Outraged Muslims staged protests across Indonesia protesting U.S. President’s planned visit to the Southeast Asia nation tomorrow.

“We don’t see the differences between Obama and Bush, they both oppress Muslims, they both have blood on their hands,” said Ismail Yusanto, a spokesman for the Muslim group in Indonesia.

“That’s why we reject Obama and we don’t believe that he’s reaching out to Muslims.”

I’m just as confused as you are. I thought the Indonesians would welcome Mr. Obama with open arms. Especially when you consider that Indonesia is where Obama learned the Koran and answered the Muslim call to prayer every morning.

Obama is scheduled to arrive in Jakarta on Tuesday as part of a 10-day visit to India, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan.

On Wednesday, Mr. Obama will visit Istiqlal mosque and give a speech from an undisclosed location.

But Muslims remain skeptical of the president.

“Obama can talk all he wants in Cairo and in Jakarta, the fact is that he still has his troops in war with Muslims,” Yusanto said. “It’s all lip service.”