Rich over at VH1 blog has the recap of last night’s ‘Fantasia For Real’. This is the episode when Fantasia met up in the park with Antwaun Cook shortly after she tried to take her life earlier this year.

And, Rodney Ho over at the AJC’s Radio & TV Talk blog recaps the buffoonery on last night’s ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ episode.

I’m convinced that Phaedra Parks is working off off a script. There is no way she can be an attorney and be that stupid unless it’s intentional. All of these reality shows are scripted.

– Phaedra Parks pops up at Kim’s garage sale and said she’s going to be induced in a week. The other ladies do the math and openly question how she could be induced at (supposedly) seven months. Phaedra said her baby was already eight pounds. She also claims she knows someone who had a kid weighing nine pounds three months early. Really? Kim and NeNe both openly wonder why Phaedra is prevaricating on her time of conception. Phaedra’s response to the cameras: “The ladies are grilling me about the due date. Nobody has a job. They have to do something to fill up their spare time!” [link]

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Kandi Burruss is trying to groom ghey hairdresser Lawrence Washington to be the “next Rupaul.”