By Sandra Rose  | was all abuzz with news of Beyonce and Jay Z's daughter Blue Ivy's arrival on Saturday. Many of my followers tweeted the link to this video showing E! Television footage of Beyonce (at around 10 months gestation) hopping into her custom SUV with very little effort -- as if she had already dropped her load the day before!

After viewing the video myself, I agree with my followers: she does not look pregnant, nor does she move like a pregnant woman who is about to deliver her precious cargo in less than 48 hours.

Beyonce and Jay Z have managed to pull the wool over the gullible national media's eyes, but my readers were never fooled!

Watch the amazine footage after the break!

  • jazi65

    :hahaha: this chick right here!

    I've always known she wasn't the brightest bulb in the box but dam beyaki! Now when she first announced her fake pregnancy she had julius helping her down 3 steps - fast forward 5mos later & she's high stepping like Usain Bolt. FOH and have a dam seat!!!

  • Mamacita

    :rofl: :smack: :popcorn:

    I gotta see how folks gon take this and run with it. This is gonna be a good one. *grabs a _/*

    I wonder who the godmother is...

  • therapist1911

    I here I thought this foolishness would be over once the baby was here........

    Salem Witch Hunt 2012 Saga continues...

  • MrsMommy

    ......(((SOB!!)))) pillow..... my pillow's GONE, ya'll.....(sniff) (sniff)...

  • Mother Jefferson

    Show me the receipt for the baby! :rules:

  • Hershey

    Iono if she did or didn't have a beybey in her womb, either way, she has one now

  • Mannie

    therapist1911 says:

    I here I thought this foolishness would be over once the baby was here……..

    Salem Witch Hunt 2012 Saga continues…


  • MrsMommy

    Thank you for running that video, Auntie!!!

    Now, out of respect for the bereaved, could you please put up a photoshopped picture of a pillow at half-mast? Pretty please!!!?

  • free

    THERE YOU GO SR! THAT'S what i'm talking about!

  • free

    Mother Jefferson says: Show me the receipt for the baby!


    pillows? pillows are whack!

  • EB

    They are already saying that Bey stole her baby name from a company named Blue Ivy :coffee:

  • NaijaGal

    :hahaha: :rofl: :rofl: :hahaha:

  • lovezoe

    Anyone but me excited about The Game coming on tomorrow. I think the baby was that other football player that wanted to wife her up after Derwin cheated.

  • ChocD aka C.D.

    Goodmorning Errbody :waves:

    Sandra if you aint nothing else you are consistent with foolishness. The girl is obviously pregnant had her child and is moving on with her life can we all please do the same. If she did have a surrogate who in the hell cares it is still her child now. The chit was funny at first now that dog has been beaten, burned, came back alive and beaten again let that chit ride PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GAWWWWWDDDDDDDDD

  • MrsMommy

    Aren't they supposed to be having some announcement today?

    Is it a BURIAL for the pillow? Could you get me an INVITE, please, Sandra?!!!!!

  • Sandra Rose

    jazi65 says:

    Now when she first announced her fake pregnancy she had julius helping her down 3 steps – fast forward 5mos later & she’s high stepping like Usain Bolt.


  • lovezoe

    CD- You and that gravi- :rofl:

  • EssenceofU

    This video showed nothing new! Sandra stop being MEAN!

  • Hershey

    LoveZoe, I'm VERY excited for The Game tomorrow, wondering how the Melanie's wife-in-law Jenae is what's the latest with them? :popcorn:

  • LaTechGrad02

    :coffee: Nicole Kidman didn't gain a whole lot of weight during her first pregnancy and these same rumors hounded her. Whether she bought the baby, found it in a basket on her doorstep like a Disney movie, or pushed it out herself, she is now a mother. Let her have her moment.

    Did anyone watch Mob Wives?

  • Sandra Rose

    At EB: the company name is purely coincidental. But someone in their camp did Google the name to see if the website name (Blue Ivy) was available before the baby was even born. But how about the guy who started the @IvyBlueCarter Twitter page emailed me crying because Twitter shut him down? Wow, dude. You tried to benefit financially off of a baby's name and you don't why you were shut down? Gtfoh. :coffee:

  • EssenceofU

    LoveZoe, Hershey, I too am ready for The Game! I hope Jenae is out of the picture, don't like her! Also think Brandi will be a great addition to the show! Can't wait! Boom, Boom Clap!

  • MrsMommy

    That twitter page was hilarious, though Sandie. If I thought they were gonna shut it down, I would have made sure to make a copy of it. Too bad.

  • Sandra Rose

    lovezoe says:

    Anyone but me excited about The Game coming on tomorrow.

