I have a winner for my Sandrarose.com Pays Your Car Note Contest! The lucky winner is loyal reader Kandrea C.! Kandrea’s May 2011 car payment will be paid in the amount of $434.71.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest! If Kandrea doesn’t claim her prize by submitting her PayPal info within 24 hours, the prize will go to the next runner up.

Here is the contest question again:

In light of the fact that Muslim men have 2 or more wives who are obedient, fruitful and multiply; should American wives go back to being submissive if their husbands go back to being providers for their families?

And here is Kandrea’s thoughtful answer:

While there are many women who have no problem with staying at home and being the sole household provider, I believe that women can be submissive to their men without giving up their independence so men can be providers. Women do not have to stay at home to be obedient, fruitful and multiply. In a marriage or relationship, one should be submissive to their partner as a form of respect to the other.

Partners have to be submissive to each other because not one person will be all knowledgeable in one aspect of the relationship. Husbands/fathers should feel obligated to provide for their families because they are the patriarch and foundation. Also this is not the age of “June Cleaver and Donna Reed” where women are supposed to spend their days cooking, cleaning, and joining women leagues. If we are going back to being submissive in the household, we might as well sleep in the same room in twin beds.

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