Beyonce's surrogate has reportedly given birth to a baby girl in New York, according to reliable sources. The NY Daily News reports that Beyonce, wearing a bad wig and heavy makeup, checked into an upper East Side hospital on Saturday.

But our source inside the hospital confirmed that another woman -- Beyonce's surrogate, Ingrid Jackson, was also admitted to Lenox Hill's maternity ward under tight security Saturday morning.

Our hospital source confirmed that Jackson gave birth to a healthy baby girl Saturday afternoon. The source dismissed "absurd" rumors that Beyonce and her rapper husband Jay Z rented out an entire floor at the hospital for $1.3 million.

"We don't have entire floors sitting empty at Lenox Hill," scoffed the source.

Just moments ago, troubled singer Rihanna tweeted, "Welcome to the world princess Carter! Love Aunty Rih". But readers have affectionately dubbed the child "Pillow Carter".

In an effort to keep unauthorized images from leaking to, hospital workers placed tape over security cameras -- which should make it easy for Beyonce's Stans to sneak onto the floor.

And hospital employees are forced to turn in cell phones when they arrive for their shifts, the source told the NY Daily News.

The baby is the first for Beyonce, 30, and the second for aging rapper Jay Z, 43, whose son, Isa Jael, 9, lives with his mother, former video model Shenelle Scott on the island of Trinidad.

Lenox Hill hospital is also the birthplace of pop star Lady Gaga.

Update: According to E! Online, the baby's name is Ivy Blue Carter.

Update II: According to numerous sources, the baby's name is Blue Ivy Carter, presumably named after Jay Z's Blueprint album and Beyonce's most recent album '4' (IV is the Roman numeral symbol for the number 4).

  • ilovelucy

    Well I read that was an alias that she used to check into the hospital......wait, I forgot whose blog I was reading. Oh well. Never mind.

  • buddapecan

    Pillow Carter will and more famous than her parents.

  • buddapecan

    *will be

  • Kitrina

    You can say what you want about Sandra but she is diligent holding on til the end

  • Kitrina

    Ivy Blue Sandra! Did Gwenyth name that baby

  • Terry .W

    If this is true, congratulations to the Carters! Babies are a blessing although Its safe to say that the lengths they went to, to "protect" this child at birth, lord knows how this child will grow up normal. Baby carter will grow up with zero sense of reality which is pretty sad. The price of fame is one I can do without!


    Wonder how much Ingrid got paid? Must be that same 1.3 milli figure that's circulating around.


    PS: I heard Beyonce is ALREADY back in the studio prepping for her new album 5 seconds after 'giving birth'.....with heels.

    And by in H.E.E.L.S, i meant... H.iding E.very E.vidence L.inking S.urrogate[mom]. Smh

  • Terry .W

    she already started her world tour! Smh for real

  • Fieryearthchild

    The Shenanigan's from the stans have begun. *DEAD* @ that picture. :hailnaw: LOL Nothing like a lil snark on Sunday's.

  • htown-chick

    Awww congratulations ! I'm so happy for them! No shade at all! Black love is beautiful!

  • htown-chick

    I knew she was gone b born on the 8th.... 4 +4 !

  • C. Maria

    That baby has eyelashes longer than Beyonce's :coffee:

  • GSUDiva93

    The baby was actually born on the evening of the 7th.

  • GSUDiva93

    Somebody is drinking hateraid already. The baby hasn't even been her on earth for 2.5 seconds...SMH!!!

  • missmiami

    I think the name is cute but beyonce being so over the top makes me wanna BARF

  • miss_meka

    Congratulations to Beyonce and Jayz.. That name is lovely.. I cant wait to see pictures of the baby

  • BigCityGirl

    LMAO @ Sandra's Blog...Congrats to the parents and WELCOME IVY!

  • MsOnederful


  • Mr.BluPhi

    I believe the baby was born on the 7th....shouts out to Capricorns....

    And they said she had it C-section.....


  • BayMami_de4

    Congrats to the happy couple!

  • talkingwithtami


  • tintin1979

    Sandra your hate and disrespect is not funny anymore. At first it was but now you are really overdoing it.

