy might have a boyfriend too that want to come up to the school and things get out of control. Grow up ppl.

  • Leesa


  • NichelleWalker/

    sorry for the miss spelling should have spelled check but you get the picture.....

  • danjas

    wow, this is definitely a down grade for her. why did she leave that fine james hardy? oh that's right, he was a woman & child beater. i hate to see women fall so hard and fast for a man they hardly know. i heard he's a known playa. hope she doesn't get her heart broken. what the hail is a sexi face?



  • NichelleWalker/

    Well if a kid push my baby down I need to speak to his parents I ain't letting nothing go. Because if they get away with it once they'll do it again...


    y do i have the crying baby now ??/ well anyway look up at my previous comment to see her

  • NichelleWalker/

    I see it now pretty girl

  • CivilEngineer

    T-Pain has the "dude, you have azz breath" look on his face...

  • chase

    I am not surprised at all!

  • MrsHawthorne77

    Toya is a beautiful girl yet whenever she speaks insecurity rears its ugly head. She's not too sure of herself and I believe she does not understand her worth. I would like to see her with a grown man who:
    (a) Does not have any connections with the music industry whether it be a no-hit wonder or a multi-platinum artist
    (b) Has something to bring to the table other than "swag" and a cute face

  • MrsHawthorne77



  • lovezoe

    That is why I thought the whole relationship between her and James was for the show. He was trying to get noticed and she was trying to prove she over Wayne.

  • va_shawty

    :coffee: I am not surprised.

  • Myth Candor

    So now we dont tattoo names to remind us, just simple sayings to remind us - when it's all over. Really. Werll I cant talk I came up in the era of Chinese (ASIAN)tattoos. Oh well, to each is own. But really Toya, you could have done so much better, really.

  • sdsthomas

    He's the Vice President of Jive A&R and he signed T-Pain and J-Kwon to the Jive label. And he's a cutie! Record exec? Not much of a downgrade to me. Do you Toya!



    he is actually very accomplished ..he just looks stupid here

    here is a better pic:

  • sdsthomas

    Besides! James Hardy is a cutie but he got issues. Toya didn't need that for her or her child. Wasn't he arrested for beating his wife.... and his child like earlier this year?

  • Cinnamon Kisses


  • Mz.Williams

    I also like toya. But she needs to get it together. I follow her on twitter and her and sexiface lol went to vegas. I wonder who payed for that. And yes I would be acting a fool if someone hit my baby. I have a five year old who just started school. If someone touch her somebody gotta tell me something. Something

  • free

    everybody trying to get a piece of that action. toya, you need to take a break.

  • LadyLew

    I'm reading these comments wondering if any of you know him or the Hardy dude personally to say she downgraded. I don't know either of the men or Toya but if she like it I love it. congratz on the new love!

  • ReadTheBlog

    Good for her/them!

    That just means that there is one more law-abiding, good-looking, educated, God-fearing, goal-oriented man for the worthy sisters out there.

  • shunda

    Auntie just posted a bad pic and Toya calls him sexi face. I guess she was trying to hide his identity. Morning Fam!

  • mzloud

    Toya is NOT over Wayne!!!!! Nivea, Lauren London and the other chick gone beat that ass...... :coffee:

  • shannon04

    Just smh....umh umh umh

  • Danielle84

    Toya calls him "SexiFace" on twitter to disguise him, he doesn't call himself that lol. You guys are way to judgemental and harsh, he may be a good guy inside. If they're in love him thats all that matters. I like Tiny & Toya! I can't wait for the new season.

  • ggouch

    He’s the Vice President of Jive A&R and he signed T-Pain and J-Kwon to the Jive label. And he’s a cutie! Record exec? Not much of a downgrade to me.
    oh....Oh my! crash, crunch, smash...splinter...are the sounds of everyone's face falling...

  • dblaq

    Man please she is damn hood rat, far from a woman! If 559 and the The Gate were still open, she would be VIP there! If your claim to fame is "Lil Wayne's ex wife". Something is wrong with your mind anyway.

  • Al-Ameera

    I think I'm with attorneymom on this one. She is the typical around the way chic, that is happy with the hood rich/famous guy. I mean when I watched the show and she said she NEVER had a job in her life I was thinking, wow, don't know if I would have shared that or if I would be ok with myself about not doing anything in life. Yeah ok she says she is writing a book to help young girls thru what she went thru but the million dollar question she thru it? She hasn't done a thing but was fortunate enough to procreate with someone that has money. Let just say Wayne was not who he is, Toya the girl who NEVER had a job, does not go to school would be doing what???? on welfare and living in the projects? How has she made her situation better? She has nice things but they are not from any means she produced so in my opinion she is doing just what those types do. Sorry

  • bklynchick

    I like toya and whom ever she chooses to be with is her choice he's not bad looking to me..congrats toya!!

  • Al-Ameera

    Btw, Love Tiny. I like her spirit.
    Nothing personal against Toya either, just seeing it for what it is

  • rjk8


    Why are you supprised? We have been telling you that these "pseudo Atlanta celebrity women" that you are promoting are noting more than your common every day ghetto baby momma hood rats.

  • Shauny

    SSo the Vice President or A&R of Jive is talking about going up to a school and jacking up a lil boy for messing with someone else's child? Young Money doesn't have hype men to handle that if it came to it? It's not his child . Is he trying to win brownie points for that?

    I don't know chit about dude, Toya other than she's the first of Wayne's Carter bunch, Reginae, OMG, James or the rest of it BUT I will comment on that much. If Toya or Wayne was the one talking about coming to see the kid then o.k but not dude.

  • Yolanda77

    I thought that James Hardy was her sexi face. I'm so behind.

  • pyt305

    a mess...and thats for toya

  • Chgoprime

    James is a lil boy too and very immature. That's her type hello she was married to Lil Wayne.

  • Choco

    One thing for sure I can not hate on these women and their ability to provide for themselves...kudos to Tiny for manufacturing a girls groups and taking a page from the book of Diddy-keep it going while it's hots-and Toya can do her - Reginae seems to be a well rounded child so to each their own...

  • GSUDiva97

    :I'm sorry: to hear that. Hope it works out!

  • Mz.Williams

    Toya has on her twitter that this is a lie sandra.

  • Shauny

    Sandra so are you going to respond because Toya said that usa mudafuckin lie with this story. Are you going to have her on for another 5 word max chat session to clear this up?

  • iscream

    :rofl: @ shauny.

    Now you she can't count to 5 yet alone form five words to make a sentence. Her only words was.

    Uh huh
    New store oepneing soon.
    No comment

    Why do you think their group is called OMG? Because it was to much for her to say :lol: she talks like she got bubble gum caught in her braces.

    I Kid, I kid.


    :rofl: @ shauny...did she say that or did you say that, because I sure was thinking it reading this story.

  • Mz.Williams

    Lmao@shauny ok let us know

  • artistman999

    LOL Sexiface, If Im not mistaken doesn't Toya have an account on here, she is on Twitter saying that SR is Lying, I say log on and comment, @iscream you are a fool...LOL

  • Shauny

    Here are her tweets

    antoniacarter Where do these bloggers get there stories from...all of that sh** is so false especially Sandrarose...WTF
    25 minutes ago from UberTwitter

    antoniacarter RT @riskybizness23: @antoniacarter It wouldnt be so bad if when they told a story it was 100% accurate...LOL? Right!
    18 minutes ago from UberTwitter

  • Shauny

    @Isc - I think she can now, that's the next number of kids Wayne will have...I'm betting by September/October

  • sanaas

    Why are you listening to an 11 year old?

  • Mz.Williams

    Yea ur right why won't she just log in. I would log in let a bish know what the deal is.

  • Tyzgurl

    Isn't Memphitz a host on that late-nite video show on BET called "The Deal?"

    He look aight....not as fine as the other dude she was with before. Oh well....

