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As you know, Jennifer Hudson fell ill with severe stomach pains while performing on ABC's Good Morning America Summer Concert Series on Friday. She was rushed to a NYC hospital where she was reportedly treated for food poisoning and released a few hours later.

It wasn't long before rumors began swirling that the 29-year-old Oscar winner was actually experiencing complications from a gastric lap-band procedure she underwent in 2009.

Yesterday evening, someone from Jennifer's camp left this comment on my blog:

TheVoiceOfReason says:


I have read all the garbage and now will insert a few facts.

Star Jones, with all her lies, has ruined massive weight loss for all Black women. Lap Band Surgery is the first thing out of haters mouths when a woman of color loses a large amount of weight, not so fast.

The Facts: Jennifer’s weight loss journey lasted 20 months (not 3 or 6) and it began days after her son’s birth in August of 2009. Her journey began by walking several miles a day and totally changing her eating habits. For a year she ate nothing but baked chicken or fish with brown rice and veggies and lost only about 20 pounds or so. Racked with frustration Jenn switched over to Weight Watchers which taught her portion control and the right combinations of food. WW in tandem with a 5-6 day a week workout routine caused the pounds to fall off. Jennifer does not eat tiny bites, she eats a full meal 5 times or so a day. She did not have Lap Band or any other type of weight loss surgey, period.

Anyone can do what she did, it just takes patience and discipline.

When travelling, as she often does, she tends to eat either restaurant or hotel room service food. Bottom line, her breakfast did not sit too well with her on Friday the 10th. Bad food coupled with singing and gyrating around the GMA stage just stirred up the gastric acids in her stomach causing intense cramping sending her to the ER. End of story.

Just because Star Jones lied does not mean that every Black woman lies about her weight loss journey. And do you really believe that Weight Watchers would open themselves to possible lawsuits of false advertising for Jennifer Hudson? I think not.

June 11, 2011 at 9:22 pm

  • jbaby81


  • jazi65

    :lol: putting star jones on blast.

    I hope JHud gets well soon.

  • Ididntreallymeanit

    I hope she gets well soon

  • prima_donna2163

    I believe JHud's weight loss through WW. I have seen it first hand and have lost 10 or so pounds myself using the program, so it does indeed work. She's probably better already, but hope she is back to performing with that beautiful voice soon.

  • yvonne79

    Guess she told us.... rolleyes:

  • Yardgirl

    I believe her too,WW works and the results are immediate. My co-worker lost 19 lbs in 6 weeks by using their points program. Yeah, Starzilla really effed it up for anyone who lose a lot of weight.

  • RoderickXYZ

    I guess she told you, Sandra. LOL

  • Dub.Brezzy

    lol@ roderick

  • rjk8

    The hate, contempt and excuse making by overweight black women against small, fit and women who lost large amounts of weight didn't start with Star Jones. Wasn't there a book written called "skinny women are evil"? And after her husband made her loose 100 pounds what did Monique say? lol

    Haters keep on hating and finding excuses as to why you need to be 200 pounds our why at 240+ you're healthy and sexy dammit! Irregardless of what your doctor says :casket: and your man hints at under his breath. :cuss:

  • spongebobfan

    wow i forgot how big she used to be....

  • GSUDiva93

    I guess she or he told it like it T-IS! There are some people who work hard and don't take the easy way out and she just may happen to be one of them. Go for you Jennifer Hudson dropping 80 pounds is a big accomplisment. Bravo to you!!

  • GSUDiva93

    Typo-- I meant "good" for you...

  • Daisy

    I am down 20lbs and counting thanks to WW and my diabetes rx. My gfriend did WW a few yrs back before J Hud and she lost 30lbs. One of the women in my group has lost 100lbs using WW so I don't think she had surgery either.

    Its a neeeewwww daaaayyyy and I'm feeeeeeling GOOOODDDDD *in my J Hud voice*

  • BigCityGirl

    JHud and weight wachers ROCK!!! I do BELIVE that she HONESTLY lost her weight through weight watchers. The "ole saying goes you ain"t doing nothing unless people are talking about you...keep on doing it JHUD!

  • BigCityGirl


  • Eb

    :rofl: at the photo compilation

  • IsaiahsMom

    That's awesome and everything, but what's the point in losing weight (and so called "working out" :rolleyes: ) if your body is still going to look busted?

    Dieting leads to a smaller version of a heavier self. You'll still be loose and flabby and such (much like she looks now). She should do weights and cardio. She's "slimmed" down, but her body looks no bueno :nono:


  • IsaiahsMom

    ^^^What's all this Gy****o mess? Got it looking like I asked why he don't take her to the gynocologist *frown*

    "Gym" is what it's supposed to say.


    What's up with these TEEN girls dressing like hoe-mommas on Big Fat Gypsy Wedding? I want to whip all of their behinds!

  • rjk8


    if your body is still going to look busted?

    I don't know what her body looks like now in a swimsuit but in that picture she weighs about 195 to 200 pounds

  • ELove

    @IsiahsMom :rofl: :rofl:

  • Tania31

    Man I need to lose 10lbs so maybe I should try WW. I hope she gets better soon!

    Hi everybody I am new :-)

  • Nicola

    Her rep neglected to mention that she trained with Harley Pasternak in LA after she signed the Weight Watchers deal but before it was widely known. Mark was responsible for Jessica Simpson's body for Dukes of Hazzard before she fell in love with food again.

  • dshack

    Hope she gets well soon.
    Hell, I need WW in my life if works liek that

  • SouthernPrincess

    I believe she lost using WW. WW works. I recently started WW and the weight started dropping. Initially it was slow but once I incorporated exercise, the pounds starting melting. Not everyone opts for WL surg

  • Binki

    It's good that they cleared it up before it went too far. Anyone that knows someone that has done weight watchers in the past few years knows that it's a great program. We're a society of skeptics...nothing wrong with that. But I'm glad they set the record straight

  •!/Birdshu Bird

    The thought never crossed my mind that she had weight loss surgery. Not even after your story about it. I took it as your usual dig. Raven Simone is another story. She looks like a person who was not fat enough to get the surgery in the first place so she went from "thick" to anorexic-looking in a month.

    In any event, the person that left the comment is just as foul as the fake rumor. Why did she find it necessary to bring up Star's name? That was way out of line.

  • TajWeaver2000

    Weight Watchers definitely works, but so does the efforts from an expensive celebrity trainer.......

  • LaJuliet

    I happen to believe that Jennifer Hudson coupled WW with hard work and determination. My sister who was very close to 400 lbs, in a year has lost 140 lbs. This has been done thru sheer determination, hard work, portion control, a health diet and a desire to charge her life for the better!!! When my sister eats processed food, she always experiences gastric problems.

    Through, the use of Social Media rumors can be spread like a wild fire. Happy to see that JHud's team come forward to set the record straight!! Not really sure that they put Star Jones on blast as she finally owned up to her use weight reduction surgery...

  • camvtu

    My mother had weight loss surgery to save her life about ten years ago. The effect that the rapid weight loss had on her body was evident. Her arms, stomach, and legs were like hanging skin. As a result she had to have several plastic surgeries to rid her body of the excess skin. Looking at Jennifer, I seriously doubt that she participated in any weight loss surgery. If she had, not only would the weight have melted off of her, but she further would have a body full of loose skin, which Jennifer obviously never had. I'm surprised people actually wanted to say that she had the surgery, especially with WW investing so much in her.

  • therapist1911

    Where else have "we" heard that she had a surgery besides here or blogs? People take blog moderators words for the "truth and nothing but the truth". The sad things "we" will believe a negative rumor/gossip before "we" even think to believe anything else.

    I guess when you become a celebrity you are immune to "normal" illness such as cramps, food poisoning, and even exercise and dieting *read as sarcasm*

  • Tatted Diva

    'Morning Everyone......I'm gald that Jennifer Hudson is feeling better but she is not the first one to fall victim to untruths in the media so move on and get over it! This is the not the worse news that could go around about someone......But nevertheless, I'm happy she is feeling better.

