Miami Heat star Chris Bosh calmly described his masseuse as “agitated” and “pale” after she collapsed at his Miami mansion last week.

41-year-old Chautele Cooksey arrived at the Bosh home in good spirits. But her condition declined rapidly shortly after her arrival.

“I need a doctor here at my house,” said Bosh, who sat out 9 games of the playoffs with a lower abdominal sprain.


During the 9-minute call to 911 Bosh told a dispatcher Cooksey fainted twice and she was having difficulty breathing. Moments later Bosh said Cooksey’s breathing was “shallow.”

“She can’t breathe, something weird is going on,” said Bosh. The dispatcher instructed Bosh and his wife, Adrienne, to perform CPR on the stricken woman.

Cooksey was transported to a local hospital where she later died. Friends say Cooksey survived cancer last year. Her cause of death is not known.