Up-and-coming rapper Jai Jai has made a name for herself cranking out such local hits as “Laughn To Da Bank” and “Ta Get Dat”. But you probably know her as rapper Shawty Lo’s concubine.

Last week I told you that Shawty Lo dumped Jai Jai (real name Courtney Climes) and went back to his longtime girlfriend and baby mama, Ecreia Perez.

But Jai Jai said that’s not true. Now Jai Jai wants to tell her side of the story. I know that some of you don’t care. But Jai Jai took the time to compose this email just for YOU. So please take a minute out of your busy day to read it.

Jai Jai writes:

Hello Sandra,
I’d simply like to inform the public that Rapper SHAWTY Lo & I are in great standing. We are happy and are also quite busy with our latest business endeavors as well. The information posted on your site was very inaccurate. We recently released the video to “Dope Boy Ding A Ling,” a smashing street single , on which I am featured, from his “Bowen Home Carlos” mixtape http://t.co/GFi8mvo I am currently working on my 2nd MIXTAPE entitled “Play Ground”. I recently completed a feature with a young upcoming artist called “Flashing My Nails” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQHsay76IVs I’m also featured on the Sugar Mafia Mixtape called “Born Fly”. Lo has various new upcoming projects that I’m directly involved with so we’ve been quite busy being positive and making moves. I’ll be releasing a peek single for “Playground” in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for your support Sandra. Its greatly appreciated. Lo and I thank all the fans that still support us as well.

Jai Jai

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