  • GAGIRL87

    This picture is :no:

  • lovinme

    What the fuck does race got to do with it.. They question every stars loss so to the person who sent you this leave race out of it.. who the hell cares what people think anyway if JHudd lost it she lost it.. damn ... I believe it was WW too but damn they killing me with the when a black woman loses weight shit please every tabloid and magazine that you see in the store questions every stars loss black white or yellow!!!

  • lovinme

    Bird says:

    The thought never crossed my mind that she had weight loss surgery. Not even after your story about it. I took it as your usual dig. Raven Simone is another story. She looks like a person who was not fat enough to get the surgery in the first place so she went from “thick” to anorexic-looking in a month.

    In any event, the person that left the comment is just as foul as the fake rumor. Why did she find it necessary to bring up Star’s name? That was way out of line.


    I agree she talkin all that "black woman" stuff so if your so pro black woman why bring another black woman into something that her name wasnt even brought up in... Why keep hating on one another ..

  • Cinderella

    Star in a bikini is a :nono: I know she's happy with the weight loss but she needs to stay covered up.

  • Feline Feminine

    This letter just states what I already knew...I never thought Jen had surgery...she looks like someone who worked hard and lost the weight which again is VERY POSSIBLE. Star looked a mess after that surgery...she had hanging skin and exposed scars, her body SCREAMED surgery...I hope Jen feels better and moves on from these stupid rumors...


    Star is wrooooonnnggg for that kini :blink:

  • YSoSerious

    Guess somebody got told. :coffee:

  • ELove

    AGREE with the Peeps that say it isn't a "Black" Celebrity thing... It's a Hollyweird CELEBRITY THING Period !!!

  • StillASassyOne

    Ha! Tell em! I wish I had actually bet money on this. Losing 80 lbs through exercise/diet in under a year is totally possible and like someone else mentioned, people who get the surgery always have loose, saggy skin.

    Go Jenn!! I think I wanna drop 4 more lbs....I may join WW for a week or two myself.

  • mirsmommy

    I wouldn't give two rats azzes how she lost the weight. I just hope she gets better.

    Good morning. :waves:

  • Tatted Diva

    Star Jones' butt looks all kinds'of weird! :blink:

  • kee kee

    However either one of them lost the weight doesn't really matter I just applaud them both for getting healthy.

    It's also a misconception that everyone who has WLS has excess skin. It depends on two things and that's 1) how much weight you have to lose and 2) the elasticity of your skin. And that is the same for PPL who have surgery or who just have to lose weight. I've seen some not so regular size people who only have 15 - 20lbs to lose have skin problems when they lose it.

    But at any rate, I'm just glad they did someting about it, however it was done.

  • kee kee

    that should read I've seen some regular size people....

  • MrUnapologetic

    At the end of the day it needed to be clarified, because some of these rumors are downright crazy. My first thought is the very point the writer stated in her closing comment "do you really think Weight Watchers would put themselves in such a liable situation? [I'm paraphrasing slightly]". They would be sued out the butt. I wish J-Hud a quick recovery.

  • phoenixlediva

    Sandra Rose!! How you gon' just photoshop J-Hud and Star together like that hahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahah !!! :rofl: :dead: (that was so improper!)

  • lnp03

    It is unfair to compare the weight loss of Star Jones to Jennifer Hudson. Star Jones was over 300 pounds at the time of her surgery. I think both women look great. Obesity is a disease and I applaud their weight loss whether it is through surgery or Weight Watchers. Both ways require that you eat less and exercise.

  • LadeeA

    Omg.. I so do not care.. And I especially hate when people write books in response to bloggers comments. That shows a little guilt or insecurity if you ask me. Celebrities need not respond to people's speculations because no matter what they do we're never satisfied with them. Just ignore it! When you respond like this, you look silly.

    BTW she still looks funny to me even with the weight loss. Like Isaiah's Mom said, weight training is a MUST when you are working to lose weight, without the weights you look a hot mess with extra skin everywhere.