Usher chick

Over the weekend, R&B singer Usher, who is enjoying a brief resurgence with his new album, was spotted at Life nightclub with a chick who wasn’t his rumored girlfriend.

As you know, Usher is supposedly dating Grace Miguel, a former Def Jam exec who was sacked by Def Jam CEO L.A. Reid for sleeping with the talent (that would be Usher).

Miguel rebounded quite nicely by packing her things and moving to Atlanta where she became an instant enemy to Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Foster, who can’t seem to get Usher out of her system.

Anyway, this post is not about Tameka. It’s not even about Grace Miguel. It’s about a third woman who has entered into the picture. According to my spies, the new chick was featured in one of Usher’s music videos about two years ago. She played a twin, I believe.

My spies say Usher’s new woman is Paris Morton. So I Googled her and this is what I found. That doesn’t look like the same chick to me. But what do I know?

Usher chick

To make a long story short, Usher and this woman were spotted leaving Life nightclub together on Saturday night. According to my spy, Usher “touched her hand” to let her know that paparazzi was present.

Once they saw the photographer, they both walked back to join a group of friends who were congregating behind a parked black SUV. The chick made every effort to avoid having her photo taken (and that’s how we know they’re creepin’).

Upon spotting the paparazzi, she whirled around and pretended to walk away from Usher, only to retrace her steps and climb into a black SUV parked next to Usher’s car.

America’s Top Model alumni Tocarra, who was in town to attend Jane Fonda’s fitness event, climbed into the SUV along with the chick.

That’s how we know Morton (if that’s really her) and Usher were together because earlier that night, Usher was inside the club partying with Tocarra and Queen Latifah’s lover, fitness instructor Jeanette Jenkins, who coincidentally slid in beside Usher in his Porsche to act as a decoy to throw the photographer off.

As if Usher was really interested in creeping around with a lesbun who likes what he likes.

They don’t understand that we bloggers do this for a living. We know when we’re being tricked and we’re always one step ahead of these celebrities.

In this photo, Usher, with Jeanette Jenkins sitting next to him, pulls out behind the SUV carrying Morton and Tocarra.

By the way, I received an invite over the weekend to attend a very private lesbun function on a rooftop somewhere in midtown Atlanta. Guess who was also at the party? Yes, Tocarra was there, and I don’t mean she was hosting the party.

So guess who she was with? I’m not saying Tocarra and Jeanette are an item. I’m just saying…

Queen Latifah (Jeanette’s longtime lover) was not in town this past weekend.

Photos by Prince Williams/