It seems that singers Chris Brown and Rihanna are caught up in a strange Folie à deux (shared psychosis) relationship.

2 days after Rihanna debuted her ‘wings’ tattoo on her chest in honor of her deceased grandmother, Dolly, Chris Brown revealed his new tattoo of a fighter jet — in the same spot on his chest. (Get it? “fighter” jet).

According to blogger Snitch: “Chris’ tattoo artist Tweeted this pic of the fighter jet he was preparing to ink on Chris’ midriff last night. Rihanna got the Goddess Isis tattooed on her midriff two nights ago.”

Brown’s neck tattoo of a battered woman — who looked strikingly similar to Rihanna — made headlines earlier this week. Brown’s camp denies the tattoo is Rihanna. But they can’t deny the weird coincidence of the placement of Brown’s latest tatt. What’s going on?

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