Loyal reader Charm wrote in asking why Jay Z has abandoned his black side of the family.

“This is NOT a knock on him,” writes Charm, who is a fan of Jay Z’s, “but my concern is where [are] HIS nephews and nieces?” She adds: “I have yet to see him spend time with, or take to an NBA game, his other nephews and nieces.”

That’s a very good question, Charm. I would like to tackle that question if I may.

Ever since Jay Z hooked up with singer Beyonce, he has only been seen in public with Beyonce’s side of the family — her mother, Tina Knowles, her sister, Solange Knowles and Solange’s son Daniel Julez Smith. It would seem to me that Jay Z suffers from the same self-hate syndrome that afflicts other black male celebrities who cross over.

Suddenly he is better than the darker side of his family. Jay Z might not want to be seen in public with his darker nephews because, in his own warped mind, they don’t equal success the way whites or light skinned people do. Jay Z also may not want to be reminded where he came from.

Jigga wants people to forget that he once sold crack to kids Julez’s age. He wants them to believe that he has always been as successful as the fake businessman image he has carefully constructed in the media.

Read Charm’s entire email after the break. The email has been edited for clarity.

Update: a loyal reader who begged to remain anonymous writes:


Loyal reader Charm writes:

Hi Sandra. I frequent your blog from time to time, and enjoy your posts and your members’ comments. I wanted to know if you can do a post about Jay-Z. I am a fan of Jay-Z, and I love his music, his swag, and personality. This is NOT a knock on him, but I have been wondering something in regards to him and his relationship to his family, or lack there of. I have noticed that he spends lots of time with his nephew Juelz. I love the fact that he does spend time with him, but my concern is where [are] HIS nephews and nieces?

I have yet to see him spend time with, or take to an NBA game, his other nephews and nieces. I understand that Jay has nephews and nieces from his sisters and brother, but yet I can’t remember seeing pictures of him with his nephews and nieces from his family’s side. It would be nice if Jay would let the world see his nephews and nieces (all of them, including Juelz) having a good time at a special event, or just a simple family outing. I want to know what the particular reason is that jay would omit his side of the family.