Loyal reader Quin writes:

I’m sitting here laughing my ass off, as usual because of you. Oh! I wanted to fill u in on the Amber Rose thing from last night. Ok, so on ***, there is a post about “Lil Wayne’s Biggest Fan” and I feel quite bad for the girl, because last night, Amber Rose sent a Tweet out for the best pic and whichever one she chose, she would add as her screen background. So, this very eccentric young lady submitted her post and won!! But damn, *** has her face plastered on their site this morning because of her tats.

Did you see it??

And please know, I am your fan, I don’t want to be over bearing because Ive emailed you a few times within 24hrs. But I live in Indianapolis and we had a bad storm here last night that didn’t allow me to sleep. So, I’m still awake and writing your crazy ass :-D