    Congrats Bey and Jay. Welcome IVY to the world.

  • MrsMommy

    ......GLO-RAY!!!! The PILLOW finally arrives and gets a name and IT'S OWN PRESS!

    I am rolling on the floor as ya'll are reading this; speaking in tongues and calling GLO-RAY!


  • MrsMommy

    THANKS for the leading photo, Auntie. Girl, you are a blast!

    That baby is gonna be CAMEL-licious!!!!

  • LaTechGrad02

    Congrats to Beyonce and Jay!! :cheer: I'm sure their little angel is beautiful.

  • MrsMommy

    GLO-RAY!!!!! Did I remember to shout out GLO-RAY?

  • MrsMommy

    CHAMPAIGN kisses to the surrogate!!! Enjoy that money, girl!

  • BeautifulBliss

    Nice way to throw the number 4 in her name. Cute. Congrats Bey and Jay.
    I really hope the conspiracy theorists are proved wrong. I bet they'd feel really stupid especially after making such a big deal out of it daily. Smh. I'm glad the baby is born but the speculation will continue for who knows how long around here.

  • MrsMommy aka I Has A Pillow-Pet Carter (((Flop-Pay!!!)))

    I wonder if Flop-pay will keep wearing the pillow or will put it in a place of honor in a display case....

  • LittleBigMouth

    :rofl: Give it a rest now Sandra. Congrats to the couple and their new baby girl, born in the year of the dragon girl will def be a star. Cant wait to see the photos, I bet she's gorgeous, that Knowles gene is pretty iron strong

  • EB

    Well I know my algebah just like Bey and:
    The baby was born on 1/7/2012.

    But any ways someone on twitter said Ivy satands for illuminati very youngest.

  • iscream

    DEAD @ EB. :lol:


    I heard Christmas Will be on 1/7 from now on.... :coffee:

    Congrats to Bey!!!! :cheer1:

  • MrsMommy aka I Has A Pillow-Pet Carter (((Flop-Pay!!!)))

    Dang! And I had started a pillow-pet website in which I am the founder and only fan.......

    Anyway, congrats to Ms. Jackson. Without her, none of this would be possible (my newest hobby or advent of superstars wearing pillows under their clothing).

  • iscream

    So is Jay's favorite color Blue or is his favorite fvck buddy Blu... :|

    I just saw the baby first name is Blue (as in Cantrell) and the middle name is Ivy.

  • MrsMommy aka I Has A Pillow-Pet Carter (((Flop-Pay!!!)))

    OH, MY GOSH, SANDRA!!!! Did you see the video of the Yak quickly getting into an SUV like a line-backer? Check it out on e! news.

    You can't move like that when you are a nine-months pregnant person.

    This is so interesting, it THRILLS the beyjasus out of me!

  • musicluvher


    13 AND 1+3=4


  • Starr

    Now can we stop acting like she's the first woman to ever be pregnant and give birth

  • flawless001

    :rofl: I'm sure Sandra will be trying to use her nursing license to go check on Bey's baby :coffee:

  • Yardgirl

    @EB: :dead:

    Congrats to the new parents!! :yes:

  • Yall still crazy

    :hahaha: @EB

    iscream, that's what I thought when I first heard the name! Why would they put Blue in het name when j used to mess around with blue cantrell :shrug:

    :hug: Cha &OTB

  • Yall still crazy

    Congrats! :coffee:

  • therapist1911

    I pray for this family's sanity just based off some of these comments people are so hurtful.

    They already start comparing the baby name to someone he use to date and etc....foolishness

  • MICKEE1974

    @Sandra you r hilarious! I love it...your tweets were on point too! Keep being u! But when every a healthy baby is born congrats r in congrats to the over the top and over hyped couple...

  • GottaBigOne

    go to SAndra Rose's website to hear the real story


    7 hours ago
    in reply to November

    Exactly, she's always the closest to accuracy.


    2 hours ago
    in reply to ILOVEMYHAIR

    The above is the actual comments (that I copied and pasted) from another website from a couple of people who like Ms. Rose for her "accurate" reporting of things.
    I figure I would Share this with Y'all

    Morning from Brooklyn New York USA

  • iscream


    Awwww did my Blue comment steal your joy?