  • starr2910

    Toya left a grown man for this boy

    say what now? She was dating Lil Wayne, so you can't get much lower than that..Wayne's money don't mean shit..if he never had money, he wouldn't be shit..Toya AINT SHYT EITHER..I repeat TOYA AINT SHYT EITHER..just another basic bytch who's famous because of who they drop babies for..that's y she and tiny so good 2gether..birds of a feather..and Memphitz is kinda cute..seen him hosting notarized on new years eve...

  • Mz.Williams

    If this is true toya need to whip that lil girl ass for telling her business. My mama use to get at me for telling my aunts or her mom something that went on in our house. And I can't lie I tell my lil girl the same thing. If grandma ask you something you tell her to ask your mama tell my business if you want to. Toya if your reading this which I know you are beat babycarter ass for telling your business she should know better

  • Shauny

    So why oh why did one of our SR family tweet to Toya to log on and tell her side of the story :rofl:

    gotta love us

  • Mz.Williams

    Omg are you serious :rotfl:

  • artistman999

    Who would have done such a thing LOL

  • Necelove

    Naw! Toya is still with James Hardy. I just seen them at the airport before New Years. I like the couple in them. Who ever told you that Memphitz dude was the one was a LIE. That dude is chunky his hands are rough and chunky and James Hardy's fingers are long and skinny like him. He got the tat on his finger that says the opposite. "Love & Pain". They both got tats over the weekend.

  • attorneymom

    You all remember the scene from Hands That Rock the Craddle where the nanny jacked up a kid for messing with the little girl she was nannying. Well, let's just say I made a couple of "Hands That Rock The Craddle" appearance at school and the bus stop. A few weeks ago, Mr. Attorneymom stepped to Russian 9th grader that hit my 9 year old son, let's just say the Russian won't even look at my son again.

  • attorneymom

    @Al-Ameera, NeNe Leakes got me with her book. I am sorry. I will not purchase Toya's book.

    I wish I could adopt Toya. She needs a real mom.

  • Sheena215

    last time i checked pain was NOT love. pain, anger, physical abuse, mental abuse, disrespect, none of that stuff has to do with love.

  • Al-Ameera

    @ Sheena...exactly what I was thinking. I guess the next one will be "he only hits me cuz he love me". LOL Ok I am being extreme. Just jokes

    @ Attorneymom, I am so over reality stars and their need to share there stories. Who's writing a book next, Kim Kardashian, Teyana Taylor? Really do something then write about. It's a simple concept. Geez

  • Al-Ameera

    Can anyone tell me how to post a pic in my avatar?


  • Mz.Williams

    Well did anyone hear that rihanna writing a book.



  • Yolanda77

    @sheena215 I agree that pain is not ?!

  • dblaq

    Either way, the entertainment business especially "urban" turned into nothing more but "oooh look at me" competition. Nobody gives a sh!t about the craft or the core principal anymore. It's all about how can I be popular and famous. If you trying to be a singer and your career is taking off then mess with somebody whos careers is or becomes friends with someone with a career, if that don't work do a reality show if that doesn't work you can always resort to the sex tape. That is the formula of urban entertainment today

  • Yolanda77

    @sheena215 I agree that pain is not luv! Oh yeah, I think those Dash girls are writing a book.

  • missy

    Shauny Says:

    So why oh why did one of our SR family tweet to Toya to log on and tell her side of the story :rofl:

    gotta love us

    :rofl: She should log in

  • artistman999

    It might get crackin, Tiny just tweeted to Toya who messing with her baby- (In my Micheal Buffer voice LET'S GET READY TO RUUUMMMBBLLLEEE) LOL, but really as much as we would love for them to sign and comment they won't, Sandra reach out to them.

  • Al-Ameera

    Mz.Williams Says:

    Well did anyone hear that rihanna writing a book.

    Oh, the same Rhianna that dropped out of high school and was too busy to graduate and didn't have the sense get a tutor to go on the road with her like normal celebrities that too have to drop out of school? Or is it the one that doesn't write any of her own music? Is that the one you are talking about?

    I'm going to go ahead and pass on that one as well. What could she possibly have to talk about?

  • attorneymom

    What are their twitter account names so I can read their tweets?

  • imajin

    I coulda sworn Memphitz was a host on BET somewhere?

