They say that pop singer Rihanna is being pushed by her mentor Jay Z to be the face of a new chain of burlesque themed nightclubs. Rihanna and her bestie, Melissa, partied at the swanky Mahiki nightclub until 4:30 am last night.

Over the weekend, Keri Hilson along with Cat Deely of “So You Think You Can Dance” was invited to a private dinner at Neiman Marcus…

…the party was hosted by Peter Dundas, Creative Director of Emilio Pucci. Photos courtesy of Chamber Group PR

Tasha Smith is the latest D-list celeb to be featured in yet another of celebrity photographer Derek Blank’s increasingly boring “Alter Ego” series. That’s Tasha down in the right hand corner of the photo running away from her oversized ego. I’ve seen movie posters that look better than this. Has anyone else noticed that mostly all of Blanks subjects are narcissists with oversized egos?