    Goodness people getting their G strings in a funk. I had more fun when MiMi had Roc and Robin.

    And just to really throw salt on the wound. :lol:

    If what someone said is true about the name being Ivy Blue because Jay nickname is Blue and the name means (for Jay Z) I just want to know when the hell did Ivy start meaning for?

    *moonwalks out this post bc who aint got time for sensitive azz people is me*

  • therapist1911


    No you didnt steal my joy. I read the blu cantrell comments on another site. I hadnt even read SR comments before i posted.

    Im not that invested in thier pregnacy for my joy to be killed.

    I wish them nothing but happiness....i got my own life to worry about

  • EB

    Gwenth Paltrow just confirmed the baby's name is Blue Ivy Carter :coffee:

  • Jamillah

    No matter how that child was conceived or who carried her to term, she is here and this is a very special time for the family. Expect to see the first photoshopped baby photos in about 6 months.

  • imarie aka lalie

    I still believe she had a surrogate. Some are saying the baby was born a month ago. Guess well never know. I don't believe the babies name is Ivy.

  • Ms. Everything

    Sandra, this write up was funny as hell but kinda mean. I'm grateful the baby's here so this excessive baby watch can be over :cheer:

  • KDub

    This chile name really is IVY???? As in IV...which is the Roman numma for FOUR?

    I cain't...

    :dead: as four folks.

  • Trucie

    LMAO Hilarious Sandra. Ingrid Jackson just got PAID!

  • FeFe

    Sandra you have me :dead: at this ENTIRE's a fool! :hahaha:

    Congrats to Bey and her surrogate... :coffee:

  • ssweetheart85

    Congrats to Beyonce and Jay! I have so much to say but since I love my log in I won't. I will say calling a baby ugly, camel, etc as well as the jacked up "baby" photos circulating around are extremely disrespectful...smh..wish somebody would...but anywho....29 weeks and 11 more to go..and baby Jasiah will be here...minus all the Bey and Jay mula :kona:

  • Ms. Everything

    I do like the baby's name though, it's different but not an assault to my senses like Apple and some other baby names

  • vero

    :lol: @Kdub
    I wish they'd all go on a deserted island and let people forget about them

  • Anna

    buddapecan says:

    Pillow Carter will and more famous than her parents.
    More famous than Brandy's brother. Brandy will be a cast member on "The Game".

  • Anna

    imarie aka lalie says:

    I still believe she had a surrogate. Some are saying the baby was born a month ago.
    I read the pillow was born last week. Still too soon to be walking around. I saw a vid of her getting in a SUV. After birth no woman gets in a vehicle the way she did. I don't care how you deliverd the baby. Something is going to be hurt, or stitched.

  • Fayla aka IWhipIt..WhipItRealGood:)

    :rofl: @this post Auntie! i :love: u woman

    :dead:@Eb & KDub
    i luvs smart women, gawd knows i do!
    if she rly didnt birth that baby, it will come out. it's too big a story "4" it not to ;)

  • MrsMommy

    Gobble goggle

  • MrsMommy

    Did any of you folks see the e! news video of Beyaki hopping into a huge SUV like it was no big deal to be 9 months pregnant?

  • imarie aka lalie


    I agree. Wether she was still pregnant or just gave birth she would have to waddle to the car. She is a horrible actress that doesn't know how to play it off. Hasn't she been aroun pregnant women before?

  • Keys

    Congrats to Bey and Jay!!

  • allthingsmwny

    Well congrats to Sean and Beyonce!!! No matter the situation I hope all parties are doing well.

