Firefighters at a Bronx firehouse are catching heat for placing a defaced image of U.S. president Barack Obama next to one of the Unabomber on a toolbox.

According to the NY Daily News, FDNY officials are investigating an image of Obama spray painted on a toolbox with the word “HUSTLER” painted in red over his face. Someone also scrawled “Allah Akbar” – “God is great” in Arabic – in black ink under the iconic image.

On an adjacent panel of the toolbox was the famous police sketch of the Unabomber and words that had been covered with black tape until only “ET ME” was visible.

The images are a direct violation of FDNY rules that prohibit firefighters from displaying vulgar or offensive material in the firehouse or on their lockers.

The president of the Vulcan Society, the organization of black firefighters, said he was disappointed that the image was on display. Read More…