CNN’s Anderson Cooper got down to the bottom of the Kim Kardashian fake butt debate last night on his “AC 360” show.

Cooper said: “For a while now I’ve had this unsettling feeling… Like the universe was slightly out of whack. I couldn’t pin-point the source of the feeling, but then it hit me: no one has really been saying much about Kim Kardashian’s butt lately.”

He added: “Unbeknownst to me, the entire world will not stop with the cracks about her butt…”

After cracking more butt jokes, Cooper showed his viewers a clip from last night’s episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, where she goes for an x-ray to prove once and for all that her butt is real.

So what was the doctor’s professional opinion of Kim’s butt after reading her x-ray? He said, “No implant. This is ALL Kim!”

Of course, if Kim was wearing butt pads (as I believe she does) they wouldn’t show up on x-rays if she removed them beforehand.

Now look at the x-ray below, and then look at the photo above that was taken of Kim while she shopped for her wedding dress in New York yesterday. You be the judge. The debate rages on.

Watch the video after the break!