  • brenden

    Congratz to them :-) Child birth can be a great thing...For most people...Of course when my wife gave birth to our spawn...Well,,,initially I was so excited to have our twin baby girls lil Jen and lil Jewce,,,,But my wife took things to the extreme. She'd read somewhere that eating the placenta was great for the Father. And just like with every other trend,,,,TrimSpa,The abroller,Botox,Proactive,And the two headed dildo,,,She had to try this,,,The heffa snuck it into my boudin sausage,,,Come to think of it,,,,That heffa was always sneaking sumthin into my food,,,My big Mama warned me bout marrying that French Creole huzzy.smh. Viagra in the gumbo, Xtenze in my coffe,,,And of course the placenta was posed to make me virile.smh....Anyway,,,It didnt make me virile, but it did make me regular. Chile, I spent so much time on the toilet that I developed blisters ON TOP OF the hemroids I developed,,,,Anyway,,,,Enough about me,,,,Congrats to Bey n Jay....With the exception of the name (Blue Ivy allegedly) I'm happy for them :-)

  • KayCeiSoul

    Congrats - whether birthed or bought.

    There's a new baby in the Carter house. :clap:

    Can't hate on that - babies are beautiful! They change the entire atmosphere of your home.

  • LuvMySailor

    I'm happy for them but I must admit I was hoping the baby's name would be French like Celestine and Solange.

  • MrsMommy

    STRANGE' is a better name for it.

  • KayCeiSoul

    if she rly didnt birth that baby, it will come out. it’s too big a story “4? it not to


    Hey Fay Fay! :wave:

    You are so right! What's done in the wash comes out in the dry. Always have.

    Auntie is a nut for this post...Pillow Carter. :rofl:

  • Long Time Lurker – H.O.G.

    So now that the baby has been born, look forward to grainy photos, fake baby pics, stalker arrests (*cough* Sandra) and claims from people that they had that baby for Bey & Jay.

    Shyt is really about to get crazy now. :yes: These "4" conspiracies are killing me.

    :rofl: & :pray: for this family's sanity...... and all those so vested in the private lives of this family.

  • jazi65

    so the surrogate finally gave birth..congrats! Ivy Blue :blink:

  • ssweetheart85

    :casket: @ Brenden

    :rofl: I hatechu!

    I just think a lot of the comments, not specifically on this blog, but others in general are just malicious. Having a baby whether natural or not is one of the most exciting and wonderful blessings in the world. And if Bey did have a surrogate I doubt it'll come out w all that hush money, confidentiality agreements, etc all their bases would be covered. Besides as a surrogate why would you ever take yourself out your hookup? I doubt any tabloids would pay said surrogate more than what they may have or may not have made off Jay and Bey...considering also she may want to use the same surrogate for any other addtl children.

  • VDot

    I KNEW she was going to give birth in 2012 because 0*1+2+2=4. :coffee:

  • howmanylicks_07

    Lol @ Auntie. That surrogate is 4 days off but 8 is four times two sooo...

    Security tapes blocked by tape sounds suspect. And looord why they name that baby that

  • SuthernBelle4

    congrats on the new baby and I hope everyone has a pleasant SUNDAY! N-E Way doe I don't know why ppl up in arms about the name, Beyonce and nem country and you know country folks have country names- Sula Mae so Ivy Blue ain't no different. :shrug:
    I will say this, Bey stans scare the hell out of me as well as the anti-stans!

  • Daisy

    I like the name Ivy Blue better than Blue Ivy but its not my child

    I am glad she had a healthy baby but I am more excited about my cuz who is due next month and she is also having a girl.

    If Roc and Roe can get clowned then so can Baby Carter since kids are clearly no longer off limits all is fair.

    SN I guess their next daughter will be named Brooklyn

    Good Sun Afternoon..GO GIANTS AND STEELERS :cheer:

  • SuthernBelle4

    lol, @Daisy I forgot how everyone clowned dem babies and their name. Even though I don't know ya'll wish your cousin the baby, so happy for ppl with children. I think since I have turned 25 I have been bit by the mommy bug cause I get so excited seeing little kids, but then I think about how much they cost and Im good!

  • cutiechica

    I am with you Auntie about Beyonce using a surrogate. Two things stick with me during her pregnancy. 1. Where is her cousion/assistant/right hand girl, Angie Beyince? I haven't seen her the entire time Bey has been "pregnant." 2. When I watched that interview Bey supposedly opens up about her pregnancy with Katie Couric, I keep struggling with the fact that when they were sitting the studio Bey states "I can't wait to hold the baby" I'm like "the baby"???? What mom says that? Wouldn't it be "my baby”? I am not a mom, so I may be out of my lane. I just thought that statement was quite strange.

