Former NYPD beat cop, Ekeythia Dunston, 34, was found innocent of attempted murder in the shooting of her longtime girlfriend Erica LeGall.

The same jury on Monday found the 8-year police veteran guilty of the lesser charge of assault, according to the NY Daily News.

Unlike Florida resident Marissa Alexander who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for discharging a handgun, Dunston faces 25 years in prison for firing at LeGall and hitting her — twice.

Dunston, the niece of former Mets shortstop Shawon Dunston, shot LeGall in the chest and the thigh during a bloody brawl in the couple’s Harlem apartment in 2010.

The fight was sparked by a text message LeGall received from a former flame who Dunston suspected was still involved with LeGall.

Dunston threatened to leave LeGall and at one point choked her, according to trial testimony.

Dunston testified that she fired her service weapon at LeGall in self defense after her partner “hammered her in the head with a clothing iron and went to grab her weapon.”

“She blew up and whacked Ms. Dunston over the head and she would not stop,” Dunston’s lawyer, Edgar De Leon, said during closing arguments. “Her assault was unrelenting.”

LeGall has filed a $10 million dollar suit against the city and the NY police department.

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