  • attorneymom

    @Sandra, I think this a publicity stunt by you and your girls - Toya & Tiny.

    Why would betray you inner access to Toya & Tiny, especially when other entertainment industry personnel are reading your blog? Blank stare.

  • missy


    It's tinymajormomma-T.I. baby momma

    AntoniaCarter for lil wayne baby momma/ex-wife

    their twitter acounts

  • Mz.Williams

    @91 nevermind I just read that it will be a picture book. I wonder will she have thoses pussy pics in that book. Being that its ok to send nude pics to your bf. And she's a role model.

  • Mz.Williams

    @Am your right sandra loves tiny and toya. Maybe their show is about to start coming on again. Sandra is that why we got this post.

  • attorneymom

    @Missy, thanks.

    @Miz.Williams, I see you also see through this SR's mess too.

  • ggouch

    attorneymom Says: I wish I could adopt Toya. She needs a real mom.
    What if Toya just logged on and went ARTICULATELY MAYHEM up in here!!! Ok maybe not so much articulate, but mayhem nonethe less.

    But I do want to know....
    Why do the CELEBS LURK HERE and then go on overrated twitter to talk about

  • ggouch

    missy Says:
    It’s tinymajormomma-T.I. baby momma
    Missy!!?? are you for real...that is her whole account name? It just drips with the reminence of Atlanta public school educated.

  • missy

    @ggouch-Because they know we will not kiss there hips(some will )and tell them the truth....if they come in here talking sideways......Oh and Tiny twitter is suppose to be tinymajormama...I accidentally put momma......

  • yanna402

    If this happen last month why are we just now hearing bout it? Things that make you wonder.

  • Smokie

    Get in that AZZ Sandra!!!!

  • Smokie

    Sandra loves TINY... Toya just happened to be around. (Sometimes I wonder if Tiny pays Sandra's rent. ha ha)

  • H.B.I.C

    That "Pain is Love" mantra is what keeps a lot of women gettting their asses torn out the frame, being spoken to any kind of way, at the clinic and being treated like an ATM machine. Yep, that's definitely a childs mentality. :lame:

    But I will say this I've asked my nieces to point'em out to me too when someone tries to bully them and I've got no problem telling that child to get dey mammy or pappy to come see me! :argue:

  • trynabeme

    WHEW! That's what I get for reading the update before the 1st story...NOW Sandra this >>>>>>>>> I had several questions — all of which I kept to myself. <<<<<<is some FAKE ISH. You sittin' right there when lil mama get ta runnin' off at the mouth, and say NATHAN but COME BACK HERE days later to post about it...I'd have some choice words for yo a$$ too! If you spoke up THERE and came back here & reported what happened that's a bit diff...MESSY! (but I :heart: it!) :lolol:

  • PrettyGirlEsq

    2nd, I feel so bad for these little girls (OMG Girls). This is a hot ghetto mess. Toya, please use the money you get from Wayne and get yourself educated. Reginae is 12 which means you have 6 more years of child support left. What are you going to do after that? America will get tired of LAUGHING at you and your ghetto light skinned sidekick and your show will get canceled. Ur vagina will be worthless after you let all these men play in it. Sigh... Please don't have anymore children because you are a child yourself.

  • Kimi

    PrettyGirlEsq Says:
    2nd, I feel so bad for these little girls (OMG Girls). This is a hot ghetto mess. Toya, please use the money you get from Wayne and get yourself educated. Reginae is 12 which means you have 6 more years of child support left. What are you going to do after that? America will get tired of LAUGHING at you and your ghetto light skinned sidekick and your show will get canceled. Ur vagina will be worthless after you let all these men play in it. Sigh… Please don’t have anymore children because you are a child yourself.


    Ouch, but you hit the nail right on the head. Wayne said he would take care of her for life but at the rate he's having children and taking narcotic drugs he may not be along much longer and then she will join the hoard of other baby mamma's he has to fight for the scraps.... :?

  • ThaGuru

    Oh how relevant is THIS article now that James has passed and yes I agree Toya does seem a bit immature which is why her daughter operates as her friend as well.