  • KDub

    If Roc and Roe can get clowned then so can Baby Carter
    Folks DID clown Skit and Bow (Skittles and Rainbow) :coffee:

  • Daisy

    @Cuite Cuz Angie stopped working for Bey way before she got prg (this is coming from a NON Bey stan) just clarifying.

    @Suthern My cuz and are grew up like sisters we are the same age she got married 3 yrs ago and this is her 1st child.

    @KDub :lol: Thanks for helping me prove my point


    Thanks for the well wishes-everyone is doing just fine-it's been a hectic but joyous ordeal-we're ecstatic @ the new addition to our family-God bless :)

  •! Honycoatd- “Be true to yourself and always raise your standards”

    Happy Sunday Everyone: Sandra Mae you seem to be working hard or hardly working.

    Anyhoo : I can see that the baby is here. I hope she is healthy and surrounded by love.

    Beyonce and Jayz decided on Blue Ivy? Interesting combo.

    Jayz loves the color blue in which he has said...

    Well IVY to be popped - IV- could stand for the Roman Numerial -4

    Or it could be an inside joke for them naming her IV- like In Vitro- which has been highly speculated they have been using a surrogate.

    Anyways- Enjoy and be well everyone- I am off to deep condition and rose water my hair *kisses*

  • Sia

    And Sandra knows damn well she doesn't have any hospital sources.

  • Man, I just don’t care™

    I had to come see what Sandra wrote!

  • Man, I just don’t care™

    Congrats to the following:

    Ingrid Jackson (Surrogate Mother)
    Larry Johnson
    Kanye West
    Ivy's future plastic surgeon
    Julius (Sperm Donor)
    Matthew Knowles (for his new group "Ivy And Two Back-Up Singers"
    Battle Ax Knowles (for her new clothing line "La Petite Camel-ia")

  • Atypical

    I like the name Ivy, Blue not so much... Good for them... I'm sure there will be like 50 11 post on this birth.... :coffee:

  • screwball69

    Just a few things I need to get off my chest, I've been sticking around solely for this very post to come into fruition before I really start laying low.

    1.) That picture :dead:

    2.) "Just moments ago, troubled singer Rihanna tweeted, “Welcome to the world princess Carter! Love Aunty Rih”. But readers have affectionately dubbed the child “Pillow Carter”." :lol: - Rihanna obviously doesn't use spell check. Her words are always misspelled

    3.) "In an effort to keep unauthorized images from leaking to, hospital workers placed tape over security cameras — which should make it easy for Beyonce’s Stans to sneak onto the floor.

    And hospital employees are forced to turn in cell phones when they arrive for their shifts, the source told the NY Daily News." :blink: :nono:

    4.)"Update: According to E! Online, the baby’s name is Ivy Blue Carter." :wtf:

    5.) Kitrina says:

    "You can say what you want about Sandra but she is diligent holding on til the end"

    :yes: You should know by now that Auntie don't stop until the lawsuit is filed!

    6.) Terry W. #8- That photo :kona:

    7.) :hug: Vero, Fayla, Fefe, KDUB, Daisy, & Anna.

    Sandra, you really are the funniest blogger on Earth. As much as I want to :cuss: you sometimes for you recklessness, your humor overrides it all.

    That's all. :peace:

  • datsmdubya2u

    Blue Ivy....sounds like a movie about a disturbed young woman where strange things happen to the people she encounters....oh well congrats


  • Smonae80

    Congrats to the Carters, I love it, bringing a new life in the world is a beautiful thing, even though u always got a Bitter Betty out there hating & looking 4 something negative 2 say

  • nybrn2

    Congrats to Bey and Jay. It really doesn't matter how she got here. That baby will have 2 loving parents :)

  • lovezoe

    Already that baby worth more than I ever will be. If we have a girl we are doing a different type of name.

  • Twilight

    I told you@sandrarose Lenox Hill would of been the choice hospital for most celebrities. Sara Jessica Parker, Swizz Beats Wife & I think faith Evans delivered there. Yes she would be under a anonymous name. Those nurses will be in big trouble if they say anything. That hospital is very small. Wonderful Doctors there. That hospital is on locked down I'm sure.

  • Twilight

    I wonder of she is gonna breast feed? Hmmm

  • SuthernBelle4

    @Daisy that is so nice, I wish I had a sister or girl cousin to grow up with. I just realized I meant to say "I wish your cousin the best", lol, rushing and typing.

  • EB

    So we're prob not going to see Beyonce for 6 months.

  • Anna

    lovezoe says:

    Already that baby worth more than I ever will be. If we have a girl we are doing a different type of name.
    Not sure why it mattered to me, but when I saw Jaden and Willow on tour over the pond w/Justin Beeves it bothered me. Will & Jada were in the States. Why have kids if someone else is going to raise them. My fav childhood actress is Dakota F. She is rich, wise, and gifted, yet she is attending NYU. I can see her being the next Jodie Foster.
    Congrats to you and your soon to be arrivial of noise, I mean joy. LOL.

  • Anna

    EB says:

    So we’re prob not going to see Beyonce for 6 months.
    I love ppl who are dreamers.

  • Binki

    Congrats to Bey and Jay...let's keep it real though, Sandra and the rest of us with eyes isn't a hater or crazy. Beyonce has done some pretty strange things throughout this "pregnancy" and she, her family, nor her defenders can deny that. People are curious and going to question when things don't add up. Babies are a blessing and I wish their family well but let's stop it with all the righteous indignation folks.

  • Anna

    101 Binki says:

    Congrats to Bey and Jay…let’s keep it real though, Sandra and the rest of us with eyes isn’t a hater or crazy. Beyonce has done some pretty strange things throughout this “pregnancy” and she, her family, nor her defenders can deny that. People are curious and going to question when things don’t add up. Babies are a blessing and I wish their family well but let’s stop it with all the righteous indignation folks.
    Amen. I got my Church for today. Bey is the type of woman who can eat her own "I make a mean Hamburger Helper", and gain weight. Lots of sodium in it. She can look prego in the feet and the face if she does not work out. Meat and salt will swell you up. Plus she looked like her pants had pants under them. My siblings and I use to put on extra clothes when it was time for dad to whoop us. LOL. You can eat yourself fat, or layer to fake a pregnancy.

  • Daisy

    Will/Jada usually travels with the kids so I doubt they were away for to long. Willow and Jaden may also attend college one day as well.

    @Suthern I have one sister and 3 sister cuz who are all the same age as I. My gma had 4 of her 6 daughters prg at the same time. We had a ball growing up thick as thieves and we are still all real close.

  • Sandra Rose

    Anna says:

    Plus she looked like her pants had pants under them.

    :applause: Thank you! You saw all those creases too? :)

  • SouthernPrincess

    Anyone who thinks Beyonce and Jay Z rented an entire floor of a hospital is crazy. Although most C-Sections are scheduled, no hospital has so many empty rooms to rent a floor.
    Also for provacy purposes the floor nurse will place an alias on the door and only certain staff members will be allowed in and the door will remain shut. Its not that serious.
    Also I hope this baby name doesnt become a trend. People should be mindful your child name will be on a resume on day, theirs will not

  • GAGIRL87

    This is just TACKY that picture is just sad WOW 2 posts back 2 back Sandra I'm convinced you have some sort of complex :shrugs: like somebody said earlier dang Sandra respect the child guide daymn :rolleyes: I hope she and the baby are fine...

  • Creamy

    I'm not a Fan/ Stan, i dont even by their music, but, the babies, people should not make fun of what a child looks like :nono: this is not cute at all, we can say all the time he look like a camel, but at the end on the day, he loves her and she loves him, and they are married. and living Good I suppose, people should stop this picture stuff, some of they kids aint that easy on the EYES but hey they urs. and u love them reguradless :coffee: morning People :waves:

  • MrsMommy

    I already see how one man is asking for an apology from her camp. According to him, he was blocked from seeing his sick baby in the nicu because people from her crew decided to take over other parts of the hall. The man complained that he just wanted to see his sick newborn, and wasn't interested in the media circus of the Yak and the Camel and their paid-for spawn......

  • Ezekiel Logan