Rumors have been swirling ever since reality TV personality Antonia “Toya” Carter’s Tweet that her daughter Reginae was no longer a part of the group OMG Girlz.

Toya took to her Twitter page this week to dispute rumors that her daughter was kicked out of the group. She also tweeted that she is still good friends with the group’s manager Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, who co-stars with her in the hit BET reality series “Tiny & Toya”.

Yesterday, I spoke with an inside source close to both camps who told me that the actual decision for Reginae to leave the group was made by Lil Wayne, who is currently serving time in a NY prison on gun possession charges.

Despite the fact that T.I. raised a glass in Lil Wayne’s honor at his welcome back party Sunday night in L.A., the source says tension began brewing after T.I. was released from prison and Lil Wayne went in.

T.I.’s friends agree that prison life has changed T.I., and since his release from prison he has thrown his full support behind fiancee Tiny’s business endeavors, which includes the OMG Girlz.

The source indicated that Wayne might be upset about the attention his daughter is receiving from T.I., who has told Reginae she could have whatever she liked.

“T.I. is really helping the girls a lot and [Lil Wayne] had plenty of time to help them while T.I. was locked up, but he didn’t,” said the insider. “Now that T.I. is out of prison and he’s putting his money into the group and helping them, Lil Wayne doesn’t like it one bit. Now he doesn’t want his daughter in the group.”

The insider said that before Weezy turned himself in for sentencing in March, he took the OMG Girlz to Miami, Florida where the plan was for him to record a track with the group.

Reportedly, Reginae tweeted about her father recording a track with her. But the OMG Girlz, which includes sisters Bahja and Lourdes and Tiny’s daughter Zonnique, returned to Atlanta without ever recording the track.

The insider said the decision for Reginae to leave the group was all Wayne’s and not Toya’s. Even so, Reginae and her former bandmates are still close and they get together whenever their schedules permit.

A meeting to discuss the future of the OMG Girlz is scheduled for this weekend when Tiny and T.I. return to Atlanta from the west coast.