Earlier we told you that “Motivation” singer Kelly Rowland is living with her manager, Tim Weatherspoon, whom she’s been dating for at least a couple of years now. But every time she was asked about her man, Kelly denied she was in a relationship. She even told a British tabloid that she had a “a friend with benefits,” which made no sense.

This past weekend, Rowland performed at the 4sixty6 club in West Orange, NJ. After her performance, she sat down with All Eyes On Who, and she was asked point blank if she had a special someone.

“Um, there is someone special, and I’ll keep it at that,” Kelly responded reluctantly.

Sandrarose.com readers already know her boo is Weatherspoon. But it’s a shame we had to pull her card like this. It’s sad that Kells was not woman enough to publicly acknowledge her man until now.

Thanks to All Eyes On Who for finally dragging the truth out of Kells! Video via Miss Jia.