    I watched the Game marathon yesterday on BET. I was laughing so hysterically my mom kept checking on me to see if I was okay. That Tasha is a trip. :yes: I had no idea Brit Brat was played by a little kid. And I didn't know they changed Kelly's character from sweet and innocent to hoodrat wannabe. :lol:

  • EssenceofU

    Sandra those earlier episodes of the Game were waaaaaay better than last season. Kelly was very necessary in the earlier season so I hope they return her to her former self when she returns to the show.

  • cheeks8683

    LoveZoe, Hershey, I too am ready for The Game! I hope Jenae is out of the picture, don’t like her! Also think Brandi will be a great addition to the show! Can’t wait! Boom, Boom Clap!

    I'm excited for Brandy but iono...seems like wherever Brandy goes Ray J follows...stay tuned... I :pray: they don't add him to the lineup next year talkin bout he's Tasha's couger bait...

  • Mamacita

    @Sandra That's why I tell people they have to watch the previous seasons in order to understand The Game phenom! I've been watching since day one and it is actually a good show. The move to BET changed the show a bit but I still like the show.

    @Lovezoe I am excited. I've been a fan of the show since the CW days! I also like Let's Stay Together too.

  • speaknoevil

    All i can say is my best friend was nine months pregnant and you could barely tell she was over 4 months. She worked out during the pregnancy. Lots of yoga and still toning. So B looks super big compared to her. Every mother carries different :)

  • MsAmeriKa

    Good Morning! A very Long time lurker but had to come out the woods for this one!!! LOL I think everything would have been all good if Beyonce just put her pride aside and went ahead and came out saying that she had someone else carrying her baby. NO its really none of "our" business but it would save her from all the backlash she is about to endure.

  • LuvMySailor

    This video is very convincing. I saw this photo on People Mag and I was thinking either she already gave birth herself or she really is faking.

    Media Fake Out had a photo of her and you could see the breasts fake, like she was wearing a fake bump.

    Of course, in a couple of years when she is no longer hoot or when the evidence is too much she will just say she was wearing fake bumps to confuse people so she could give birth in peace and her stans will eat it up

  • The Makeup Maven

    I can already see how this day is going to go! :lol:

  • Atypical

    @sandrarose So let say your theroy is right and Beyonce never carried the child and had someone carry it for her does that mean she's not a mother? Does that mean people who adopt children aren't really parents? I don't understand the obsession with how the baby got here, but either way you can add "mommy" to Beyonce resume.... #theend

  • lovezoe

    Janae will still be in the picture. They are supposedly bringing Kelly back, I hope she back to her old self. The aged Brit Brat too fast, but I think I saw the parents didn't want to move their daughter to ATL.

  • Brick City Born

    Good Morning everyone!!!

    @lovezoe I think the baby Melanie got rid of is the one in the episode where he proposed to her thinking she was pregnant and she said she wasnt. That was when she was so busy with school and worried that she would have to dropout.

  • Brick City Born

    Meanwhile, Sandra you are a trip lol. This day is going to be a crazy one I see.

  • M3z

    I thought it was a new year?! Damn same ol' chit, just a different day :rolleyes: I'm waiting for all the crazy a$$ comments to keep me rolling

  • EB

    The Game was so much better before it moved to BET. The characters used to be friends and have so much chemistry with each other. Now all the characters are enemies. It's hard to watch the show on BET, but I will continue to support because I was so sad when they cancelled the show. I want that show to win.

  • lovezoe

    Wont be watching Lets Stay Together. EBT dont have anything else coming on to premiere and new show at 11pm.

  • CookieMonsterZ

    The Game was so much better before it moved to BET. The characters used to be friends and have so much chemistry with each other. Now all the characters are enemies.

    I agree. I watched some music videos for the first time in a while last friday (BET) and I couldn't help but notice how a lot of hip hop songs keep talking about how much better you are than everybody else. It's always a competition or something...

  • CookieMonsterZ

    I agree with the video though, I work with 3 pregnant women who are each carrying differently. None of them are even to that supposed point that Beyonce is at in the vid and they definitely can't move like that.

  • jeniefrumdabloc

    Sandra cudos to you for this information :bowdown:
    Your absolutely correct :applause:

  • Tammy

    I saw that Yandy idk if you can count it as crediable but she said beyonce had the baby last month which would kinda make .... you know what never mind lol

  • unique_03

    Ppl discuss me how they believe anything ppl say. I can't wait until it comes out that this bish was faking her pregnancy and ya'll have to admit Sandra was right!

  • unique_03


  • Lady_L

    therapist1911 says:

    I here I thought this foolishness would be over once the baby was here……..

