Yesterday the Internet was buzzing about a new scandal involving “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member Phaedra Parks and her husband Apollo Nida.

According to Angela Stanton, a former friend of Phaedra’s, the local attorney once ran a profitable car theft ring. I should pause here to inform you that Stanton has written a book detailing Phaedra’s alleged involvement in the car theft ring.

The book is titled Lies of a Real House Wife: Tell The Truth and Shame The Devil. In the book, and in an exclusive interview with VIBE, Stanton discusses her relationship with Phaedra, Apollo, and Apollos’s brother Everett.

All 4 were involved in the prolific car theft ring, according to Stanton. The operation — led by Phaedra — stole expensive luxury vehicles by simply driving them off car lots at night. They later trading the vehicles for cars of lesser value which they then sold for cash.

In the video, Stanton (pictured above) describes meeting Phaedra after being introduced by a local rap artist named Drama. Drama was later arrested for armed robbery and sentenced to 12 years in prison, according to Stanton. Phaedra was Drama’s legal counsel in that case, according to an informed source. So that part of Stanton’s story can be confirmed.

A year later, Phaedra introduced Stanton to her then business partner Apollo Nida — and all 3 were allegedly involved in a scheme to print fraudulent insurance checks, according to Stanton.

According to a source who spoke with on condition of anonymity, Phaedra was dating Drama at the time. Phaedra was also reportedly involved with deceased local attorney Charles Mathis, and rappers Too $hort and Mannie Fresh of Ca$h Money Records.

After both Stanton and Apollo served time in prison on the fake check charges, Stanton claims Phaedra came up with a new scheme to make fast money.

Phaedra’s plan to steal the luxury autos was ingenious, according to Stanton.

Stanton described visiting luxury car dealerships and writing down the VIN numbers of certain cars. She said she took the VIN numbers back to Phaedra and Everett, who made fake registration cards to match the vehicles. Stanton then took the fake registration card and the VIN number to a different dealership and told them she lost her key to her car.

The dealership unwittingly cut Stanton a new key, which Stanton states she took to dealership ‘A’ and simply drove the stolen car off the lot after hours.

Stanton states that the cars were taken to chop shops where the VIN numbers were changed. Stanton alleges that Phaedra handled the paperwork to make the vehicles look legitimate so they could swap out the vehicles titles for new titles.

The car theft ring then traded the cars in for cars of lesser value and pocketed the cash.

Stanton and Phaedra’s relationship ended when Phaedra went back on a promise to assist Stanton with her legal problems.

Stanton and Apollo served federal time on multiple charges of theft by receiving stolen vehicles. Phaedra, who escaped the federal investigation unscathed, married Apollo after he was released from prison in 2009. The couple have a son together.

After hearing about this latest drama, the local legal community in Atlanta has practically cut Phaedra off, according to a confidential source. Phaedra has lost the respect of her peers, according to the source, who adds that the Feds can reopen the car theft ring case if they have new information.