R&B crooner Usher Raymond recently visited the Motherland S. Africa with his producer, Rico Love. One fan emailed Sandrarose.com to inquire about a woman who was blurred out of one of the photos that Usher tweeted to his 3 million followers on Twitter.com on Wednesday. In the photo, Usher is seen sitting at a table with Rico and a LSLH woman whose features are indeed blurred out. But there is a simple explanation for that. View the email, the photo, and my response after the break.

Loyal reader Monique W. writes:

Hey Sandra, I'm curious about something, and I feel like if anybody knows or can find out, it's you. I follow Usher on twitter, and he recently posted a pic of himself with friends in S. Africa. Well, the female in the pic is intentionally blurred out. Now, recently he was photoed walking with an oriental-looking woman with "strong" features. I was wondering if this woman is her, or Grace? He's been photoed with Grace before, so I don't see the point in blurring her out. Just curious.

SR responds: The woman in the photo was moving either in or out of the frame when the photograph was taken. Movement combined with a slow shutter speed on the camera (or cell phone) will result in the moving subject being blurred because the shutter speed isn't quick enough to freeze the motion. You can tell by the streaks of light on her sunglasses that she was moving. If she was sitting still, you could see her features clearly, and the streaks of light would be a spots of light on her sunglasses. I hope this helps. :)

Photos: Twitter.com

  • deedeegirl

    I don't think anyone cares what Usher does anymore. I for one, do not. His fan following just isn't what it used to be.

  • EB

    Tameka Foster Glover Raymond sent this email :coffee:

  • http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/db78ef2b213fd6958c1aa6773fe9a6dc?s=80 jeniefrumdabloc

    :coffee: Usher bores me to peices :yawn:

  • http://twitter.com/liberianjewels7 LiberianJewels7

    Good Afternoon SR & Family!

    I agree Sandra, my cell phone does that all the time. Now that's a nice pic of Usher petting the animal. :yes: I don't follow him on twitter. Gotta find out what he was doing in S. Africa thou.

    Off to work now :thinking: Should I make a call to Ewing first or Voorhees, NJ. Later


  • http://dawnsheen.blogspot.com/ Oil Sheen Jones (The artist formally kwn as Dawn Sheen)

    This is a prime example of how folks trying to make something out of nothing. Whoever emailed prob got a metro pcs and shld be used to jive ass pics I mean Stevie Wonder can see it is a crappy cell phone pic...

  • BeautifulBliss

    :lol: @ EB!
    SMH @ this, though.

  • LiberianJewels7

    I got metro pcs & Verizon. My bills remain the same with metro each month & Verizon takes the same blurry pics. No shame in my game, more $ in the bank. Smh.

  • LiberianJewels7

    Did anyone read about the Drake & maliah twitter beef or was that just on another blogges site... Just curious. Later.

  • http://www.landofpure.net Fayla aka IWhipIt..WhipItRealGood:)

    :rofl: @Eb!

    Happy Saturday Auntie & Fam :waves: <---Pink Panties i'm abt to go drink :cheers: :cheer:

  • http://www.landofpure.net Fayla aka IWhipIt..WhipItRealGood:)

    :rofl: @Liberian!

  • LiberianJewels7

    @ Fayla... Lol that's my Jewish culture embedded in me. My job pays for my Verizon bills so why add another expensive bill... IMO

  • Yardgirl

    Good Saturday evening y'all!!! FAYLA!!! :yahoo: How it do boo?? Enjoy yu dranks and have one fi me too!! :cheers:

  • http://Www.yallaintchit.com Man, I just don’t care™

    Um, dat bald head dude in the pic shole is showing a lot of teef.

  • http://www.ashland86.com TheRealAshland

    The last time I cared about Usher, I was in high school... Now I am getting grey hair in places we won't mention... lol

    btw it was a joke, I am not THAT OLD

  • screwball69

    I give this man credit, somehow he still manages to sell albums despite no one I know of actually buying or caring for his music. His last album was pretty good but I haven't really cared for "URSHER" since Confessions. I really forget that Usher exist until someone puts him back in the spotlight, honestly. He is so passé. :shrug:

  • screwball69

    Oil Sheen Jones (The artist formally kwn as Dawn Sheen) says:

    This is a prime example of how folks trying to make something out of nothing. Whoever emailed prob got a metro pcs and shld be used to jive ass pics I mean Stevie Wonder can see it is a crappy cell phone pic…
    I loved MetroPCS when I had it. :ashamed: It worked better than Verizon, Sprint, & AT&T combined. I never had a dropped call and the only time I didn't have service was when I would take MARTA from Garnett Station until Lindbergh Station. As a matter of fact, it would sometimes pick up at North Avenue, but only if I was near the stairs. And I just paid that flat rate too. MetroPCS was the ish back in the day. :yes:

  • RIP: Pillow-pet (9/11 – 01/12)

    Who in the hell is Usher?

  • prynsexxx

    That blurred out chick looks like "Kris Jenner" to me. Seems plausible to me. :shrug: :coffee:

  • http://i35.tinypic.com/ei1sht.jpg Mother Jefferson

    I love nappy haired Usher :hump:

  • Pikaso

    Its 2012 and people are still calling Asians, Oriental...I guess it would only be an issue if someone called black people colored :shrugs: