All of these women are high maintenance beauties who go to great lengths to make sure their style game is always on point when they step out in public. These women pay extra attention to their hair and nails, because that’s what most women criticize for some odd reason.

1. Let’s begin with these Chanel inspired nails. This woman is living a lie. Her marriage crumbled months ago, but she’s keeping up public appearances until her reality TV show goes off the air. Then she will be heading to divorce court. Who is she?

2. This singer possesses one of the most beautiful singing voices in the history of music. Her voice is truly a gift from God. When she is not working, she devotes herself to her husband, an NBA star, and her adorable boys. By all rights, she should have sang the National Anthem at Obama’s Inauguration, but she is not an attention whore who shamelessly chases headlines. Who is she?

3. This next beauty is a kept woman in every sense of the word. She is the concubine of a rich, arrogant music mogul who lavishes her with gifts and baubles so she won’t know her true self worth. This one-hit-wonder has learned to play the submission game to the T. Who is she?

4. This former lead singer of a R&B group is married to Atlanta royalty. Although she spends his unlimited wealth on whatever she likes, she has her own coins to fall back on. She manages a girl group and she owns her own business as well as takes care of her large brood of children, including his children by other women. Who is she?

5. This Bajan beauty is also a kept woman, but not in the traditional sense. Her master is an arrogant female singer whose music career is in a tailspin due to her rampant drug use and alcohol binges. Right now this woman’s bills are paid by the singer. But she will need to find a job soon, when the singer’s career (literally) goes up in flames. Who is she?

6. This singer is married to an aging music mogul whose rap career depends upon her career staying afloat. Her career will be hard for her to maintain because she has some age on her. And younger, more successful singers have stolen her crown. We’re not sure how old this singer truly is because she’s been lying about her age since she was the member of a very successful girl group in the 1990s. These days she spends most of her time studying ways to keep her name in the headlines. Who is she?

7. This reality TV star is Caucasian, but she might as well be black. An imprisoned former NFL star, who is African American, is rumored to be her biological father. She is our favorite member of a large reality TV family because she is grounded and never has her head in the clouds like her narcissistic reality star sister. Who is she?