    Salem Witch Hunt 2012 Saga continues…

    OMG are we still doing this in the new year....I mean really. Damn congrats on your baby BEy and Jay, hope that she is a healthy and happy baby, with all this foolishnees and mean spirited things people have been saying about her in the press I am surprised it didn't stress her out enough to make her unborn child stressed!

  • hotmess

    I'm with Sandra I don't think she was preg.

  • Trucie

    i'm more convinced than ever that she wasn't. this vid put the nail in the wall for me. lol I'm with Sandra!

  • AllNYC

    I am 6 months pregnant and I definitely can not hop in and out of cars like that. Doubling over like that puts pressure on the baby bump. No bueno! Don't know then that footage was taken, though.
    From a dr at Lenox Hill, I can tell you that the Knowles-Carter clan is definitely there and that a baby was born late on 1/7. The alias Ingrid Jackson was used. The dr did not personally deliver the baby so no one can say where the baby came from but if this a fraud, they are playing it to the hilt.

  • ssweetheart85

    Obsessed much? I'm thinking so...whether she had it naturally or from someone else's vag..doesn't make her less of a mother and doesn't make her accountable to anyone else either. I thought this conspiracy or daily/hourly Beyonce thing was over..guess not...back to finding some real entertainment :kona:

  • ssweetheart85

    @AllNYC I'm going on 8 months prego..and I still feel energetic..only time I get pressure on my stomach is when I'm bending trouble getting in vehicles. Until a credible source comes out w credible info and credible evidence..I still say give her the benefit of doubt...but then again who cares..its not that serious and over the weekend..last month whenever Bey became a mother. :shrug:

  • Ms.Fashion

    I just want to take the time and say how much I LOVE Sandra's blog!!!!


    There is nothing wrong with having a surrogate at all.

    This is the problem and why she is getting so much backlash. She announces she pregnant with a fake bump. Then it folds and caught on video. Add that to all the other questionable actions she has done and then maybe people can understand why all this is happening.
    Also....this video does not help her situation.

    Note: Beyonce brought this on herself. Out of all the people who got pregnant last year, why is it her stomach was the only one appearing then disappearing, folding then unfolding? People question liars!!!!

  • Audacious2

    This video is so funny, seeing Bey hi-steppin into that SUV!!! LMAO!
    I showed my elderly aunt her pregnancy photos, she said "She must be pregnant with baby Jesus or captain crunch."

    It's crazy rumors that Bey was not in NYC, Houston radio jocks are all claiming she is in Houston, they are saying her surrogate gave birth in a Houston area hospital that had 5-10 blocks closed this weekend (not for them) but an old building was imploded. I'm wondering is it because birth-certificates can be kept sealed/private. I know a retired ball-player had his child birth records sealed in Houston.

  • “They”is1person

    Listen. I love Bey and Jay... have ALL of their music and have attended EVERY of theirs in my city. I will continue to do so, but I cannot support them in this lie. How they chose to concieve and carry WAS their business UNTIL the falsities became apparent, now it's the business of every spectator. Since the folding incident in the red dress, Beyonce has acted like the teenagers who hide their pregnancies. Not one full on bikini shot on the beach from the WHOLE SUMMER and the ones that she tried to grace us with were suspect as hail. Just because one doesn't go along with all of someone's antics doesn't mean they are not supportive of their artistry. If you think this girl was ever pregnant, then you really need to start looking at what's been presented and be honest with how gullible you are. Also, I would like to do some business with you, and the first thing I need is for you to deposit this $5,000 check into your account and I will give you $50,000 on Friday.

  • “They”is1person

    *EVERY concert*

  • Jdore

    Kmsl that it's titled "Bend Like Beyonce" But ok you KNOW she can't act her movie history has proved that so why are we so shocked by her trying to act a 9 month roll when she's horrible in a FEW 2 hour movies?????

  •!/TheyHadSaid “They”is1person

    :serious face: This is what happens when you have people around you who will not tell you when you are making a fool of yourself. You know... the people who will let you wear any kind of makeup, hair style, or outfit just because they don't want to hurt your feelings. Somebody should have PERSUADED her that this would not be a good look, nor would it go over well. Everyone needs a few people who love them enough to be honest in their corner.

  • ilovelucy

    NOBODY CARES!!! Have yall heard the new Jay-Z ft. B.I.C. (yes, Blue Ivy Carter??? It had me in tears. SO SWEET!

  • Jones

    She was NEVER pregnant. End of story

  • Keena Griffin

    Lol are y'all serious? Not everyone blows up like a balloon. With my first, it just looked like I was a little bloated the day that I delivered a late baby. I was super fit with a long torso. I agree with the past poster that she may have worn a fake bump to look bigger for the camera lol