Alexsandra Wright Mathew Knowles son Nixon

Beyonce’s biological father Mathew Knowles is being taken to court again by his other baby mama — the woman he cheated with while still married to Bey’s mother Tina. I bet Mathew wishes he had ignored that dopamine rush.

According to blogger, “Alexsandra Wright filed papers in family court seeking an increase in her $12,000 a month child support so she can afford to hire security after receiving a threatening email from Mathew.”

Alexsandra claims Knowles wrote in one email, “You hurt my family. There’s a price to pay.” She took that as a threat and alerted the proper authorities.

After subsisting on $12,000 a month for 2 years, Alexsandra has decided it isn’t enough.

Alexsandra wants an increase in child support to reflect the high cost of living for her and Mathew’s 2-year-old son Nixon. Private schools for toddlers (and Luis Vuitton handbags for mommy) are very expensive.

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