Recently, former Xscape lead singer Tameka “Tiny” Cottle told me that is the only blog she reads on a regular basis. I felt a sense of pride because I know that there are so many other blogs she could be spending her time on.

In this video clip, Tiny sits down with T-Marie of Hotlanta Buzz blog to discuss her work with her Alzheimer’s foundation, a new perfume line, her relationship with her man T.I., and her upcoming book on relationships and how to love a black man.

She also addressed your comments.

If you recall, when I posted pics from Tiny’s daughter Zonnique’s birthday party last weekend, I referred to T.I. as Zonnique’s stepfather, and you guys went in.

Tiny asserts that T.I. is Zonnique’s father even though her dad Zeboe is very much a part of Neek’s life. “It is what it is. That is his daughter,” said Tiny with authority (and looking straight into the camera in case you read lips).

Zonnique with her dad Zeboe and her half brother and sister [thanks Crystal of]

Source: Hotlanta Buzz Inc.