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Barack Obama and David Patraeus

The heat is on President Obama as angry congressional leaders demand to know why the Obama administration withheld information about a sex scandal involving the head of the CIA until after the elections.

And now Obama's choice to lead the NATO team in Afghanistan is himself embroiled in a sex scandal involving one of former CIA director David Patraeus's alleged mistresses.

From The NY Daily News:

The President, his Election Day momentum stalled by a mountain of salacious headlines, is trying to replace key members of his cabinet and national security team as angry congressional leaders demand answers about the Petraeus affair and why they were given zero advance notice of the spymaster’s lively love life.

Now, the collateral damage from Petraeus’ two-timing has hit Gen. John Allen, whose appointment to head NATO forces in Europe has been put on hold after it turns out he and Kelley exchanged a blizzard of sometimes “flirtatious” emails.

Obama — who is facing tough questions about why he wasn’t informed of the months-long investigation until after Election Day — has expressed “faith” in Allen.

In a now-familiar refrain, Allen claims he was just friends with Kelley, a married mom of three who worked as an unpaid social liaison at the Tampa base housing U.S. Central Command, the Washington Post reported.
He wrote her several hundred emails over a couple of years, a senior U.S. official told the paper — disputing another Pentagon estimate that the two exchanged up to 30,000 documents and emails.

But one source told Fox News that the emails were indeed raunchy, describing them as the “equivalent of phone sex over email.”


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      I'm sure every org on the planet has adults working for it that are banging one another. Why is this news? As long as Barack and Michelle aren't banging other people, why should this reflect upon him?? #repubsstillmad

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      Men Lie, Women lie...

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      Oh my goooooosh what does it matter that the stuff was withheld until after the elections?? That man cheating has nothing to do with the fact that America chose the better person to lead us. Repubs need to get over it...seriously! :no:

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      President Obama is damned if he do and damned if he don't in some people eyes..

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      That's a mighty fine toupée Patraeus has on.

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      I'm not saying this guy is right for cheating on his wife.....but have you seen her? Whatever the issue was, why does the president have to be blamed for it?

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      in real news I'm ready to go home :yawn:

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      @San the whole idea of states trying to become their own gub'ment is beyond me. Last I was told and correct me if I'm wrong, once you become a state you cant separate. It hurts my lil feelings that we've never been fully the United States all because some people cant get out of their freaking ways.

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      That’s a mighty fine toupée Patraeus has on.

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      @Bedazzled, I guess the media would put out the worst picture of his wife.

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      @razzle its crazy. Do they really believe they're gonna be their own state foh. They think they doin somethin n ain't doin nothin. We still sit here all these years n witness the injustice yet maintain but as soon as ish not their way its a travesty

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      his wife has absolutely nothing to do with what his trifling ass did and especially women bringing his wife's looks into anything is annoying

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      Oncst-again - this has nothing to do with the President.
      He didn't make these men think with their peters. It's a man thing.

      Apparently we've been beat over the head over and over again with the statement, "ALL MEN CHEAT" and "IT'S NOT IN THEIR NATURE TO BE MONOGOMOUS"

      If that is true, shouldn't we have expected this? :coffee:


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      especially women bringing his wife’s looks into anything is annoying
      Correctimundo! :yes: that's usually the public's way of wrapping their mind around things :shrug:

    • J Said it! stop with the brainwash media

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      so many problems would be avoided if "men" just kept it in there pants or in their wives!!!

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      Where is it in the constitution that the government has to tell the Press everything. Why is it assumed that Obama is hiding something, he is the Commander of Chief of a whole entire nation. I'm sure he has staff to handle this type of foolishness before it even reaches his desk-blame them, fire them. If I own WalMart, would I know about all my employees- NO because I hired store managers, district managers, regional managers, operations managers, and so on and so on.

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      Fox news hates the Prez so im not inclined to believe their highly exaggerated version of these incidents.

      On another note :waves: morning all