A few weeks ago, a source reached out to Sandrarose.com with a weird scoop: she told me that Rihanna was moving to my birthplace (London) to be closer to her new love.

“You’re going to be shocked when you find out who it is,” my source told me.

I lobbed a few guesses into the air but my source swatted all of my guesses down.

Never in a million years did I guess Rihanna’s new lover would turn out to be British singer Rita Ora!!

My source has not confirmed this yet, but when you consider Rihanna’s actions over the past few weeks, it makes total sense!

Rihanna and her new friend, Rita Ora partied — and kissed — at a party for Kanye West and Jay Z over the weekend.

As you know, Rihanna’s former mentor, Jay Z, positioned Rita Ora to take Rihanna’s place after she slid down the rabbit hole of drugs and alcohol abuse.

“U know life is great when u wake up at 9 am DRUNK!!!!!” Rihanna tweeted on Sunday morning.

But, despite that, my source tells me Rihanna has turned her life around (as much as a druggie can) in the past few weeks. “She’s re-gained the respect of Jay Z,” said my source.

If it’s true — that Rihanna has turned out Rita Ora — it would explain why Rihanna hop scotches over to London every other week!

It also explains why my West coast source told me in confidence that Rita Ora kicked Kim Kardashian’s brother, Rob, to the curb after dating him for a year. But she’s letting Rob follow her around like a lap dog because she’s not ready to come out of the closet yet.

I already LOVE them together! Go Rihanna!

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