The alternate title of this post is “When Twitter Goes Horribly Wrong”. As most of you know, there was a Caucasian groupie out of Miami calling herself “Katstacks” who created a Twitter page and a free blogspot for the purposes of “exposing” the celebrities she supposedly slept with.

Never mind that there was little evidence that she was telling the truth about her groupie escapades in the first place.

There is something shameful about mobs of people encouraging a mentally disturbed woman to make a complete fool out of herself in a public forum. Personally, I don’t consider mental illness to be very entertaining.

Several credible bloggers (myself included) chose to ignore the train wreck because it was clear that she was a nutcase and we were not impressed with her. Most of us in the industry know of well put-together groupies who are much finer than she is and have way more stories to tell. But those chicks have sense enough to keep their mouths shut if they want their gravy train to stay on track.

Katstacks came to our attention when she got into a Twitter beef with a little known rapper whose name escapes me. She then began dishing dirt on her other sexual conquests: Bow Wow, Nelly and members of the Young Money clique.

In record time, Kat became a cause celebre for the groupies and rapper wannabes on the social networking site Her Twitter account quickly amassed a huge following of curious onlookers, and just like that she was a household name in the hood.

At first Kat enjoyed the trappings of her newfound celebrity. But because she’s one egg short of a dozen, she couldn’t handle her instant success. Her fairly tale rise to fame began to unravel when she posted a video on her Twitter page giving out the phone numbers and addresses of rappers she crossed paths with.

Then the hammer dropped sometime yesterday when Twitter suspended her account, effectively shutting her down. It seems that Kat violated a rule about giving out the personal information of others. And just like that, she was gone.

Katstack’s mugshot (she was arrested for gun possession)

Before her Twitter page was axed, she tweeted about her rapper baby daddy sending child protective services to her door to see about his son.